Mr. Atlanta Podcast #4 with Stephanie Twum aka Miss Georgia

Welcome! Thank you Miss Stephanie Marie Twum Marian! Marian, close enough! Marian Twum, to the 4th episode
of the Mr. Atlanta Podcast! Yay! I’m excited oh my God, I’m excited! I’m excited to have you! Honored, absolutely! Awe! Thank you So what’s going on, how was your day!? omg the day’s been pretty good! I had 1 client, had 14 yesterday and one today! Huge! 14!? Yah. Jesus, Mary! yeah, I know. how many at one time!?
like by two groups of five like I can you remember honestly just it was a blur
but you know I love what I do I mean it’s just kind of like hey I’m helping
more people but that’s the goal so 14:20 like you know it’s what I signed up for
willingly so 14 is winning okay yeah so what’s your background where are you
from would you grow up yes I grew mainly here in Atlanta pardon my interruption
so you grew up in a way yeah and my parents are from Ghana West Africa so
they’ve been deceased for years and years and years and so we’ve been in
Georgia yeah forever um and I have two sisters Carolina
Jennifer super close and yeah just even here we’re in Georgia
Oh swanny peachy corners area mainly so we’ve been in that little small world so
okay yeah I go to school oh yeah so
Elementary went to my heart of mary and high school I went to st. Pius so
Catholic school like oh my life you know why I used to be super Catholic
no I’m Catholic but I’m I’m Catholic Catholic right I’d say I call it
Catholic as fuck oh yeah right yeah sure I got a change
in family from Louisiana never miss Church don’t believe in birth control
yeah that’s true but uh Swearengin party Wow yeah so me my background okay so
what do you do now what do you like to do yeah so I run a personal training
clan company um you know it’s so funny I did not plan on doing it really I went
to college thinking I was gonna build a news being journalist but I graduated it
was like a normai I was like no my heart wasn’t in it I mean I love TV but I
don’t love it enough to just spend my entire life doing it I’m like okay so
what’s the point so you know I worked with little Cooper
offices here and there but I didn’t really feel like I was helping anybody
let alone myself so I was like hmm what do we actually like to do that I
can help a multitude people every single day hmm
thickness love to work out so when I was working full-time went to personal
training school and when I was in school and I was like I thought I should just
start my own thing I just had like a little feeling but I didn’t act on it
until like months later I read it I was like working I was like I feel like I
don’t belong here like I’m working for a great company but I’m not really like
that happy I’m just going through the motions I mean I would meet strangers on
my office they’re like what are you doing here like what am i doing
wait a minute I have a company with it it was my team staffing mm-hmm IT
staffing so I’m just not really in my world at all um it was it was a great
company great people I just what was it for me like I wasn’t excited about
anything so I was just sitting and just typing away and just being closed off in
a world I would look outside it’s sunny now get off for some model do this I
can’t even do this have to work and I’ve almost missing out on life by just doing
some I didn’t want to do it so yeah so tears ago it was around like August and
I got gotta like at least once or twice a year and what it tries to impress us
okay it’s my yearly trip I she was like okay you have about six days six days
ago to be episode equator six days now I was like no no no no and I was like I
think it’ll put in my three weeks and it hit me the read one reasons why I
started by going thing is because I want that flexibility go back home and be
with my family like if I want to go to Ghana tonight and can that’s so
important like I don’t want someone to tell me I can’t go see my dad no no I’ve
gotta do something about it it’s one Fitness happening so put in my three
weeks when it’s gotten fruit mine lived my life had off the plane I was like a
job just left oh I need Johnny hi
but I also know not to come to st. wiles medieval stuff specific yeah and I
realistic to this thing so I put up some out there look on my savings for a while
and then just honestly just put myself out there that’s really what I did no
magic formula I didn’t go to some expensive conference like I literally
just did it how uh just talking to people I see them running apart like hey
you look great when I work out here’s my card like just something simple like a
not forceful by just natural energy and just connecting and just ask my friends
like hey do you or anyone else want to just work out together and see what I
can do like just being like honest for who I was as a you know as a person is
how I was able to climb now hasn’t been easy at all it’s not easy and I’ve never
worked out of a gym ever corporate gym dissolves like self-generating like
never work out like never sounds nice places yeah yeah I literally just
created my own gym in my head like literally I cuz I was like I want a
hundred percent profit no another treat is so just underappreciated so I felt
like I was like no I know how to maximize I’m good at what I do so let me
just do it myself and I’m so glad I’m doing it this way it
takes longer but it lasts much longer because I’m in control and honestly it’s
like I’m able to give myself even more okay I feel appreciate as I appreciate
myself and I thought I feel like a corporate judges wasn’t gonna give that
to me so here I am how long have you been training yeah so
two years just two years um best decision I’ve ever made my life honestly
it’s so funny my feeling was just gonna like what okay okay oh yes where you
feel your heart lies in it it does it’s I grew up wanting to be a movie star or
you know all kinds of different things but never
ever cross my mind to be a trainer but where’d you go to college Georgia State
