Natural Body Transformation | Indian Bodybuilding | GYM MOTIVATION | AESTHETICALLY

Natural Body Transformation | Indian Bodybuilding | GYM MOTIVATION | AESTHETICALLY

Hi my name is Archit and I am from India and this is My Story I was born on 20th July 1997 and I knew it was God’s plan Being a single child, I was very pampered. everyone took care of me I was very lazy didn’t do things on my own ask others to do my work and this is not a video on body transformation this is a life transformation before that I just want to say that Aesthetically has completed it’s first year 25th May I got to learn so many things in this year and I still remember I was so hesitated and nervous while making the first video I have to face the whole world and everyone will see me the videos that I have made so far have helped me to increase my caliber so that I can give you the best content bodybuilding taught this to me and thank you so much for showing so much support and so much love this is all because of you I don’t have words right now to express how I really feel thank you so much guys I love you all so much I will make sure that every Thursday at 5 PM I will bring you the best quality video ever I was a kid who had a vision but no direction when I was in school. I was aimless I have been into a lot of sports like football, cricket, tennis I loved sports when I would be feeling very low or depressed, I would go play football with kids five years younger than me because I enjoyed I was very skinny in the beginning people called me names they would pull pranks on me and say you are very thin keep a stone in your pocket or you will fly with the wind these people also have a role in my physique development so thanks I was very skinny in school life again name calling first girlfriend was in school only and she left haha second girlfriend came after school I was very serious with her and 2 years later she also left lol I was very athletic in school life I would wait for break or sports period and I would go and play football even though I played with the same poeple who teased me but I didn’t care they would say mean things to me but still I didn’t care because I was happy playing football So I’ve had a very unique connection with sports but when I got to know that I was going to Amity University, Noida I decided that now I should increase my weight or otherwise everyone will still tease me so I joined a gym I joined the gym in August 2015 I was in that gym for 1 year and my weight only increased about 2 kgs like I was 36 kgs and I only got till 38 kgs I was depressed, I was sad I was very demotivated because I spent all my savings on supplements and personal training I destroyed one year of my training I started to hate myself because of no results started being low profile didn’t talk to anyone and felt very isolated first I started with push ups daily before sleeping I would do 3 sets of 15 reps for push ups after some time I started doing pull ups in the park I trained like this for the 1st month so that I can get mentally stable before going to a gym then I joined a gym I would say this gym helped me but also deceived me I got a really good trainer who gave me a better training and my weight also increased but I found a guy and I bought a mass gainer from him I bought 3-4 mass gainers from him my weight increased but with that came these stretch marks I was very depressed and sad started wearing full sleeves t shirt because whenever I would see them I would get scared how will I face people and what will I tell them and then I gave up and left the gym again if I knew that after taking that gainer I would get stretch marks then I wouldn’t have bought it but I did because I wanted to increase my weight quickly but when i realised that these stretch marks are not bad and they are my battle scars they are medal of honors that I have achieved I was back on track Loaded with information and knowledge because for 3 months I isolated myself from the world and only focused on bodybuilding and started gaining knowledge what is nutrition and diet and protein and carbs started doing exercises, what to do for chest, what to do for definition and mass and after that I became my trainer and I noticed that the results were amazing in those 3 months i go by this 5 X 5 rule that if it doesn’t matter in 5 years don’t think about it for than 5 minutes and whenever I think about it then simplifying everything get’s easier I noticed when my circle got smaller, my vision got clearer and I learned it from bodybuilding only patience you need patience to chase results i learned that from bodybuilding determined for something that I learned from bodybuilding struggle sacrifices because I believe if you are never broke, you can never understand the meaning of struggle even I was broke at one time bodybuilding didn’t only develop my body it developed my surroundings my attitude towards everything I love these transformations how you can lose fat just by moderating your carbs how you can bulk and how you can cut I love these things I like body transformations and that’s why I love training people there were many ups and many many downs in my life I experienced many failures and I accepted them Because I know failure is the key to achieve your goal and obviously there were some backstabbers I got to learn one thing from them no matter how much they tease you when you are ahead of them they will start talking about you because they are those people who couldn’t do what you did

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  1. Rome fitness Post author

    You can motivate anyone bhai thanks for this🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. RAVINDER ARYA Post author

    Bhai I wanted to be a muscular one. But due to lak of money it couldn't be possible. My genetics are superb. Sad for me

  3. Divyansh Singh Post author

    Body toh banale firr dena interview.. aur jo koi bhi yaha bakchodi krne aaye insta dalke dekh kiyo mujhe😂😂

  4. Saurav Das Post author

    Seriously… I become a fan of your struggle and your motivation…. Very touchy word you say❤️❤️❤️

  5. Ritesh Kumar Post author

    Sir can you plz also help because i am also skinny guy and i dont khow how to gain mass properly

  6. Sefa Hmar Post author

    Great vid. Nice work.. I like ur mentality.. But bro please be careful with ur deadlift form. Not a hate comment though. 🙂💪🤘 Inspiring

  7. Árfäñ RâĵPöôt Post author

    Same problem here brother please tell me ap bataoo me kya karoo please k mere body b developed ho jay please… 🙏🙏😥

  8. Enork TV Post author

    This guys is Bodybuilding from so many years and still cant do a correct pushup🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. ultra instinct Post author

    Bhai mujhe gym krte hua 5 mahine hua h or Mai first month ke Baad se hi research krke khudka trainer ban Gaya Mai bhi bahot Padha jo chiz nhi malum thi wo pata chal gayi kiska kya side effects h kya sahi kya galat or ache results aye 8 kg gain Kiya

  10. Ishika Rao Post author

    bro u r a true legend

    im also an ectomorph , its my struggling time but i wont fuckin give up. and one day im gonna be like u , or may be better hahah
    but u gave a lot of motivation
    hats offfff

  11. Nawab Arzoo Post author

    Till 7:00 minutes it's my story❤
    3 things i learn from bodybuilding


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