Man Works Out At Gym With NO CLOTHES For Hilarious Reason

Man Works Out At Gym With NO CLOTHES For Hilarious Reason

Gyms are pretty strange places. When you think about the concept of a gym,
it’s a place where everyone, and I mean everyone, goes to the gym to better themselves,
and yes that can be a really positive thing, but then because all types of people go to
the gym to better themselves, you tend to see a few people that don’t exactly fit
in, like one man named Eric Stagno who went to the gym fully . Why did he do this? I’ll fill you in here on IO. Welcome back to inform overload, I’m charlotte
dobre. Before I get into this video, tell me in the
comments below, do you work out? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen
at the gym? If you’ve ever been to planet fitness before,
you know that planet fitness prides itself on being a judgement free zone. Its their slogan. But planet fitness goers in Plaistow, New
Hampshire got a free show along with their gym membership, because a 34 year old man
named Eric Stagno decided to work out in his birthday suit. According to planet fitness captain Brett
Morgan, Eric walked into the gym, stripped down at the door, and then walked back and
forth across the gym a few times before he found a spot on the yoga mats. He then got down on his knees in a yoga type
position, right in the middle of an extremely busy gym. I don’t know about you guys but I get uneasy
when there’s guys with sandals on at the gym. I’d be pretty disturbed about a guy casually
working out in public. And also, he wasn’t even using the machines
or the weights…why did he go to a gym to do some yoga? If that’s your jam, you can do yoga at home
in the privacy of your living room, quite easily, without making anyone uncomfortable. Even though Eric didn’t approach anybody,
witnesses say that they felt uncomfortable, disgusted, sick and unsafe in his presence. Eric was also found with drug paraphernalia
on hand. Not sure where he put the drug paraphernalia,
I mean…he was . Not gonna think about it. The question now is, why was he ? So the planet
fitness staff called the police, and when they showed up and asked Eric, while he was
on all fours I might add, why he was . Eric responded that he thought planet fitness was
a judgement free zone. So yeah…a pretty funny response but the
cops didn’t think it was a good enough excuse, so they arrested him. He was charged with indecent exposure, lewdness
and disorderly conduct. He is out on bail and his court date is set
for September 21. Just to be clear, Planet fitness advertises
itself as a judgement free zone as a way to encourage people who have anxiety about going
to the gym to better their health and their bodies because they are worried about what
people will think of them. ‘judgement free’ Its not an open invitation
to head down to your local planet fitness in the .
Alrighty guys, that’s all I have for you on that, it’s time to respond to some comments. Rackx – IO probably had ligma and got cured. Yes we all had ligma and surprisingly the
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89 comments on “Man Works Out At Gym With NO CLOTHES For Hilarious Reason

  1. Carter 2.0 Post author

    Charlotte did you know that Drake’s new song don’t matter to me feat Michale Jackson is actually a unreleased song by MJ

  2. Joey Bridger Post author

    Planet Fitness is far from Judge Me free in fact if you have muscles they automatically call you and Meathead so they're judging you what if you have anxiety in muscles you're still screwed

  3. Steve Hunt Post author


  4. Steve Hunt Post author

    You are looking GOREGOUS CHARLOTTE, been like 2-3 weeks since I've seen one of your videos….ALL HAIL POTATO QUEEN!!!! ☺☺☺

  5. Jordynica Anastasia Post author

    Why can't Charolette have black hair😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. TigerTT Post author

    They do judge you lol if you're too fit then you get kicked out lol a bunch of people got kicked out of Planet Fitness gyms for being too fit and people got jealous.

  7. Ruben Verdin Post author

    IO please never leave us again for like a week or two because we will miss you & your potato queen!!!

  8. the weirdest queen ever lol Post author

    Please read this I can't whatch ur vids cuz my dentist said that I should stay away from sweet things like you

    Insert smiley face here

  9. Bmore Careful Post author

    Hey Charlotte After A long Day At Work I love Watching Your Videos.
    P.S Are You A Sweet potato?

  10. Duke Nastee Post author

    Yooo that's fuckin Comedy πŸ˜‚ πŸ’€ πŸ˜‚πŸ’€ πŸ˜‚
    Homie HAD to be on SOMETHING

  11. Duke Nastee Post author

    Nah ion lift. But I do alotta manual labor so I'm built pretty good and CAN lift alot if I chose to. But work itself is a pretty intense workout on it's own. Hit em wit the FLEX! πŸ’ͺ

  12. JiminYoong-Hope Post author

    Charlotte you’re dressed like you’re going on a date! I hope this lucky man is a potato!

  13. Timmy Stitch Post author

    Don’t if should be ashamed. This happen in my state or pumped Charlotte sayed my home state

  14. David Robinson Post author

    Been a gym rat for over 25 years and I've seen some crazy stuff, but I'll do a couple lighter ones.

    – Watching a guy poop on himself trying to lift too much. He shyly looked around, made himself as small as possible, and strolled right out the gym.

    -This really skinny guy comes in with jeans on and immediately starts loading the leg press with as many plates (what 45s are called) as the machine could hold.

    While he's doing this, the everyone in the gym is just watching him out the sides of our eyes, while continuing to lift. He ended up with about 18 plates (nine on each side) for a total of about 900lbs, plus the standard weight of the machine while empty, which is probably about 10-15lbs.

    He sits down, locks his legs out, lifts the pin to free the weight, pauses for like 30 seconds, then bend his legs….

    I swear his knees were past each of his shoulders. We all ran over and pulled it up and locked it, because he wasn't going anywhere.

    He then proceeded to casually walk out, just like he strolled in, all without removing a single plate. Never saw him again..πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  15. Your Favorite Otaku Post author

    There’s so much good information on this channel. This is why I’m a potato and will always be a potato πŸ₯”

  16. HeavensGacha Videos Post author

    "Birthday suit" LMAO Charlotte you just made my birthday lit. XD Thanks. Lysm <3

  17. CrazySarah 98 Post author

    Well I mean, the dude had a point. Maybe plant fitness should change there slogan to "Judgement Free, Nudity Free"

  18. Abdul Balabala Post author

    i would love to be their i have no idea why every one was unconfortable ill be down for its if u know what i meanπŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚πŸ˜

  19. CheeseWithToastOn Post author

    I hate it when people are too vocal when lifting weights. I understand it's good to push yourself but when you're yelling in what seems to be pain with every push, maybe you're doing it wrong. I just want to work on my breathing doing cardio


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