Hi guys welcome to this new video. As promised I bring you to see the secrets of my winter physical training and not only with us over there, there is Stefano who will tell us all about how the exercises are carried out correctly to be fit onboard and ready for the start of the season Hi guys! Here on the board we wrote a typical week of winter training that Luca does habitually let’s start from Monday. Monday is a day spent at the gym, and we start always, when in the gym, from stretching about 15/20 minutes depending on his condition the duration changes every time according to Luca’s conditions Once the stretching is over, which aims at improving his elasticity which is almost impossible. I don’t have much we do some warm up to activate the body, and we try to increase his heartbeat to get him ready for the real final training then we move on to the central phase of the training, which is a WOD mad up of — Let’s say what a WOD is ’cause maybe not everyone knows. Workout of Day good thinking Luca I never thought I’d ever say “good thinking Luca” in this case we took a WOD that Luca did last week and it’s 3 rounds of 500m of rowing machine. 20 pull ups 20 push ups 20 burpees and lastly 20 squat, and 20 lunges I threw up. Just to let you understand — there was also the challenge with Albert Naska. Of course there’s always gotta be a challenge going on, otherwise where’s the fun? Alberto is his worst enemy in everything so also in this WOD he is gaining seconds on him for now we’re at 2.10 at Mugello for now I still have nothing to worry about, but — he’s getting closer. I think in about 10-15 years we’re getting there Anyway, once this WOD is over, which is pretty terrible we go back to doing some stretching to cool down before allowing him to go take a shower. This is Monday On Tuesday Luca usually does some running, this is a pretty long run, for us. Consistent with his races it’s a pretty long run. From 6 to 8 km. at a pretty mild rhythm, it’s mostly needed for continuation. We should also say that we study the training based on my needs and especially based on how long my races are of the championships I’ll be doing, so all these exercises last about 20-30 minutes because my races, especially the Italian ones, last max 17-18 minutes if I were to train for a Suzuka the training would be completely different and with Luca is not easy ’cause the plans change everyday so we took a week as example like I said but everything is reviewed accordingly to his conditions, his races, whatever he needs to do. Then — so Tuesday we said running for about 7-8km at average pace. Wednesday is rest day which I’ve personally recommended. Luca prefers to go play soccer can we call it soccer? is that correct? he says he plays soccer “soccer”. I’ve never seen him. Thursday we’re back in the gym, so we evaluate Luca’s conditions, and let’s assume all is good and he’s doing great, we start with stretching, again warm up, here we insert a phase of specific exercises, which we’ll see now ok guys this is one of the exercises that’s specific for riders, which I tell Luca to do see? we try to reproduce as much as possible the bike position, the instability of the balls recreates what happens onboard the bike or even worse, and he has to recreate a lap or even more, a grand prix that he usually does on a bike ok once I see that he’s getting too good at it and that he doesn’t fall off on his own anymore I help him out to fall off, like this. Again, to improve his balance and — I gotta stay here all day long? and work those abs — come on just stay there a sec, I’m talking so to improve the balance and work the abs, until he makes it he needs to keep his balance on the ball and he must throw back at me the balls I throw him this is really complicated you can use small balls, or with small balls of different weight, without falling off thanks! and every time I throw them at him in a more complicated way so that I force him to move it might not look like it, but it’s not that kind of ball that’s a bit — this one’s soft, and it never gives you stability. So it’s very hard go arms straight. ok like this we work on the shoulder strength and at the same time the isometry of the legs he’s holding a 12kg weight, so it’s more than what he’ll have on the bike and it’s done on purpose. As you can see from his face he’s slightly in pain I don’t think — oh sorry I should not have leaned ok so guys Luca is very good at this. Concentration. So I call out a color and he needs to go right towards that color this exercise can be made harder in tons of ways I can indicate it with the arms, I can call out the color and he has to go the opposite way this is the easy version, I call out a color and he exits from that color. Purple! green! red! red! I did it right! ok guys once the rider specific exercises are over we go back to working on the body, so we have a WOD which is an AMRPA (“as