Lesley Hoffman | 2015 National Success Story Winner

remember being overweight. KATHY HOFFMAN: She
didn’t do an awful lot. I mean, she would go to
school and she’d come home, and that was basically
I would come home and, you know, I would do my
homework and then make a snack, and then you’d have
dinner, and then there’d be an after-dinner
snack, and– garbage. It was really just ice cream,
potato chips, stuff like that. Candy, if I could find it. NARRATOR: By her senior
year in high school, Lesley Hoffman weighed
nearly 200 pounds, and she was depressed. LESLEY HOFFMAN: Not good. My self-esteem was not good. ALEX HOFFMAN: She didn’t
have much– or many friends. NARRATOR: Years later,
at her heaviest, Lesley weighed 380 pounds. When her brother
and sister-in-law decided to have a baby,
Lesley desperately wanted to be healthy
enough to play with her soon-to-arrive niece. So she joined Anytime
Fitness in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and transformed herself. [MUSIC PLAYING] How did she do it? MORGAN WOLF: And good work. NARRATOR: Well, taking that
first step was not easy. LESLEY HOFFMAN: That may
have been the hardest thing I did was really
to walk in the door, because nobody wants to do that. Nobody. I didn’t know how
to use a treadmill or anything like that. Nothing. MORGAN WOLF: She looked
really intimidated. I offered her, I believe,
five or six free sessions to come in and work with me
just to get used to the club. One more to go. NARRATOR: Personal
trainer Morgan Wolf says accountability
is key to success. LESLEY HOFFMAN: Oh,
that’s interesting. How many of these? MORGAN WOLF: I told her that, if
she wanted to see the change– So keep your booty on the bench. –she had to make what
we do in the gym reflect her outside life. I go, just because you’re
working hard in the gym doesn’t mean you can go home
and throw it away with a meal. LESLEY HOFFMAN:
In the beginning, I felt I was more
accountable to her, and she would– I don’t want
to say she would take me to task for IT, but I do. I felt I was more accountable
to her than I was to me. I wouldn’t have taken
responsibility for myself at that point. MORGAN WOLF: We’ve really worked
hard on nutrition with her, and we started by getting
her on anytimehealth.com. Two more. KARMEN NENAHLO: Our goal is
to get 80% of new members to meet with a trainer. We just found that their success
rate is through the roof, you know, compared to someone
that tries it on their own. 15 burpees. Ready? NARRATOR: Training with
Morgan two days a week, working out on her own,
and eating smarter, Lesley quickly began
to experience what she calls little victories. LESLEY HOFFMAN: For
me in the beginning, it had to be about
the small stuff. NARRATOR: Like
the first time she was able to do a real push-up. LESLEY HOFFMAN: And
I cried that night. Like, I can’t even tell you. MORGAN WOLF: Four more. One. Two. LESLEY HOFFMAN:
It was ridiculous. And like after I, like, ran
a mile straight, I cried. MORGAN WOLF: Stop
laughing at me. LESLEY HOFFMAN: I can’t help it. NARRATOR: In just
eight months, Lesley lost more than 100 pounds. LESLEY HOFFMAN: It’s
a different world. Like, the first time I
realized I could buy something off the rack in a store. NARRATOR: To keep
herself motivated, Lesley writes little
messages everywhere. LESLEY HOFFMAN: It really
is all in your head. I will have a good
day today because I decide to have a good day. KARMEN NENAHLO: She’s almost
caused this viral thing where, you know, you go into
the women’s restroom, and there’s all these
positive notes there. People will grab one
and they’ll ask if they can post one to replace it. MORGAN WOLF: I had never
worked with anybody like Lesley before. LESLEY HOFFMAN: Just over three
years, and I’ve lost about half my body weight. So just– it’s like
190 pounds, 200 pounds. My best days start here. MORGAN WOLF: All done. LESLEY HOFFMAN: Yay. NARRATOR: Her best days
may start at the gym– MORGAN WOLF: [INAUDIBLE]. Good job. LESLEY HOFFMAN: Yes. NARRATOR: But
frequently, they end with the little girl
who motivated Lesley to begin her amazing journey. LESLEY HOFFMAN: She makes
me laugh constantly. She’s just my favorite
person on the planet. KATHY HOFFMAN: She’s
a great, great girl. MAN: Great person. KATHY HOFFMAN:
Wonderful young woman. And we just love her very much. We couldn’t be
more proud of her. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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