Georgia State okay would you graduate what would you study
yeah so I’m journalism I’m in sociology mouse is Zeta Tau Alpha that was fine
yeah I got 2015 okay yeah so I 2012 for me oh yeah what yeah oh we talked about
having so many things yes I was there and it’s bigger things and it was great
that’s actually when I learned how to work out and I just want to point this
out is people always ask me like how would I get into fitness honestly I had
five guy friends from different places and they taught me that women need to be
into fitness each everyone and the aina was like a
diverse group of us like just us working out five days a week and they’re
teaching me like I’ve lived you know like how to just do everything cuz say
they saw something in me and that’s why my brand is so diverse because of my
five guy friends and they know exactly who they are because I thank them every
day it’s because of them that I’m doing what I’m doing now so I just want to put
that out there yeah I know they’re gonna listen yeah the anonymous 5 life-changing
really so huge it’s really necessary to have some money like that I mentor guy
yeah it is a way yeah enable you to be able to do
so yourself because honestly people can see
something that you may not see yet you will eventually but it’s like when
you’re connecting with someone you may not you don’t know exactly what they’re
thinking and feeling how you know when they’re around you until they actually
say something and then you realize that you you know you be changed your life in
some way and I think it’s important I feel like we’re all cold on this earth
to serve whether it’s the table or those two I don’t know anything it could be
big or small but it’s like we’re all called to help really
and without service Wow yeah yeah no seriously I feel like life is you so
dull it’s just about you you you you you me me me me
you know like I I’m honestly living my best life because I’m helping other
people and that’s as genuine as I can get like literally like soon as I feel a
rush of like euphoria what about you my god this is my wife purpose it’s so
happy and I’ve always want to encourage people to find their purpose and you can
you just have to be able to sit in silence and maybe not little signs but
literally just sit down and just be like I love to do and how can I maximize I
love and spread it and that’s where your purpose is doesn’t matter what it is
but I feel like some of us miss that and we just go through life and I think
that’s sad I think it’s sad like missing that moment of peace and says and you
need for yourself in order to serve so I’m I mean I’m so much more centered
than when I was like three years ago well yeah so much more Center like like
I just I don’t know I just know what’s more important now and I’m just focusing
on that focusing on energy focusing on purpose just focusing on people who
really want to see you winning and I wanna see themselves win and that’s all
you really need everything else will follow
I love it yeah also Drive where does it company yeah look I she know my parents
you know how many immigrant parents kind of it’s kind of like you’re looking at
two different sides of the same coin it’s like they were so hard in this
country to put three girls in private school and all that I mean that’s hard
you’re coming here you’re having accent that’s another another like what were
you from like easy English like it’s it’s hard it’s so hard and so watch my
parents especially my dad just succeed in whatever they did I mean there was
there’s so successful now does they work hard for it
and so it’s just any me to just want to work hard and knowing that if my parents
are doing and I’m already here so I’m not on this place so that’s my
parents they give me that drive in that that sense of like that hustle I can
create my own mine because they did my sisters and I myself so where they
get it from oh well I guess what knows about me so I hope for a very like
politically elite Kenyan family my great-grandfather was a prime minister
my great-uncle is the current president oh yeah
very political uh such history so that’s where they get it from the interesting
very nice you know having that drive to just help people in any kind of way and
there’s politics with them but yeah that’s that’s kind of my secret
background I don’t you know I just grew up here and I’m one kind of like Rick be
honest but that is my secret let me go under that family history that
my life is totally different over there people know my dad is so you know it’s
it’s a good man he’s CEO of the DVLA so basically he helped mandate the new
drivers license and the new driving tests so he’s like the DDS yeah yeah pol
a mm-hmm yeah yeah yeah right probably I’m right so it’s like I get
nobody goes but now that I you know I Drive is required for me right but really
don’t go they’ll ask they’ll ask me like oh that’s your dad couldn’t get a
privatized I’d like go to his office I’m just kidding don’t know anything I’m
an American sorry boy yeah so how many followers and friends people actually
you know I definitely talk about that I think a lot yeah it’s uh my sister’s too
I mean I think it’s because my dad’s doing such great work he’s helping a lot
of people giving a lot of young people jobs he’s opening up offices and he’s
getting people beside employment rate is crazy so he’s creating new offices and
giving you opportunities I can’t go back to that service heart that my parents
have that I adopted so yeah it’s um yeah thank you so now you’re really knowing
yeah I guess most people don’t so yeah absolutely so what are your current kind
of capacity and goals what’s happening yeah
it’s one thing yeah definitely is so I want to open up a gym in Ghana in the
next two years I’m just giving back to my people
um and open up my own private studio end of 2020 like it would be like a gym and
a hair salon in a like esthetician office like wheels like glammed-out and
fitness so yeah there are two bigger oh yeah yeah and um I started a cheer
