What’s up everybody, it’s Meech from Rackboyz
Fitness. I wanna thank you guys all for tuning back in to the Fitness Radar. Now you see
what this is already. You already know where we are going. I haven’t done one of these
in a while and you guys have been asking for it so let’s just get into it, alright? We
are doing the Nutri Ninja versus the Nutribullet versus the Nutri Ninja. The Nutri Ninja Auto IQ has a thousand watts
of power 18, 24, and 32 ounce cups, flip top to go with it and four preset buttons for
blending. The Nutri Bullet 900 has 900 watts of power, 18, 24 and 32 ounce cups. It also
has a flip top to go with it. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Pro Complete has 1,000 watts of power,
three 24 ounce cups, one of them being a stainless steel cup, a 48 ounce multi-serve jar and
four button presets. What we are gonna do is, we are gonna compare these different ones
and we are gonna see what it is. I’ve got my fruit, bam, I’ve got a big
ass bowl of fruit some of my other..first of all if you guys are new to this channel,
if you guys are new to what I do, check the annotations, check the cards, I will put it
everywhere available so you can check out all of my other recipes, my other reviews
for all my Nutri Ninjas and Nutri bullet. This is what I do people but some of my other
ones when I do the comparison, some of you guys will say, well, you didn’t put the
same amount of water and this and that. So we are gonna measure everything out this time,
right? 1 cup fruit, and watch, watch, watch, watch.
Some people is gonna say, yeah, you measure that in a cup but it’s still kind of uneven
because look its, its’ this one looks slight just a little more but this one is wider,
come people relax, see? So come on, give me a break, alright? Some people just been looking
something to criticize, eeh, eeh, you criticize all day. I’m alright with that! Leave all
criticalizatons in the comment section. Let’s just do it, whatever, aha, aha, alright so,
another cup into this one. Now, I’m gonna take these extras, I’m gonna try my best
to break it up even but if not, listen, it’s all fruit, it’s all supposed to blend so
it’s what it is. Don’t start getting extra technical, if something don’t work out right
and try to blame it on me when it’s one of these things, right? Now look, cup, cup,
cup. Now look at these closely, all these are in shack, they are in shack, right? Alright,
so I want you guys to complain since you like to complain because you are gonna say is,
some is unequal. So if you see something unequal, let me know. Well, alright, a cup of water,
bam, my measuring is precise, bam, a cup of water, into the Nutri Ninja; a cup of water,
in the Nutri Bullet. That’s a cup of water, right there, into the other Ninja. All you
need is water and some fruit. You don’t need a whole bunch of extras, or a whole bunch
of drama. Rock with me, rock with me, gonna get this done, okay. We are ready to work
people! We are ready to work, aha, aha. Now for those who don’t know, real quick,
is the Ninjas have sharp blade, this one doesn’t, the Ninja Bullet doesn’t have a sharp blade,
okay? This one has a 100 less watts of power yeah, yeah, yeah, you have the preset buttons
on these, on this one you’ve got manual and you can turn it, these you can press it,
walk away from it, come back to it, good, alright? So we are gonna just get into it. Now, all of these have a 30 to 45 second preset
time, alright? So we are gonna let them rock, bam, bam [sound of blending] alright, everything
is all blended up, we are gonna test the consistencies of all of them. Let’s get in, let me start
with the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ. Okay, now we are doing the Nutri Bullet. Now remember,
this was just fruit it wasn’t a whole bunch of crazy stuff, and I did let them run for
the entire supposed cycles or suggested cycles. You guys didn’t want to see all that but
trust me it would the whole cycle. Some people [inaudible] the whole cycle you cut it, shorten
it and it… heh! No, you wouldn’t sit there and watch all of that anyway, what! It’s
pretty smooth. If you notice the color discrepancy it’s because I think this one had a different
mixture of fruit. It’s all the same mixed fruit but this one looks like it just had
in more strawberries or something like that compare to this one. Alright, so you guys
see that they all blended up pretty well and you can see the differences. Now, let me just fill in some gaps because
I know I’m gonna hear some things. Alright, now, if you guys have seen the videos, and
like I said, I’d put them up here if we have them. I’ve done reviews on all of them
separately by themselves. My personal experience with using these are, the Nutri Ninja in my
opinion is a little bit better than the Nutribullet. It just blends up overall consistently with
all the different things you put in it, it blends up better, more smoothly, more consistently.
Now, while you guys are gonna say that if you haven’t used this, you are gonna say,
well all three of these blended up pretty well. Basically, these two Nutri Ninjas are
the same other than the different preset buttons and the different jars that you have and so
these two are gonna work pretty much the same. As far as the Nutri Bullet, it just doesn’t
always blend up as well and a lot of people must have been having different problems,
you can see this from my other video. But also for you guys to understand, this mixture
that I use was pretty basic, so if you are putting harder things in there more dense,
frozen things in there, more ingredients, period, its gonna be different, you know,
and like I said, from my experience, and if you read the comments in the other video,
for the most part, the Ninjas are superior, people. That’s just the way it is but shout
outs to Nutribullet, shout out to everybody who uses it and loves it. This is for everybody
who has been asking me to compare all of these. Now, one more thing before I go, once you
guys have wake up, what the hell are you doing with all of these things, why have you got
three of these things? What are you doing? Are you using them all? Alright, listen, this
is my original one, actually this was my original and I have given it away and somebody gave
it back to me. Same thing with this one, I gave it to somebody, they weren’t using
them, I bought this one, this is the one I rock with. They gave them back, people are
not using them. If they are not using them, I’m like give me back, I’ll use them,
I’ll give them away. At the end of the day, these things are too good to waste. So, yeah,
I’m just hoarding them all right now. I’ve got them, if you need them, you’ve got me,
I’ve got you, work something out, alright?. But yeah, hope you guys enjoyed this, I hope
this was useful, like I said, check out all the other videos and recipes that I have regarding
these things and do your research and I hope these help. You guys can do your research
and figure out which ones work out best for you. Until next time, stay focus, stay fit,
please hit that like button, leave all your comments or your questions in the comments
section. Fitness Radar, we are right out of here.

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