Microlearning and Fitness: A Modern Learning Connection

[music] Hey guys! It’s Amy Kilburn from Sunrise Fitness in Standish. And we are back this month to talk about microlearning
and how that relates to fitness. So when I think about microlearning and fitness
is that alot of people tend to think that they don’t have time to workout, simply because
they don’t have an hour or an hour and a half where they can leave their home and go to
the gym and have to think about workout design. And they end up giving up on the idea altogether,
instead of realizing that fitness can also come in micro um, sections or chunks or however
you want to call it. And today I have for you just 3 exercises
that you can do quickly throughout the day. You can do them a bunch in a row if you have time. And what I want you to do instead of trying to add exercises on to make things more complicated is just to focus on these three exercises
and having proper form. So very quick and easy. Basically what you’re going to do is twenty
jumping jacks. Remember jumping jacks from when you’re a
kid? Twenty jumping jacks and then you’re going
to do twenty squats. Just down and up, and down and up. And then you’re going to get down on the ground
for plank toe-taps. So, you’re in plank here, and you’re just
going to tap one foot out to the side and then the other. So from the side you can do that here. And I’m just tapping out to the sides. So things I want you to focus on are keeping
your core tight through all of those exercises. But for the squats, what I’d like you to focus
on is to stay seated on your heels. Just like you’re sitting in chair, sit back
here, as opposed to coming forward like that. So back here, down and up. Core should still be tight. And then when you’re in the plank, again,
the core should be tight. You want everything to just be like a board. So you don’t want to be pushing back and you
want your shoulders to stay right over your elbows. And I want to squeeze my butt cheeks, and
just one leg to the side goes out. So you can repeat that, like I said, maybe
two or three times in a row, you could just do it quickly in the morning and mid-morning
and lunch and then dinner. And then by the time you finish your day,
you’ve done fifteen minutes of exercise which is a lot better than if you just gave up all
together thinking you didn’t have time for a workout. So, that’s how I think microlearning can fit
into exercise. Don’t try to make it too complicated. Just do the best you can and focus on a few
things at a time, and good form as opposed to just giving up altogether and feeling overwhelmed
with the whole process. Stay tuned for next month’s video! [music]

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