program for the Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta cause shake your pom-poms
okay yeah so basically my main goals make a program partner where it’s like a
nationwide so starting out Chris I’m home
by the end of 2020 cross my fingers and cross at seven states with sugar bong
bong shoe girl yeah mentor and the Big Brothers Big Sisters
oh yeah laughing yeah I love that I mean I love giving back if I can give back
with fitness why not so especially with the youth exactly yeah five percent of
schools in Fulton County do not have any activities no physical fitness require that’s crazy
actually that’s sad because fitness has saved my life and your life is so many
otherwise it really has really and it’s not it’s not subjective everyone needs
it it’s necessary it’s necessary our bodies were designed for movement and
free for you know vibrancy and just energy like we’re designed for that it’s
a shame that that’s being taken over with unnecessary stuff just bunch of
stuff wait I think about being in this climate-controlled home to my old car to
my climate-controlled office there you got a little bit of real direct sunlight
or conditions of weather that we actually feel is little to none and so I
think that’s really compounded to a lot of things the most basic principle that
I tell people to to get happier and healthier is to get in the Sun for the
first 20 minutes of your day as soon as you wake up get in the Sun drink water
and gravel no shoes on the ground Wow earth in the Sun it’s the number one
thing to help improve your circadian rhythms sleep cycles your overall mood
yeah it’s the only real way that we can also get vitamin D and B that’s actually
pretty powerful like everything that we need we have
already we have it’s very accessible yeah yeah I think I would change a lot
of things you guys my I think my struggle I don’t want to share this too
because we all have struggles um I get so caught up helping other people all
the time and I kind of like forget myself and sometimes by the end of the
day and actions motors like mr. Graham it’s hard leaving president sometimes my
mind is custom okay I need call her and make sure she has her meal plan look
like I’m like freaking out and it’s kind of well drink water does somebody
actually get eight hours of sleep and it’s like I don’t ask myself this
question i spec clients those questions I’m gonna ask you myself those questions
so my main goal honestly for this season is to just literally ask myself out loud
did I drink water today mmm my mazak so not really having a
conversation with myself and being rid of myself it’s important as where to
start yeah cuz I’d want to be you know if I
were to Katoon I’m doing and be the best version of myself to how other people
have to take care of myself as well beyond working out and eating healthy I
mean it starts here – absolutely so whenever I start to feel like I’m
overwhelmed I’m honest with people say hey I can’t be prison right now I
started doing that and actually just changed my life look I can’t be
president with you right now and I really want you by and literally can’t
can I get back to you tomorrow no I’m okay yeah as Ron is honest and it
actually does something in my head and helps me not feel bad about saying no
and saying I need a break like can I back office I can’t like give
me a moment Lea not feeling bad about that other party still feels
acknowledged yeah exactly and that’s what he strode with with
entrepreneurship was seeing no and not feeling bad about it but now I’m kinda
like Nosa complete sentence like I can’t do
it right now let me get back to you instead of just you know trying to do it
am I not there and designed to get eNOS I just think I’m fully committed yeah
yeah I know because we planned this one like ten days ago yeah see there you go
so if I can’t do it soon right exactly it’s it’s okay to be honest and
and raw and I was somebody the other day and I was like there’s just this weird
trend of being closed off and like oh I have no feelings or you know and I and
I’m gonna bring this office whinnies I mean you sad you know go outside
barefoot and actually feel the ground I wish we could celebrate that summer I
got more like feel like it’s okay to feel like you if you’re upset okay a
bright side and say okay why am I upset with what is the root of this emotion
and I started doing that to myself and helps me have more compassion for other
people so they’re upset with me you know they’re you know saying rude things it’s
really not mean other cetera they’re upset at what’s been you know in their
subconscious mind it is just coming out at me the convenient target yeah it’s
huge that you can recognize that yeah and identify because it’s something it’s
hard for anybody myself all right no it’s hard it’s really
really hard I just feel like once we start embracing our emotions and we
understand their origin because we don’t feel things for no reason there’s always
a story behind it we may not in no way but our subconscious mind knows that
that’s why we’ve responded to it and once I start giving myself at Grace I
give people that grace all that like the Entrepreneurship yes ready
absolutely love it so let’s talk more about your pageant yeah
oh my gosh Oh being United States of America Miss Georgia you know I said
this I forget yeah because I always tell people that it’s a title that it passed
down just somebody else so I don’t actually introduce myself oh oh by the
way no they just happen to Final Solution we
don’t know yeah surprise no but it’s like Patrick has really helped me become
a strong individual because you have to train for it’s not you just don’t look
pretty and you win no you have to speak properly yeah I’m a platform you you
know have to have you know something that you’re that you’re after which is
people but in what way are you trying to be an attorney or doctor like Paget’s
really encourage women to stand for they believe in and to give back at the same
