Learn How To Upgrade Your Energy Self With Jeffrey Allen

Learn How To Upgrade Your Energy Self With Jeffrey Allen

I first started working with energy over
20 years ago when I was an engineer, and I developed a practice not just in
understanding energy but also in applying it in the real world. And this is really
fun because for the last 10 years, I’ve been teaching courses in intuition
and energy work and watching people not just learn about this new concept about
energy but also learn how to apply it to improve their relationships, their
business, their health, all different areas of your life. And this is why I love
teaching energy work because you’re seeing the big benefits that people have. So one
of the big problems with education is that, as we’re growing up, we learn all
about the physical world. We learn about the things you can see and
you can touch because this is really obvious. It’s easy for us to relate to the
physical world. But there’s a whole second side of the world, this energy. And if
you’re not tuned into the energy world, you’re only using about half of your human
abilities. Now, what will change when you start to use energy work is you notice
that things start to move very fast, because even though we’re used to working
the physical world, that actually comes second. Energy always happens first and
then the physical world happens second. Now, you can think of an obvious example.
If you have an idea or something you want to create, that’s where it starts. It
starts as an idea. It starts in the energy and then eventually manifests in the
physical world. So you’ll find that if you learn to work in the energy first, then
there’ll be much faster, much stronger results that you get when
you do take action in the physical world. Another big place that you can use energy
work is in your relationships. And you may not know it, but when you’re
connecting with people whether they’re your friends, your co-workers, or your
family, there’s a lot of energy that’s at play. And as you learn to tap into that
energy and start to manage it consciously, you’ll notice that a lot of the
difficulties that you’ve had start to go away. And this is really fun because one
of the most powerful feelings that I get from energy work is when there is a little
hot bun that I had or a little difficulty that I had with a particular person and
the same behavior, the same situation comes up, and I don’t react the same way.
It’s like, “Wow, I’ve changed.” And that’s the power of energy work in relationships.
Another big one that people hit is, if you’ve got low energy or if you feel
like you’re being sort of assaulted by the world because there’s too much noise
around you or you’re too sensitive, that’s something you can actually learn to
change. You can learn to manage your boundaries very easily with different
energy tools so that you feel more yourself, you feel more clear in your
mind, and you don’t have that sense that you’re too sensitive where you need to
hide or kind of get away or protect yourself from the world. Another big
benefit that we see with energy work is maybe really obvious. Probably the first
one I should mention which is your connection with your spirit, your
connection with yourself. As you start to work with energy, you’re getting to know
that part of you that’s bigger than just your body. And there’s so much more to you
than your physical body. And as you tap into that, it feels so good
because you start to love yourself more, you start to appreciate yourself more. The
little things that you kind of judged about yourself start to go away, because
you see this bigger picture, this brighter you, and you’re able to
bring it through for your own enjoyment but also in your relationships. Another
big benefit of energy work is health in your body. So if you’ve been feeling a
little bit low energy in your body or you’ve got a specific illness or something
that you’re working on, there’s always a place in your energy
where you can add some…a little bit of healing energy or maybe you can take out a
little bit of difficulty or block that you have. Anything that’s manifesting in the
body, remember I said everything happens in energy first and then it happens in the
physical world. So if you’re having some symptom in your body or something that you
don’t like, addressing your physical symptoms is really important. You
definitely want to do that. But if you start addressing the energy cause, the
thing that actually happened first, you’ll notice that oftentimes the disease
will go away much, much faster. So you want to use those in combination,
your energy work and the physical work together. And finally the most powerful of
all is using energy to manifest things in the world. I mentioned a little bit that
everything starts in energy and then it manifests down into the physical form. And
if you know the details of how that works, how it actually moves through your body
energetically, you’ll learn where is this specific place that you have a block or
where you have a little weakness and learn how to tune that up. And this makes a
huge difference when you’re trying to create things, because most people are
getting stuck in the same place over and over. And it’s that little place in their
