MCC-Maple Woods Fitness Friday #7: Endless Rope

MCC-Maple Woods Fitness Friday #7: Endless Rope

Hi, I’m Brian Young and this
is my assistant Logan McNeely. And today we’re gonna introduce
to you guys one of our really unique pieces of equipment here
at Maple Woods Fitness Center. This one’s called
the Endless Rope. Uhm, it does a couple
different exercises. Predominantly it’s used
to simulate a rope climb. Uhm, since our ceilings aren’t
too high here we obviously
can’t have a real rope but this is a great supplement
for that sort of thing. Uh, a couple things you need
to know about the machine, there is an adjustment
here for intensity. Uh, if you raise the
handle up to the very top, that’s gonna be your hardest
level, there are 7 levels
of intensity. You can also lower it down
to the very bottom for
your easiest level. Now when you do this, uh,
you want to begin with
a really light setting. So we’re gonna start,
go ahead and pull. What Logan’s gonna do here is
just start pulling the rope down like he’s simulating
a rope climb. Now, when you put the setting
on the easiest level, it really simulates more of a
cardiovascular exercise versus
a muscle building exercise. But when you change the
intensity to a higher setting, it becomes a lot harder and
so therefore it’s become gonna become more of a
muscle building exercise. So, it’s a really versatile
machine in that you can do both cardio and
muscle building with it. Go ahead and stop
for a second Logan. Another cool thing about this
machine is this rope can be
adjusted to different levels. So, we’re gonna drop
the rope down. I’m gonna have Logan scoot back
a little bit on the seat. Go ahead grab the rope. And so now he’s not pulling
straight down anymore now it’s more like
he’s pulling at an angle. So this is gonna work his
muscles a little bit differently
than the straight pull down. And, even from here we can
lower it down even further, almost to simulate
a tug-of-war position, pulling straight ahead, more of
a rowing, versus a pull down. Again, it’s gonna change the
grade so therefore muscles are gonna be worked a little bit
differently for this exercise. Same thing as before, you can
always adjust the intensity from a cardio setting to more
of a muscle building setting. Thank you.   

8 comments on “MCC-Maple Woods Fitness Friday #7: Endless Rope

  1. gojirra Post author

    This is actually a machine made by Marpo Kinetics, not endless rope. I've used one of these at the gym and they are awesome!

  2. DJomgPLUR Post author

    That machine is good but I prefer the actual endless rope which is endless rope machine dot com

  3. Team LP Fitness Post author

    The gentleman in the video misrepresented the name of this amazing piece of equipment. This rope pull machine is made by Marpo Kinetics and we have 3 of them in our training center. The V250, VMX and the Vector. I have also used the endless rope pull and in my opinion there is no comparison. There are so many more exercise options that can be added to a training program with these rope pull machines. The members at the training center absolutely love them. Thanks Marpo Kinetics :0)

  4. Daniel McIsaac Post author

    Perhaps you could indicate which 'muscles' are being engaged here, and why someone might do this exercise?


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