time and you can be you know bad and bougie you can be hot and intelligent
like I just I love about pageants like you can be whatever you want just
embrace it and the judges will see and then your communities embrace it and I
started pageants actually my first was Miss Georgia State and we put sounds
like what 18 the day before my 19th birthday and I want Miss Congeniality
where was this this was was a 2011 in 2012 but the 2012 actually it was
February 2012 I’m still on campus yeah it was in
February the day before my 19th birthday yeah I was 2012 yeah
where was the event it was that was the big auditorium was it not Rhodes Hall
the one by the student the one by the students so that’s where the waters oh
my gosh I see everything I was four reason I thought like there’s a picture yeah I was there my first pageant
Wow Oh Miss Congeniality I was like oh yeah like buzz what did you represent
spine I think was just by over there it would you know we would just place our
cities I just I did lawrenceville or something like that
yeah we just no I mean like you were Zeta right yeah yeah Sigma news I was in
my new yeah yeah yeah yeah we recent when you alive yeah sing my new yeah I’m
a pi Kappa Phi oh yeah I know some PI cops – oh my god it’s so funny like but
we’re like that’s crazy yeah so I mean honestly because I built that discipline
few pageants I was able to build that discipline they’re all the other areas
of my life and be miss Georgia’s make first state title ever ever ever ever so
it’s like been a whirlwind but it’s opened so many doors and it’s revealed
so much about You Know Who I am as a woman and who’s surrounded by has done
so much for me and it’s like but it’s funny I kind of forget that I look like
crying – Mike this is my what so what am I
having mark mark yeah this year okay um I just
I really know where it just sounds like yeah but it’s so nice to be able to put
in that crowd on sash and I go out there and I you know I volunteer and I I get
so lost conversation I forgive this on my body and I talk to you Mike yeah like
I’m you know I just uh I don’t get lost in that title I’m still Stephanie with
or without it so I’m able to you know be centered and so when people were like
scared to come up to me I’m like no please come you can ask me anything like
this is just stuff well I took us off but I’m still
Stephanie with end of the day like you know it’s this it’s too funny
they’re literally forget how much it weighs the title like I might have the
way Oh what is a lot it weighs about and weighs all of my dreams in aspirations
of being Miss Georgia that’s how much a way so it’s it’s heavy but it’s light
enough for me to take it off and not identify myself by a title I don’t
believe it because Who I am is right here and what I say and how I hear
myself and that’s it that title I’m passing on to somebody else so I don’t
own it I’m just borrowing it for a year exactly so yeah it’s it’s been great and
you’re also this role for a cause oh my god that um Vanessa come on come in here
I mean that I mean I’m so honored I remember
I host a team at Chalmers I really like I wanna thank you thank you I’m gonna
watch him for a while and then to be able to really represent such an amazing
organization is I’m like choose so honored like wow well my deserve it
thank you and you forget for it thank you
I just I’m happy I’m really really happy and I this year has been the best year
of my life so far honestly I think everything that I’ve been building for
so long and having that tenacity to just keep going now it’s like I’m reaping the
benefits and it’s possible like it’s anything that you want is it’s here
already it’s just the timing and it’s just you
what are you doing everything to lead up to that big moment and we all have it no
one is more special than the other person it’s just that some of us just
are more centered but doesn’t mean you can’t be centered you just have to go
after it and it’s there like literally right there in our faces go and take it
mm-hmm yeah yeah the next role it’s gonna be pretty great excited I
just started doing some of the marketing oh really I can’t wait Wow yeah Matt was
emceeing master of ceremony last night I saw I was critical was wrong the top 100
companies to work in Georgia Wow I never 600 companies applied and they
gave out the winners and I don’t have a ticket money and
making friends ah there you go I said at the Amazon website Wow run it coz
there’s two available seats okay I’m gonna make a prince of all that you do
the best people yeah you got a chair super loud when we win they got second
Wow so must be a pretty good place to work but Matt is the king he is amazing
yeah I’ve never seen somebody a poser yeah it’s natural lives and all his
words that he gives out yeah he’s such a natural so great I mean he’s a young MCS
yeah I know he really is I mean I I think he’s a very special person and
it’s like when you’re talking to him he’s paying attention to you he’s not
busy on his phone he’s not looking around he’s actually making you feel
like you’re just as important and that’s a special person right there that really
is he carries a presence and yeah I’m sure yeah again having that emotional
availability to to listen it’s a connect and to grow you can oh you can do that
on your own for so long you I think we’re designed for human interaction pause break I think I heard the camera
just switch yeah yeah it’s gotta be a strategy be because your nutrition is
super clean there’s nothing clouding you Oh what it
is yeah so eight months we’re all vegan done in fact Wow so what made you decide
to do that now my secret well I got brainwashed by one of my mentors who he
looked like he lost 20 years and thirty pounds Wow
so what what what you do yeah and he said I limited all chemicals processed
food me from my diet this is what I eat that’s kind of how I do it and we
started talking about it I did my own research right watching documentaries
read some studies listen other people’s testimonies decided okay I’m cutting it