many reps as possible” so everything you can do in 16 minutes of a 500-meter-long run, 15 box jump 10 American swing and 10 toes to ring and this was Thursday we finish always with some stretching to cool down which he needs although sometimes he skips one because he’s on the ground crying, or he’s throwing up. My boobs hurt since yesterday! ouch, fuck! sorry! So… Friday! Why is the inner boob hurting? right here. It’s the push ups you did the other day, between the ribs and the pecs so you got them. Albe never complains. he doesn’t have boobs he’s skinny. So, Friday. We have once again an aerobics phase, harder than what we did on tuesday, then a shorter run in terms of time, but harder in terms of intensity we often do Fartlek which is basically a race where the pace changes with established paces and speeds I follow him with the bike, ’cause now he’s too fast for me, so I gotta follow him on the bicycle and we’ll do like 30 seconds really fast, then 30 seconds slow, 1 minute fast, 1 minute slow this varies according to the time of the year and based on his physical characteristics and how much he sucks in that moment or we do the typical repeats on Saturday — it’s a day we keep to ourselves — where we do a sport together like soccer, or squash, lately and I gotta say there’s no game he wins once in a while you probably saw some footage in past weekly vlogs where you see also Albert trying out and he’s improving there as well he’s not improving much, but he did win one game, we gotta say that Sunday! I suggest he rest, sometimes he tells me he plays soccer, with old people I suppose ’cause he’s never tired the next day so I don’t understand how that’s possible. Ok guys this is what happens in the winter, with Luca always keeping in mind his tests, and all his appointments Ok. Race period. What changes in training from the winter to the races? Everything. Why? Because, Pirelli test races, appointments, and training regularly becomes harder, compared to the winter so we gotta organize and try to keep the shape it’s not a matter of improving, but staying in shape the shape I reached during the winter throughout the whole race period how do we do that? it’s hard. with Luca is very hard. meaning that scheduling training on the long run is very hard. Because he changes plans every week so we gotta improvise and try to stay in shape which he worked on during the winter during races, on Monday the first thing I do is evaluate how he’s doing, because he’s back from a race so you never know what happened during the race and of course this is an example week because sometimes I might have something to do in the middle of the week, sometimes at the end of the week ’cause we have the race, so this is an example of a race week. Yeah. So first thing evaluate the rider’s conditions. And with the Salvadori’s demolition office – I gotta say he’s improving – he falls less and less He makes my job easier Ok so — so after the evaluation, let’s assume the kid is not doing so well, maybe he’s tired we start with a soft training, so cool down, stretching, a slow run to cool down the muscle, while if he’s doing great, the race went well, and he’s really happy we go to the gym to do some rider specific exercises then a WOD what changes compared to the winter ones? They are softer and they last a bit less something very important I didn’t say before, is that with Luca using the weight is almost null, he’s got muscles already they are formed, and big so we work often without weights or with weights that for him are insignificant so that his heartbeat increases but without increasing the muscles, which translates into his body weight, which is important for a rider he’s already heavy so a 14 minute long WOD where he does 15 push ups ring push ups then 10 chest to bar 15 sit ups 200 meters of skierg this is Monday. we finish with the usual cool down and stretching Tuesday: run. Here he needs to push a bit so a run not too long but hard. Again fartlek and repeats of course less intense than the ones did during the winter season Wednesday: we see how he’s doing if he has too much workload, he rests otherwise he can do a slow run, so that he can keep the effort done previously or a sport, like his famous soccer game famous famous soccer on Wednesday night while on Thursdays 99% of the time he doesn’t train because he leaves for the race Saturday, Sunday and Friday: race. Ok guys. What I’ve shown you is my “secret” to train in the winter, and not only if you have doubts let me know and leave a comment below don’t forget that what you’ve just seen is an example so don’t copy this full throttle. and do the same exercises. Like Ste said these are just examples. otherwise we’d stay here forever. Don’t forget to subscribe, if you are already activate the bell gas, see you next video. Bye guys! subscribe to the channel


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