energy where they’ve got a little pain or they’ve got some kind of maybe a little
past history or something where they’re not able to move completely through that
energy. And when you learn that pathway that energy flow as it’s manifesting, you
learn how to go around that and how to manifest things much more quickly and
much more easily in your world. Duality is a comprehensive eight-week
course that brings all these different trainings together into one easy flow for
you. And the way I break this down is the same way that I’ve watched students grow
over the years. I mentioned I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and I noticed
that students grow in a particular way so I’ve organized this course to take them
in that natural journey that people go on when they’re moving from
kind of the beginning of energy awareness
all the way through to energy mastery. You’ll notice a change in
yourself the way that you feel about yourself, the way that you love yourself,
the way you tune into the world around you. And you’ll notice a big difference in
how you’re relating to other people. And this is one of the really fun things
that I get feedback a lot from people who take the course. They say other people
notice the change in them. So not only do you feel different, but
you’ve changed enough that the people around you start to notice something
happened, something changed. “I don’t know what it is but you seem
brighter, you seem lighter, you seem happier.” And when you start
getting that feedback, you know that you’re really going down a beautiful path
for you. Let me tell you briefly about the eight weeks in training. The first week,
we’re going to go through personal presence, getting you really grounded and
present in your body so that you can fully experience not just your physical self but
you can start to listen to energy more clearly. The second week, we’re going to
work on your mental clarity. So you may think that you’re not
sensitive, but probably you just have a lot of noise going on in your mind. So
we’re going to work on turning down that mental chatter, how to get really quiet so
that you can tune in and listen to energy very easily for you. The third week,
you’ll be learning how to heal your body and energize your physical body.
And this is really fun because we’re going to learn the main energy
channels that you use to fill yourself up with energy so you can feel
more powerful and more vibrant in your life. The fourth week,
you’ll be learning about empathy and personal boundaries.
And this one is really fun because this is where a lot of people
are sensitive to energy and feel a little overwhelmed in their world, they
feel like their energy’s getting drained. And I’ll teach you how to have crystal
clear boundaries that’s really easy for you to maintain your energy. Week 5,
you’re going to learn a different way to look at your chakras. Instead of looking
at what they look like color-wise, what their history is, I’m going to teach
you how to actually use your chakras to communicate with people and to improve
your relationships but also how to use your chakras to manifest things in your
life. The sixth week, we’re going to look at your belief systems. And this week is
so powerful because I’m going to show you what do beliefs actually look like
energetically. And when you know this, you’ll be able to find your own beliefs
more easily and change them. And this is powerful because when you can
change your beliefs, you can see the world in a whole new way.
I’ll also give you little tips for learning how to change the first
impression and your reputation so this week is really powerful. Week 7, we’re
going to talk about intuition so we’re going to teach you how to tune into energy
more clearly. So if you’ve got a decision to make, you’ve got something you’re
wondering about, you’ll learn how to tune in and get those answers for you. And
finally Week 8, we wrap this up with connecting to your higher self and your
higher guidance. And I really love this week because it’s a powerful way to leave
you with that really strong connection. You really feel yourself in a whole new
way. I’d like to invite you to enroll in Duality now. And how do you know that this
program is for you? Well, if you’re operating at your highest
level energetically, you’ll be manifesting the things you want
very easily, your relationships will be going smoothly, you’ll be feeling healthy
in your body, and you’ll be feeling like you can flow very easily in the world
around you. There’s also this inner peace that comes through when you’re really
operating in this world of Duality. Keep in mind that Duality is one of the
top three highest-rated programs in the Mindvalley Academy when it was released.
And it’s backed by Mindvalley’s award-winning customer support and a
30-day moneyback guarantee so you can try this program out for a full 30 days. You
can listen to those first four weeks of the program, and you’ll know if this is
adding benefit for you. If it’s not, you can get a full refund
with no questions asked. So enroll today and I look forward to
seeing you as one of our thousands of graduates in Duality.

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