Liev Schreiber Exposes the Biggest Error on Ray Donovan

Liev Schreiber Exposes the Biggest Error on Ray Donovan

-Ray Donovan
is a fixer of sorts on the show. Did you talk to people
who had those — that type of profession
before you started doing this? -No, I talked to lawyers. I talked to — ´Cause lawyers are actually
the Ray Donovans of — Well, not entirely. But lawyers,
I talked to security guys, bodyguards, private detectives. It´s just that Ray sort of does
a little bit of everything. And there have been guys, particularly in the Golden Age
of movies, who did it all. -Yeah. -But none of those guys
are around anymore. But I think it —
You know, I really think it was a brilliant move
by Ann to kind of predict that our culture
would become so spin-obsessed. -Sure. -That a character
like Ray Donovan would — would really
be a compelling character. -No, it feels
like everyone these days — You would not be surprised
to know if anyone in politics had a fixer.
-That´s right. -You would say, “Of course. It would be silly
not to have a fixer. -It´s sort of de rigueur now.
-Yeah, exactly. -When you talk to those guys, people that were
in the bodyguard business, the security business,
are they excited to talk to an actor
who´s about play that type? -I think people
are always generally excited to talk to an actor who´s about
to play them, I think. -I guess they have a chance,
too, to try to, like, politic and make sure
you do it in a way that makes them seem cooler. -I think Marty Baron was
probably the exception to that. -Oh, right.
Sure, of course. -I took a train down
to meet Marty Baron, who I am a huge fan of
as an editor. -Right. A great admirer of his. And I don´t think there could´ve
been two more nervous guys in a room than me
and Marty Baron talking to — He´s not someone
who I think really is interested in his own story. -Well, yeah, I would imagine
because he´s so much on the side of the news
that presents it. -Right.
-Like, I — It strikes me as he´s someone who believes
the more invisible he is the better the news story. -The better he is
at doing his job, yeah. -He must´ve been psyched,
though, that Liev Schreiber was playing him, right?
-I don´t know. -Yeah.
-If I´m Marty Baron and I see Ray Donovan walk in,
I´m a little worried. -Yeah, I think so, too, yeah. No, Ray Donovan
comes from Boston. -He does.
-He´s from Southie. So you have to, as an actor — One of the great hurdles of any
actor is the Boston accent. -Yeah.
-How do you feel? Do you feel good about it? -I feel like we did okay. I fee like I´m pretty good
at it — -That´s the best grade you´ll ever get
from a person from Boston. -What´s that?
-“Okay.” Yeah, no one from Boston
is like, “You did it, bro. We´re so proud of you.”
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. “It´s all right.” -“We´re so proud a kid
from New York got it right.” [ Laughter ]
-“No, you did good.” I went to school
in Massachusetts, and I used to hang out
with a guy who was a crazy Pats fan
from Southie. And I kind of — I´m kind of
ripping him off a little bit. But we did make
one huge mistake… -Okay. -…that any Southie
probably knows, if there are any Southies
in the house tonight. We called the character
Ray Donovan. -Yeah,
that´s what I would´ve done. -It´s “Dunovan.”
-“Dunovan.” Interesting. -If you´re a Southie or Irish,
it´s “Dunovan,” and, uh… So we´ve been screwing it up
for six years, but, uh… -But I´m sure people — -We´ve got another season
of “Ray Donovan” coming. [ Laughter ]
-Well, you should — There should be a moment where,
like, you get a — You know, maybe you do
one of those shows, like Ray Donovan —
Here´s just a pitch. -You do, like, one of those
“finding your roots” shows. You know, like, the character.
-Oh, it goes back? -He goes back
and finds hit root. And then the character
finds out, they say, “Actually, it´s Dunovan,”
and then you just change it. -That´s brilliant.
-Yeah. -That´s brilliant.
-Yeah. -That´s brilliant.
-I´m gonna tell David. -Yeah, okay, perfect.
Thanks so much for being here.