out cold turkey no Turkey Wow vegan yeah I wasn’t exactly sure if I was gonna go
vegetarian or pescetarian or what I just knew that I had to get rid of processed
food I put those corn syrup right sugar and processed right it’s Italy last one
car car centered right Wow and um you know for 30 years I ate all that yeah so
a month ago I cut it on and the first week a lot of people say that they have
less energy maybe I did I’ve just always so active and wordy yeah I don’t really
feel it um I also used a lot of oats and granola grains yeah I meant that fiber a
right fool quickly yeah and so between that eat about 40% fruit 30 percent
vegetable 30 percent nuts and 10% grain I want less this raw vegan uncooked in a
blender usually with more mental clarity and physical energy that I’ve ever had
yeah two or three times a day and levels I’ve never done my body’s regenerating
faster the cells are going back any kind of ailments or near to no yeah it’s it’s
just like I want to share this feeling with everybody how do i device to put
this into words after I take you late this feeling that I’ve never had before
my entire life just to share with the other 98% of
doesn’t practice veganism and get rid of the shame of that I say bright land base
right because it really is you can eat vegan food that’s shit yeah that’s yeah
that’s a lot of things that are doing little cheese that that’s vegan but is
it plant-based no right food plant-based yeah that’s your goals yeah you’re right
as soon as you make it hot or cold it loses value nutrition that’s young
you’re great about us you do yours yeah and it makes a difference honestly
when you when you treat yourself well not just from the outside or from the
inside owl it shows a Mac until you have such great energy like you just I mean
it’s just I I can’t even put into words i’ma tell you and you just feel it and
it’s natural and that’s because you take care of yourself from the inside out and
I’ve I just know that your story’s gonna help so many people all like I feel like
if when we see one person doing it day in day out some wasn’t have enough
courage to do the same thing so keep posting keep talking about it like you
don’t even know maybe someone’s doing it right now because of you thank you so
yeah do it like shamelessly like just who cares what everyone said like just
keep doing it cuz you are cheating liars I appreciate it because there’s
definitely shame I definitely get shame I understand at the time oh my gosh any
right meaning this and then just like okay I appreciate you thank you for
caring right I’m continuing to
this yeah and I’d say there’s probably 15 people that have picked this up past
8 months because I felt pretty vehemently about it ya know Karen this
one guy DJ baby drew yeah it up and weekend long a raw vegan 30-day
challenge last month and now we’re on a 30 day sustainability challenge this
month Wow meet him Cassie character and baby
hair oh she’s the director of marketing or live at the batteries was a soldier
oh wow and Davies the MC so they all have tons of influence bang they just
heard my story randomly what a baby shows like two months ago and we’re like
fuck we need to do this Wow next week look let’s let’s just do it and DJ going
to be drew andrew has changed his life he’s lost 30 pounds yeah maybe more oh
my god and he’s been and he’s been getting tons of life and just keep
shamelessly puddi yeah he’s got a quarter million followers just on
Instagram Mahe his influence across the board saying hey eat plants go vegan cut
processed food to me it’s gonna save you many in so many ways I think this is
truly about the comeback I just found out I was worsening has been vegan for
twenty years what 20 years you see get pounded with me me miles
BAM video a movie coming out later this Wow called the great challenge I think
and I just saw the trailer today a lot of time-lapse shared it with me and
chills literally legitimate deep chill Stephanie about is what is about to
happen Wow I won’t would you go to fill this
and yeah this vibrational energy oh my gosh that’s incredible yeah that Larry
like you said it’s like a new something is happening something’s going
to happen we’re going to realize that what they’re consuming is not that great
and they he just changed how they throw up themselves by just usually they eat
so that is very inspirational and Wow yeah a grocery store it started you got
to go that’s one of the things I don’t have to I get to go that is so true I
have the honor and privilege every other day yeah to go to the grocery store buy
produce and it’s so nice because I just walk it exactly right right you walk in
and go right it’s right there and then everything else later every once in
while there’s a few things that you need you must go through exactly that’s it
that is a great point as beautiful oh my gosh Wow so how do you advise your
client seem honest nicely balanced I tell that I wouldn’t try to do forces to
get rid of the shame of eating period eat that like if you want to go vegan go
vegan no shame if you want to do this die or whatever just you know yeah just
do without shame I mean there’s so much shame with eating I think the problem
with the fitness industry is the shame the guilt tripping like oh wow you had
pizza wanna or just a failure with no sigh I get rid of that person and I tell
them how did I ask them how do you feel like how are you feeling today like how
do you how do you feel your journey and what are you eating what do you feel
sluggish you feel tired you feel energized like I how my clients get in
tune with their emotions first I’m gonna get rid of let’s get rid of the fancy
stuff like just focus on how it’s making you feel so if you’re doing this diet
and you’re feeling slow we’re tired she’ll probably not do that guy anymore
don’t do district guys you see a celebrity on Instagram or whatever doing
that doesn’t mean is right for you but make sure you into how you feel that’s
