good morning everybody, and everybody
good morning today is January 5th 2018 haven’t said anything yet to you guys as
far as the beginning of the year so happy new year I’m up and ready to go I
am about to get ready to go to the gym to workout but first I have to get some
breakfast in me. yesterday I had oatmeal two days in a row I had
oatmeal but today I think I’m going to be scrambled eggs and bacon. We’ll talk
more about that later always make your bacon before your eggs
because the bacon stays warmer and never eat more than three pieces
more than four pieces of bacon with your breakfast. alright! Thats it. that’s what I do. I don’t know about you guys
love absolutely love just pot this pan rather that my mom bought me for
Christmas. Thanks MOM! the key to bacon is you want to take it
out right before it gets done you don’t want to leave it in until it gets crispy
and dark all right that’s a big bacon no no all right I
just grab some paper towel soak up the oil and throw it right away after you cook in this thing you don’t
even want to cookin anything else everything’s so easy in here. I’m eating
everything with just water. Mmm hmm. B& just what I was looking for see this
action cam clip they sent it to me but they sent me the wrong one this camera
can’t fit on here no edge. edge so I have to go back to B&H and return this and I don’t even have the packaging it was a long time ago this was all the way from
where’s the date I don’t know but it was wrong so gotta returned it so I’ve been
working on this website right and that’s the reason why I haven’t posted anything
that’s has been taking up on my time but however I’m gonna start balancing a
little bit of everything so I can post more regularly I’ve discovered that
quality is not necessarily a deal-breaker when posting these daily
vlogs I have a lot of cameras and that’s the problem so I always struggle with
which camera I should use which particular day and what time when I
could just use this camera this is Sony action camera sony FDRX 3000 so I’m
going to use this camera regularly to post more frequently for you guys if
that makes sense because it’s doable it’s sustainable more information about
the website a little later it’s time to go to gym sweet smooth sailing I love the fact the
Sun is out it’s melting the snow I hate the way the snow looks when it’s melting
it makes everything look so dirty and dingy and dank. but we’re gonna keep our spirits
up anyway and we’re gonna have a great day quick reflection on the vegan video
I made going vegan is a great thing it’s a very difficult thing and I admire
anybody who does it and is able to sustain it however I am NOT able to
sustain my vegan diet so I am going to implement a little bit of meat not as
much as I used to but I am eating meat again unfortunately and just for
nutritional reasons I need to maintain a good amount of nutrition and I just find
that going vegan is a process you can’t just do it like I just did it and it was
hard to find things to eat when I was hungry I got tired eating the same
things and food got boring and I just didn’t like the place that I was
at also I will say that in my life the time when I’ve lost the most weight and
been the most physically fit in my opinion with using nothing but diet and
no gym is meat was included in my diet and the only thing that I was doing was
strictly just cooking my own food and using natural seasonings
when I say natural seasonings I mean not pepper in the little container I was
cutting up my own pepper cutting up my own thyme and parsley and basil and
stuff like that and using my own ginger squeezing my own ginger and stuff like
that so uh yeah I think I’m gonna go back to cooking more and just eating
healthy but not eating out eating healthy and cooking my own food and I
should be fine I should drop weight like crazy and I should be in great shape and
I should be healthy and I should have energy enough to do the things that I
want to do because you do need energy to achieve your goals of course looking
good as always a bonus I’m here Planet Fitness and
about to start my work out the reason why I go to Planet Fitness is
he does it’s efficient it’s cost-effective and gets the job done
either memberships a big fancy gym to get results I’m not living in there I’m
just here to get a quick workout and get what I need
to get out of it and
Fitness does that for me I do 20 minutes on either people very very short workout that’s least of all I need working out
is not supposed to pretty people it’s the ugly thing
but you get pretty results and being healthy that’s pretty
all right guys like I said working out it’s not pretty and if you’re not sweating I always say
if you’re not sweating you’re not doing the right 20 minutes is a short price to
pay four days out of the week to be healthy
a person for those of you who don’t like working out you have to change that
mentality because our bodies are meant to be worked example
when you don’t work out you don’t eat healthy foods right mainly when you
don’t work out so all negative side effects we gain weight chain reaction
arteries get clogged heart disease high blood pressure all types of crap
when you workout blood pumps better look better feel better
baba DS were meant to be worked so change that mentality and start working
out even if you do something little don’t
just go in there and a gym whatever you gonna be doing and go hard take your
time do a small work out whatever you can sustain come back again repeat the
process gradually your workouts will intensify on their own new year’s
resolutions I never want to be present
talk about the meal I’ll talk about what they want to do
different this year than last year but let’s face it last year at least for me
last year sucked big time so in order to make this year better than last year so that I can make some change
you know better the first thing I’m gonna change is I want to kind of like
gravitate away from social media because we don’t realize how much it’s actually
poisoning us and it’s messing up our minds I’m not going to get in too deep
into it right now but he’s just saying we spent a lot of time focusing on what
everybody else is going and not what we’re doing and that takes us away and
distracts us from achieving our goals so this year we’re gonna focus more on me
what I want to do and take all my time back or in from social media and
investing in myself and do the things that I want to do and you’re gonna find
that there’s a lot of things that I wanted to do in there a lot of things
that I can do and I gotta take my own advice and use every day to each person
towards my goal another thing I want to do is do more of
these videos because my degrees in film and the more videos I do the more perfect my
craft the more I see the mistakes that I’m making the more I get better at what
I’m doing at whatever that will leave me using this little small action camera
I’m still practicing my craft you know I mean another thing that I really really
really want to focus on is building my own website
