Megumi Yoga Travel Vlog! – Hakone + Atami vol.1 | 撮影の裏側全部見せます! Behind the scenes

Megumi Yoga Travel Vlog! – Hakone + Atami vol.1 | 撮影の裏側全部見せます! Behind the scenes

Tragic events Terrible things happened today. We are going to go to Niijima for shooting yoga videos tonight. But Niijima was damaged by the typhoon yesterday. It seems to be a water outage or power outage there. That’s why I was looking for other destinations. But I couldn’t decide where to go. At first, I chose Okinawa and got flight tickets. But it was too expensive ( and I got angry from cameraman lol ) Then, let’s go to Korea! But… We didn’t have much time to research about Korea in detail. After all, we decided to go to Hakone and Atami. It was a very hard day…almost the first time in my life. That’s sooo crazy. Anyway I will enjoy this trip from tomorrow! Go to Hakone, and into the crowd. Good morning. We are going to Hakone today. Let’s go! This is the hotel where we will be staying tonight. I ordered a Shirasu soba. There is plenty of shirasu. This is Onsen for hands! Too hot! We arrived Lake Ashi. Because of the high altitude, We are in the clouds, not in the fog. It is raining a little. The viking ship! It is raining hard and it is darker. We have a coffee break to wait for the rain clouds to pass around 1 hours. Literally we are in the clouds! We were heading the place for shooting yoga video. But it seems to be raining now…. Cameraman said “Hurry up! Hurry up!” Megumi”Why!?” Megumi was annoyed face. Because she didn’t notice yet. The rain clouds are heading here!!! I was hit by a great storm! It was almost the ending of video… Cameraman said “Hurry up! Hurry up!”. I finished to do yoga soon though. I guess the video was okay. But it is strange weather today. So today… actually from yesterday, many things happened that I didn’t expect that. I can’t hear well because of the strong wind, Megumi told that how strange ( and magical) this trip was. I’m so scared. The scene is really spooky. Is this the mist or clouds? (Clouds.) Hahaha. I don’t understand the difference between fog and clouds. How crazy the day is! Hurry up! Hurry up! We could get in the ship by a hair! It’s time to have dinner. Here is a Udon restaurant. Kinubiki-udon is a specialty in thie area. Noodles contain sesame and burdock juice. My long day is finished. I’ve been busy from last night. Also I’ve been moving hard today. Still it is 6:30pm though. I feel it is already midnight! See you tomorrow!

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    毎回楽しく動画を拝見させていただいております♪ 英語でMegumi さんに話しかけているのはご友人ですか?


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