Morning Yoga | Full Body Stretch | 10 Minutes

Morning Yoga | Full Body Stretch | 10 Minutes

good morning everyone welcome to Rachel
Pichler Yoga my name is Rachel we’re gonna do a lovely morning yoga practice
today to start the day off right so find a little bit of space to move and let’s
get started you so we’re gonna start in boat pose today
you guys getting right into waking up a body so start to lean back a little bit
have your legs out in front you can hang on to the back of the legs or on to the
shins but I want you to find the balance on those sit bones where you can have
the feet maybe a little bit off the floor maybe a lot off the floor and then
maybe starting to feel that in the core as well as you pull the shoulders back
and try and lengthen through the spine so I know the legs are probably really
heavy this morning so if you want to hang on to your legs the whole time hang
on to your legs if you want to let go you can let go I think it feels better
on my low back if I hang on to my legs right now so find what feels right we’re
gonna take another inhale and exhale one more inhale and awesome you guys keep
bringing the feet down keep the right foot down your hands are gonna come
behind you and I just want you to cross that left foot over top of the right
knee so feeling a stretch that left leg you
can flex your foot if you want a little bit more and then think about bringing
the chest up towards that leg sitting a little bit taller so push those
fingertips into the mats relax through the shoulders just breathe nice work you
guys slowly you can lean back a bit to uncross the legs however you can uncross
and then bring that right foot over top of that left knee so that left leg can
be as straight as you need a TV to cross the legs pushing into those fingertips
are into your hands to sit a little bit taller awesome work you got slowly uncross your
legs alright we’re coming back up into our bow pose one more time so find that
balance again your feet don’t have to come very far off the mats they can if
they want to but lengthen through that spine draw the belly button in and find
the breath mmm awesome job you guys take one more inhale and exhale release cross
your ankles and bring your hands in front
finding your tabletop all fours hands and knees tuck your toes under take a
nice big inhale and X on up into downward facing dog so feel free to take
your dog for a nice walk bending one knee straightening yeah there I’m just
continuing to wake up the body wake up the breath and let your head be nice and
heavy some job you guys with your next inhale start to look between your hands
and as you exhale just that right foot is gonna come forwards you can drop the
back knee or you can keep it lifted but sink into that lunge
let’s keep our chest nice and low but take some of the weight out of the hand
so if you want to have the knee lifted you can lift it and if you would like to
really take the weight out of the hands actually lift your arms up keeping the
chest nice and low though I know look to your front big toe take another inhale
and exhale lower your hands all the way down sending your hips back finding half
splits start by pushing the ball of the foot and the toes into the mat feeling
from stretch the top of the foot and then you can flex the foot if you want
to move that stretch more into the back of the leg awesome
you guys with an inhale start to shift the weight forward sink into those hips
move that front foot over to the side and fine lizard so bring the hands to
the inside of that foot and just kind of rock side to side if it feels good or
you can be nice and still awesome where he guys huh
nice and slow we’re gonna take that front foot and we’re gonna move it all
the way over to the left side of the mat and lay the shin down pigeon before you
fold take an inhale lift the chest and then exhale flip forward just a few
breath here let your upper body be nice and heavy
relaxing that entire right right leg the foot hips and then as much as I would
love to stay here a little longer we’re gonna use an inhale and lift all the way
back up so push into your hands find your way back into downward facing dog
pedal your feet out a little bit if you need to if you’re really feeling up to
that right hip shake it out wiggle it out whatever feels good and then with
your next inhale look between your hands and exhale bring that left foot forward
so bringing that back knee down if you want it or feel free keep it lifted you
guys if that’s all if you want to work nice and hard this morning but chest is
staying low so as much as your chest wants to lift all the way up keep it
down use that core to keep it down and lift the arms high again you can have
your hands on the mat or you can lift them up mmm
sinking into the hips take another inhale and exhale place your hands on
the mat and send the hips back for your half split so pushing the ball of the
foot down into the mat feel the length through that leg and if you
want to flex the foot you can start to flex that foot so good using an inhale
shift that weight forward heel toe your foot over to the left side finding your
lizard sinking into those hips a little bit more awesome job you guys all right
stay for another breath here and then nice and slow let’s move that foot all
the way over to the right side lay your shin down find up find that pigeon but
take it inhale lift the chest and then as you exhale you can melt it down if
you would like to just a few breath here settling breathe awesome work you guys using an inhale
lift yourself back up find your way into downward facing dog take a nice big
inhale and exhale let’s lower our knees all the way down to the mat we’re gonna
come into Child’s Pose so bring your knees out nice and wide and send the
hips back to the heels but reaching the right arm out I want you to take the
left arm and slide it underneath your chest and then drop it down child’s pose
with one arm under your chest a little shoulder stretch they see you guys using an inhale lift
on up bring that left arm out and take the right arm bring it underneath laying
on down with your next inhale you can start to
lift all the way back up push into your palms keep your chest up and just think
about sending the hips back to the heels take another breath here mmm so good you
can start to walk your hands all the way in finding a nice comfy seat so ever you
want to sit down we’re just gonna interlace our fingers behind our back
you can bring the palms together or just interlace the fingers but try and lift
the hands away from the low back and then lift your chin as well open the
chest open the heart stay for an inhale and relax bringing your hands in front
interlace the fingers again palms are gonna push forwards rounding through the
upper back drying the chin towards the collarbone this time and then with an
inhale you can sweep your arms all the way up above your head and then take a
nice lean over to the right side and then come back up and go to the left
stretching through the upper body inhale bring yourself back up and exhale
release your arms all the way down rest your hands on your lap or on your knees
and let’s do a nice big shoulder somewhere today you guys I hope you’re
feeling great have a terrific day until we meet again namaste

11 comments on “Morning Yoga | Full Body Stretch | 10 Minutes

  1. Rachel Pichler Yoga Post author

    Morning Yoga all week and next!! Are you interested in nice short yoga practices to start your day off with?

  2. Elizabeth Sampson Post author

    Wow I did not realize how tight my legs and hips were. This was difficult for me today. Thanks for this revisiting again tomorrow.

  3. April Joy Post author

    Beautiful set up and great class! Thank you! I am a teacher too, but also a coach so share intuitive eating tips etc on my channel, so great to connect with you! x


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