how you feel gonna direct your diet so if you want to go vegan cuz you feel
energized and healthy and stick to it who cares what anyone says you stick to
us he’s so great if you want to do keto do keto I mean it’s just but make sure
it’s in line with who you are what your goals are and so instead of just given
them are I eat this eat that say how do you feel and when you eat those foods
how do you feel afterwards feel bad or a let’s change it that’s how I do it and
that’s I keep it simple yeah I’m just being honest and wrong with yourself
first because I can tell you to eat whatever you whatever and may not work
for you and every single person’s nutritional
journey is that is that easy is use to certain types of food exactly it’s one
of the biggest things I was learning today from some researches you’ve been
eating cheese or dairy or certain things for so long and that’s what your body
has gotten used to storing and providing fuel and cell growth yeah that’s so true
and so when you switch it to rapidly then you’re gonna feel tired or all
right right and so it’s smart to slowly transition yeah in those ways I might
cold turkey just under pursue yeah so I wanted it I felt it more on the toilet
yeah secondly the first week was not so bad the second third was all the toxins
yes you can see it going out black yeah it’s literally crazy see lean and other
colors the good colors yeah yeah I was talking about poop wasn’t so terrible I
know I’m right you have to talk about it there’s so many bad things that stain
our body like sugar doesn’t really go anywhere they
keep tell my clients get reduce soda I’m really a stickler on because it’s just
there’s no there are no benefits no none zero because the sugar just
swims in your bodies when it’s your body like it doesn’t really go anywhere so I
yeah getting rid of that addiction of sugar I feel like on a deeper level
keep it well sugar but honestly sugar yeah it gives you that high but it’s
almost like what are you actually chasing why you need that high to be
productive why can you just get your mind straight
first Thanks so what are we actually trying to cover up emotions and food
honestly need to go together thank you yeah we weren’t provide like spiritual cleanse do you know I have about 20 now
yeah yeah but yeah honestly so what are we chasing why do we feel they need yeah
it’s in the woods help us about emotional eating took my time emotional
eating I’m a big stigma as well and I know it’s it’s like it’s almost like
it’s encouraged sadly like oh you had a bad day just eat though entire carton of
ice cream bad ones God know you’re gonna eat it not oh man I might eat the entire
thing now you’re gonna start guilt-tripping yourself and feeling
worse and then you’re gonna have that defeated attitude already messed it up
so I’m gonna have you know whatever like no no no like what are you trying to
cover up you had a bad day so instead of just coming up with food why don’t you
go do something productive something that makes you feel good about yourself
like okay go running or go talk to her friend anything
doesn’t that won’t hold you back but again it’s just knowing you’re selling
the batter yeah right that pattern and what and you really understand ask
yourself what void are you actually trying to fill by overeating by sitting
on the couch identify that boy yeah identified that Boylan did you have a
bad day yeah and then love it yes yes and love it
you know I read an article that said self love means embracing the bad stuff
about you too not just the good stuff which it’s fluffed a lot on Instagram
I’m not just going to the spa well how are you know that’s that stuff well I
accept you and I yeah I think take a lot of intention and posting inside that
self all you have to is this reality I mean it’s like I I also feel like to its
group is that a bad thing it’s not at all what you think it it is what you
make it some people are truly happy so why are we it’s like I think people are
scared to be truly happy absolutely and I think that’s why it be the family like
what’s like you know I people can’t just be happy it’s like we’re almost scared
to be happy and why is that I mean you never know whether that person imposing
this term is actually generally happy and that’s how to express their
happiness it’s just II just never really know people’s story but it’s like
there’s just fear of feeling good fear of being happy for being in love they’re
vicious things free because in order to get to that you have to be a little
uncomfortable first in order to get to that kind of freedom or that kind of
that kind of you know that kind of clarity and people don’t want to be
uncomfortable so it feels safer just going to the motions and just you know
do what feels safe but you’re not happy so why don’t you just dig deep and of
course takes a long time it’s not just easy but it’s just really sitting there
and just digging deep and just say okay why do I feel unhappy how can I get to
this point of happiness I am just as deserving as the next person and really
knowing that and believing that you are deserving so why not get to that point
what stopped me from being happy but stopping you from taking your chance of
creating your own life so you charge for counseling ten people actually don’t see
this side of me ly and I’m trying to post like this more associa that’s me
honestly to be real with you I don’t post a lot of workout videos on purpose
because I’m do the same workout as the other person which is not a bad thing me
it works it works but I show more of Who I am on Instagram
more than just you know oh this is my chest workout today no one really cares
and it’s not how I think I’m not hoping if I’m not there to really counsel you
I’m not really hoping but let me show you stuff he really is so that I can
relate to you and then if you want if I’m all fitness we can do that but I
want you to know you men not the fitness or the fitness side is yeah but humans
that is what I would I really value about myself the most so why not share