65 comments on “Liev Schreiber Exposes the Biggest Error on Ray Donovan

  1. Titus P Post author

    Don’t know if liev knows it or not .. but his portrayal of ray is his best work! Really good stuff at times

  2. dklyde Post author

    I love Ray Donovan but the story leaves too many incomplete threads. What happened to Daryll's mother. Why did Drexler disappear. And Cochran. Ray ruined him you think he's going to give up on revenge?

  3. PhotoKaz Post author

    People from Southie are NOT called "Southies"  and yes, I always thought the pronunciation was strange of Donovan…thought maybe you were saying it the Gaelic way but, hey, I may be from Southie, but I am not Irish.

  4. saima iram Post author

    I have recently watched all the 5 seasons and i am in love with them i mean the family problem.and its true it never comes to an end for who cares

  5. Jacob Graham Post author

    Just finished season 5 tonight. Liev did such a good job. I literally hated ray by the end of it. I wanted him to jump and hit the side walk. That’s good acting. Ray was just a dick in the last season

  6. chevyjr1975 Post author

    I would love to see him reprise the role of John Clarke and do a whole movie on Clark's story!!

  7. Тимур Валиев Post author

    отличный актёр .лучший сериал .амерекосы умеют снимать фильмы

  8. SUperD 007 Post author

    He should’ve spoken to Max Baer, Jethro of The Beverly Hillbillies fame. I’ve seen interviews where Max was on and around the Hollywood Mafia scene in the 50’s and 60’s.

  9. Cyndy Truett Post author

    watching this interview was like watching the Nerd interview the popular good looking kid the nerd wishing it was him lol

  10. LUGAIDH WELSH Post author

    Lieve Is a great and charismatic actor.
    Ray Donovan, is a good history, not perfect. But some of the best in this days. And he is right.
    I am Welsh by born, and Irish by blood.

  11. tomcat1020 Post author

    If he is from Southie and moved to L.A. they would call him Dawn- ovin in LA and back in MA it would be Dunn- iven.

  12. The Scibsters Post author

    That’s wicked pissah! I’ve always read it Ray Donovan and pronounced it Ray Dunavan. Didn’t even notice. That’s when it’s an inherent accent. Not learned.

  13. TheMatFratRealityTV Post author

    The only reason I would ever watch anything with Meyers is because of a great guest like Schreiber. Meyers is a looney leftie with no real talent.

  14. Barbara Kessler Post author

    Being born and raised In Boston I kept pronouncing Ray Donavan like “Dunavan” and my kids always corrected me..after just watching this tube interview where Leiv Schrieber told about the Big Error of mispronunciations I feel So vindicated..yea, so there kids, mama is Right🤣

  15. Sassy Susan Post author

    I’ve been watching Ray Donovan and omg Love this actor so so so good . When I heard his real name I laughed lol Love him

  16. Greg Lawrence Post author

    Ok I’m from Boston and these are some of the worst Boston accents I’ve ever heard. I love the show but some of the the actors and actresses aren’t even close. Especially the women who plays Abby. We don’t sound like that. Liev isn’t to bad but don’t flatter yourself buddy. The Boston accent is the hardest accent to accomplish if you are not from Boston.

  17. Dem Demetrius Post author

    God, he's so hot. I couldn't watch the whole series because of the "marriage melodrama". I would start season 3 only if Ray Donovan' s wife dies or something.

  18. Lou Ann Buschlen Post author

    He isn't saying sure correctly in the Boston dialect but I still love the show! I thought it was worth saying since he says sure about 20 times per episode. Viewer from Boston. Most locals around Boston sound the same.

  19. StuntGirl1985 Post author

    Seth is the greatest interviewer! i watched a few interviews with Liev and Seth is the best.

  20. you know i am right Post author

    Ray Is a very very close second to breaking bad 🤔
    Just my opinion.
    Believe me, I love it, it's a compliment 😀
    I'm proper Irish by the way.

  21. Linda Puertes Deals Post author

    He is soooo good. So believable. Every reaction he has in every scene is soo well done and believable! We just need more of Sandy Martin though:)


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