building my own website and it’s not just gonna be one it’s gonna be a series
of websites and I’m gonna get into the first one that I’ve been working with in
detail a little bit more later just mr. caylor’s craziness
so yeah building on websites so I’m gonna replace my social media with my
own website so that’s another thing when the fourth thing is being consistent in
in my health more consistent my daily routines and what I do and my
health that was right in God’s presence yeah
if it is when you’re in doing it right so those are my new year’s resolutions I
believe that if I do those four things four things that the Year will shape up
just the way I want it to be there not be just as successful as I want to be so
I’m going to do three sets of twenty at rockers in three sets of twenty push-ups
alternating in between and then I’m gonna call it a day for the gym it’s the
a brackets I believe push-ups is very very
difficult at first same justification so do you sure
anyways they’re very important make sure you maintain you get some take your time
and read you that if you can’t do the more than 10 Tommy got here like I said don’t look pretty
nothing looks pretty starting out not work out Fitness whether you not your
business plans not your business struggling never let’s push the story not at my workouts done another part of
my routine but I’m starting this year because I want to have routines cuz
routines is how you get stuff done you get results so now my workouts done I’m
gonna head right over to Starbucks and start working on this project that I was
talking about earlier this website new Philly hip hop calm the reinvention I’m
saying a reinvention because this is domain that I bought a long time ago
before I knew how to build websites I used a hosting service to build a
website called new Philly hip hop calm and it was actually doing pretty good
but um I didn’t like the way it looked so I took it down but I always kept a
domain so now that I know how to build websites basic websites basic
functioning websites I’ve been putting this website back together and it’s
actually up and running right now so you guys can check the progress as I work on
it it’s gonna look a lot different than it does now but this is the beginning
stages of it and I’ll tell you um what I’m doing it for and what its purpose is
in a little while going back to working out now one of the
hardest things one of the hardest things that you guys have to understand when
you’re working out right just like anything in life right when you’re
working out don’t wait and there’s a lot a lot of mistakes that um I would say
females make but guys make the same mistake don’t wait till you have a
workout partner to start working out because working out is something that
you’re doing for yourself to make to obtain your goals
physically internally working out of something that you’re doing to make you
better so if you wait for somebody else to do it
that person may not show up and that’s causing you to fall short of your goals
just like everything else the same rules apply to everything else your business
you know whether you’re trying to write a book where they trying to shoot a
video with you trying to make some music I’m relating everything around art
because that’s what I do but um whatever your goal is business
goal whether you trying to get that job don’t wait on nobody else put yourself
in a position yourself by yourself in a position that you can achieve those
goals no matter what everybody else around you is doing and that’s where a
lot of people fall short go to the gym and workout don’t wait for anybody else
because you’re gonna be late for ever and it’ll never happen so now my Starbucks endorsement not paid
and this is part of my routine right after the gym I come over here and I
start working on my projects this was such a project that I’ve been talking
about this is a website when you deliver calm and I’m working on a site and what
I want to do is I wanted to promote all artists in Philly and in the tri-state
area whether you’re hip-hop types is about
grab on the all types of stuff artist poetry whatever anything hip-hop
anything right so what I want to do I want to use it as an outlet because I
believe that over there’s a lot of talent but there isn’t a place for
artists to go and showcase their talent I mean there are other there many
different small platforms but there aren’t like really dedicated platforms
and artists can go to give their material to showcase their talent of
course that’s kind of take this gonna take a lot of work but what I’m gonna be
doing is I’m gonna be interviewing these artists I’m gonna be putting that work
on the website free of charge for promotion and that within itself is
going to grow the site to where I wanted to be and
I just want to do this for you guys because it’s something that I would have
wanted to do while I was doing my music and while I am doing my music so new
feelings about calm it’s live right now it’s not gonna look like the way it
looks right now the whole entire time but um I’m working on it so you guys
need any feedback and I want to also make it a resource site to where it’s
though like if you’re visiting Philadelphia and you are looking
somewhere to eat or something to do you can go to a specific page and you can
look up my recommendations find out how to get there I got the best modes of
transportation and things like that check out so if you’re artist and you’re
serious about your craft and hit me up I’ll come out I’ll interview you and
meet you on my website free of charge back home from the gym
and from Starbucks man it’s cold out there I’m about to wrap this vlog
because I gotta get in the shower and take off these wet clothes sheesh always
take off your wet clothes after you’re done working out or you will get sick
and not to mention the fact that it’s gross
but um yeah new feeling hip hop common guys support if you want to invest hit
me up if you want to be featured hit me up if you want to know more about it hit
me up and I will gladly tell you more about it if you want to anything else
just just just don’t hesitate yeah I’m gonna wrap this up I gotta go to work at
a little while got a video at 1:30 so it’s shower time it’s getting ready for
its own make sure you subscribe I got a lot of interesting things that I’m
working on this year so I want to share everything with you guys I wanna you
guys to see my growth in my progress and these projects that I’m working on so
make sure you follow me like comment and subscribe and make sure you hit the
notification bell in this on my channel so you can be updated every time I
upload a new video thank you guys for watching Allen Wade later till next time


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    Nice post bro. LMFAO when I saw the bacon go in the pan. I was like "WTF happened to the vegan movement ?"
    You should definitely do some more work out video's. Luv ya bro !


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