that without that connection yeah exactly there’s no real that’s more
important to your culture yeah surrounded it yes I post my clients wear
them I’m working out there myself because I want people to see that that’s
what my brand spa clients but when it comes to me I’m
gonna share them going out having fun cuz that’s me I like going now having
fun and socialize and taking pictures and you know I think people want to see
that more than what I’m – what I’m doing in the gym every day I feel like people
connect with who I am more because I was showing the human side of myself
so as x4 12 minute oh my god what’s next so I just running out gym space in West
Midtown now I’m not driving all over the place
like a crazy person and now my class can come to me and let
me change my life honestly and moves to the glaze and it’s gonna change my
members are – it’s um right now D forward we’re that out force yeah it’s
right there like around the corner well three blocks up yeah and I read tell me
no move to West Midtown and look at that before I even thought about become you
know saying that’s that’s best job just aligning yeah all the way to infinity I
really yes but honestly true so it would Spence if everything that’s happening is
just meant to be like this was meant to happen everything I feel has a purpose
of those pictures we just got God I’m excited front page you’re awesome it’s
been no it’s it’s all about fit yes but no yeah so I’m excited I’m trying to
grow and it’s also to help me becoming more like open and not so drained just
going back to my emotions I have a good feeling every day and just being able to
take care of myself be in one spot I can answer those text messages and emails
without waiting for it if you know I can just do all the little things actually
matter to me let her spot on to people in a good time
I think it’s important because people reach out to you for a reason
and I just I just feel like being able to be centered not only physically but
emotion and that’s so drained and it’s like so
it was so hard for me to like connect with people sometimes by the end of the
day so I’ve been coming and I’m in Visio my god like right boys all that yeah and
then by the end of the day I get messages from people when I just
sometimes I just get so upset I’m with IKEA I don’t I feel in that way and so
why do I feel tired and trato because I’m running around the creepers I’m not
taking care of myself properly so let me Center myself physically so I
consider myself emotionally and be healthier and already I feel so much
better because I made that does it let me just Center myself Center my life and
it’s just gonna change so much just because about one small thing but it’s
important like I was just so tired I do want to really like talk to anybody at
the end of the day I was kinda like oh my god like I want to sleep and now I’m
like I’m in one place and I can still do the same thing but in one place
so it’s great like it’s life-changing honestly I love it yeah support yeah it
is so where do you like to go out oh where do I go
honestly like I’m in bucket all topic all my friends are there all my clients
are there you know we’re going going sighs I love bar taco honestly what
they’re like twice a week is a group I love kill me crazy
I’ve always there I go to region sometimes or st. Regis or really what I
do mainly though it’s like dinner and conversation I don’t really like club as
much if you see me there is because someone jakka there last week oh my I
don’t want to be here I don’t need to be here is that live I
love conversation intimacy more I’d rather do that and how do you feel about
that clubs conversation it can’t be one is hard to hear
chew it’s hard to connect and three issues is that we can’t dig beneath the
surface obviously because it’s like there’s so much going on there’s so much
alcohol and the craziness and people and it’s just it’s so hard for me to let
think so it’s like all the distraction is yeah so major structures phones and
phones and then you get home you’re so tired you need to do anything you’re
just getting there but why are you so tired just all that noise yeah it’s like
I didn’t really do anything notice people in the future where do
they hold their phone when they receive and yourself – yeah you’re down well
you’re down you’re down yeah I was trying to be conscious of
when I make a video that I’m holding at yeah yeah I’m looking up to my people Wow I have a moment’s silence I’m like
wait that’s so true you know that reminds me I actually
stopped like when I’m going to a coffee shop or vs. or I actually stopped taking
my phone out and be open because I feel if I’m always looking busy I might be
missing a connection because you’re not going to approach someone who’s like
frantically on their phone and they’re scrolling and they’re talking and I know
well you’re not going to approach them yeah so I feel like I if I look more
open and and feel more open I can connect with different you just never
know who and I run into but if you’re so dizzy on your phone and so busy trying
to find something your purse and you you might summer might be looking and they
may want to talk to you about something like me you want to complement you but
they feel like they can’t because you’re so occupied with the with something else
as I just being present okay I’m going to the store and you get some apples let
me just do that you just have to know it’s nice not I stopped doing that is
you know as much as we need these devices to do listen I hit on it try to
not look down and get the fuck off of it you know yeah I’m going to get off yeah
and get here yeah cuz there’s no more value there’s no yeah the present time
because she yeah I thought I was like I couldn’t really miss a connection I just
be on my phone trying to figure out whatever else is why no let me focus on
what my task is here and I started doing that because sometimes I would at the
store or oh I need a story and I’m like wait I go home in my home yeah and I
