Kids Try Yoga | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Kids Try Yoga | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– The first pose is called happy baby. – Hm? – Googoo gaga. (babbling) (classical music) – [Yoga Instructor Voiceover]
Give me your best guess of cat-cow. – Cat cow? – Moo. (shrieks) – What is a cat-cow? Moo. – [Yoga Instructor Voiceover] Easy pose. – Easy pose? (laughs) – Is that it?
– Yeah. (sighs) – Can I come sit next to you? Because you’re so focused. Can you close your eyes with me? (exhales) Okay, let’s do rabbit. Ooh, there you go. – I’m a bunny. – Downward-facing dog. Whatever you think that is. These are so creative. Next is warrior one. – Duh-duh. – Bend your front leg. Yeah, there you go. Give me your best guess of chair pose. Turn to the side so we can see you. – Perfect.
– There you go. Oh, is that your chair? – It’s kind of like a table,
but with a little head up. – Yeah, that’s so close. Keep your knees and reach up. Reach for my hands. Yeah, there you go. – That was it. – [Yoga Instructor Voiceover] Eagle. – Caw. Caw. – Caw, caw. – Okay, now wrap. This leg, other leg. – Can’t hold it. Doing it with the other one. – And squeeze everything together. The more you squeeze, the
more balance you have. – Whoa, you are very practiced. Better than me. This one’s called tree pose. – No, it’s like this. – I’m just going to do that.
– And like this. – Now pick your branches. Okay, let’s do camel pose. – Oh, I can’t do it. Ow. I can’t make a camel hump with my back. – [Yoga Instructor] So try to– – Okay. – [Yoga Instructor] How are you feeling? – Eh. (moans) – Tiring. – [ Yoga Instructor
Voiceover] Ooh, you’re going to love this one. Hero. Yeah. – Yes, I got it. – [Yoga Instructor] You’re
doing superhero pose. Try cobra. Wow, what sound does a cobra make? (hisses) – Is this it? – Want to try it with me one more time? (hisses) (laughter) – [Yoga Instructor Voiceover] Shavasana. That’s pretty close. Are you moving? – No. – Don’t move. (laughs) No laughing, you’re moving. ♫ Rub your hands, sit up tall. ♫ Take a deep breath, ohm. (continuous ohm) (laughter) – Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed what you saw,
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100 comments on “Kids Try Yoga | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. Logical Loving Post author

    Aww I want more of this.. the yoga instructor had such good spirit with the kids. And Austin is such a sweetheart 😍❤️

  2. DIVINITYBAYVEVO Post author

    Satanic evil poses and false religion practices and especially at the end with the ahemm. Is calling out evil from the spiritual world. Why are people so ignorant to finding the truth.

  3. Kelly Swiftie Lyric Videos Post author

    This was great!!!! Try more Yoga moves w the kids next time! I loved watching this! Nameste!! 🙏🏻💙😍

  4. Gaurav Kulkarni Post author

    realty cute video but only "Shavasana" was named correctly… every other same was changed …

  5. Poonam Arora Post author

    Austin looks complete in his long hairs . Such a lovely boy he is . Lots of love from 🇮🇳 for Austin .

  6. Manal Hizouni Post author

    I was kinda confused about children, I don't know exactly how, but kinda scared of them, because they are a huge responsaility, but watching those video, made me realize howmuch they can teach us, and how fun it is to be around them !

  7. Pearl of a Girl Nursery Post author

    Oh my goodness, if she doesn’t teach kids yoga, she needs to! She’s so good with them!

  8. Look to the sky just before you die Post author

    Why do they always use classical music? Concerto for harpsichord, strings, 2 recorders and continuo in D major . J.S Bach

  9. treasureyourself Post author

    Ahhhhhh this kills me . Yoga has very deep meaning behind it . It’s a very spiritual thing to do . It’s not a work out it’s a spiritual thing and this isn’t all gravy to throw kids into. Spiritual things are unsafe to open yourself to. Not liking this at all. But I guess their parents don’t give a crap either way.

  10. Suedetussy Post author

    Good to see Austin shine. I‘ve always loved him for his sweet, friendly, sensitive personality.
    But this video was a highlight.

    The yoga instructor was excellent. Very friendly, good with kids, good idea how to introduce yoga to kids.

  11. Aniket Das Post author

    (im a hindu from india)
    the white people terms given to most of these 'asanas' do not make sense


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