forgot my toothpaste I will remembered it if I wasn’t on my
phone half the time so now I’m like okay my list is this I’m gonna get it and
actually follow my list I’m not just
I love it yeah so what do you mean whoo what I eat I don’t know you know what a
salmon honestly um pokeballs I know you could make them yourself for
that yeah and you start doing that cuz I spent my money I’ll take you to ya down
basin oh yeah there yeah I need to make my own was wrong yeah okay yeah there
was the copper one are cheaper than 80 yeah they are
I’m gonna do that because I love bowls like anything was just it’s just a
simple and it’s quick but yeah if I serve made my own pokeballs probably see
like a lot of money spent 20 bucks you make like seven or eight see there you
go smart oh yeah I just you know I eat both the grains the vegetables
yeah I’m just keep it simple I don’t really I don’t want any when I go out
with to dinner or something I I’m just smart with it I don’t ovary honestly
that’s right I really don’t read I don’t eat so I won’t know I eat some satisfied
it up I can’t eat big meals I yeah I can’t either
I can’t I did a bike ride from San Fran to DC and we had to eat we’ve got to eat
eight ten twelve times a day and so it was just like wow yeah accent I hadn’t
been able in my life up to that point to consume a banana or a lot of different
much because of the texture yeah just out loud no problem what you have to
have it you either eat this order see ya on the road right and so that kind of
made me and adapt to be able to consume anything that have no allergies there
you go right you know I’m really blessed to be
able to do they want to be able to conceive and want to look like that yeah
and I it just changes your life I feel like when you start just eating better
small changes and just eating what makes you feel great and because when you feel
good as shows and you have better relationships I mean your career I mean
everything it affects everything you know it really does so exactly so
when we start our first that’s why there’s so much emphasis on starting
with you you are the main impact because if you have yourself centered and ready
to go it’s so natural when you’re talking to people it’s like you don’t
have to force anything you will be inspired by just who you are or but I
mean just be inspired that’s it well you have that fact you know I’ve um I’ve changed have grown
a lot the past few years you know I’ve had some painful experiences I was so
I’m thankful for it all what’s less oh well um you know it when I left my
full-time job and I told my friends and family uh I’m gonna start my fitness
brand of course that everyone was on you know on the ride I mean I was expecting
them to but it it kind of made me realize how important it is for me to be
on my own to be okay with that but it’s okay to be have that season of being
alone and working on yourself and growing and it’s painful though because
you you would think that you’re besties would cheer you on but sometimes I don’t
but it’s like just being strong enough to know that the right people will come
to you you don’t have to force anything to prove yourself to anybody and that’s
one of the biggest things I’ve learned this year actually believe it or not
yeah I actually went to this school and I was
the one girl asked me she was like so did your life change like really when
you became a shorter line did your French changed I said actually yeah and
she was so struck she was like really not happy for you I was like the sad
thing is when something good happens to you and someone is that happy with their
life it’s gonna be very hard for them to be happy for you and you want to be with
people who are happy for you so it was a hard pill to swallow
I mean I had a lot of surprises this year so that’s painful right you would
think but you know people who would were cheating you on before and then you land
your big goal it’s like but wait you were just cheer me on
leading up this competition and I actually got here to surprise like
perfect you don’t need and that’s a painful lesson to learn but you’re never
bothering that if great I mean it’s crazy
I mean this blows my mind but the same time I’m God show has shown me so many
people who were meant to be there I met this year you know what I mean it’s
meant to be I’m gonna give you something me oh my god oh brother
yeah what is that okay all right I want you to take this okay
what are you gonna do with it oh I need to take it back okay but
here’s two more and three more but here I need it all back but you perfectly
have stated the posture of giving and receiving you don’t know if I need or me
giving right in any kind of circumstance of situation when I got the gift I took
it I said I’m gonna store this oh yeah that’s it i’ma put it for the future and
help the people and my friends another another no David stay here because no
one was coming yeah could be the next opportunity it’s so true yeah that’s
true I have one other person I probably should fifty that have stayed in the
posture what you just said oh wow that’s amazing yeah oh my Wow
heck yeah so I was getting close okay let everybody know where they can find
you in the social media yeah I think you find me Stephanie – I’m on Instagram
Facebook snapchat and something my first and last name Towanda BAE LLC but for me
mainly Stephanie – um you’ll find all my stuff so that’s ste PHA and I yeah he W
you and yes perfect there you go gotcha yeah well it was a pleasure this was fun you’re the best
Oh y’all signing off thank you for tuning in
that was great thank you guys so much for tuning into the mr. Atlanta podcast
had an incredible experience with Miss Stephanie and we look forward to
connecting with you soon make sure to subscribe share with your friends and
one of the best things you can do is take a screenshot of however you’re
listening to this and post it to your Instagram story thanks so much

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