Keto Connect: The top keto YouTube channel in the world

Keto Connect: The top keto YouTube channel in the world

KetoConnect is the largest and the most popular
keto YouTube channel in the world. Today we’re going to meet Matt and Megha
who started it and hear how they inspire people
to live a keto lifestyle. I am Andreas Eenfeldt from and I’m here with Megha Barot
and Matt Gaedke from KetoConnect. -Thank you for being here.
-Thanks for having us. -So much fun to meet you finally.
-Yes, great meeting you too. So I thought we just could started
talking about your story. You’ve built this
quite amazing YouTube channel super popular, 200,000+ subscribers and I don’t know how many people
watch it every day… How many? I don’t really know, but a lot. I think we have over 10 million total views
on our channel. So you started this channel 2 years ago. Two years ago. So how did this all start for you? So the original idea was starting a food blog
so we could give out all our recipes because we cooked all the time, so why not share them for free
and see where it goes. And so then we created
the YouTube channel simultaneously to drive traffic to the food blog, but we found out that a lot of people
also liked watching us, watching what Matt eats, what Megha eats, and how we go about our day to day
on a ketogenic diet. So they both took off separately
and so now we maintain both. Yeah, we expanded the content for sure
on our YouTube channel. Those were originally just like recipes,
basic stuff, but now we do more crazy stuff. We do like challenges, we do N of two,
since there’s two of us, experiments and we really do like a whole range of stuff
as opposed to just recipe cooking related. Let’s get back to that,
I’m just curious how did you get started. Why do you eat keto
and how did you get into this whole thing? It started… I’ve always been
pretty health conscious. I played college basketball and at that time
I was not at all health-conscious. I was, you know, like drinking Coca-Cola, a two liter every single night
after practice. -That’s not keto.
-No. So then I was just going
down the general path of nutrition like I was eating
a vegetarian diet for a while and just trying to tone in
on what really worked for me. And then the real event that led me to keto
was watching that sugar film… -I don’t know if you’ve seen that.
-Sure, it was fun. And not necessarily
that it advocates for keto but it points out how much sugar we eat
on a daily basis in healthy foods, like yogurt, orange juice, things like that,
like whole grain bread. And I really calculated and I was like, “I’m eating 200 g of sugar a day,
this is crazy.” So if I cut out this one chemical
that I’m eating so much of, how different will I feel? So we did that together. We kind of did it as a challenge,
we have just started dating at the time. And we felt great. I had a desk job at the time, I was
a computer engineer, just like typing all day. So you really notice the difference when you are in that kind of profession
where you are focused and the big thing is just the 2 o’clock crash
that was going. That was the worst part of the day because you know, without lunch
you couldn’t get any work done. -So no more crash, huh?
-Yeah. So since then I’ve just basically
been sticking to it, by definitely improving
and like fine-tuning it along the way. -Bio hacking.
-Yeah. I was always like fantasizing myself
as kind of a bio hacker, like Dave Asprey bulletproof guy. So you’ve just started dating
when you both started this. So how was it for you? So we were three months dating
and I was like, “I’ll just jump on board. I love carbs, but I will impress him…”
So I started doing it. The first thing I noticed aside from the focus
was the change in my menstrual cycle. It got a lot better, no cramping,
no bloating, no like cravings, you know the, “I need to eat everything”,
and then the guilt of eating everything. So all this went away in the first month
of doing the keto diet. So that for me was enough to stick to it. I felt just more balanced hormonally. That’s great. So KetoConnect,
I heard there was a story behind this name. How did you come up with it? Okay, funny story. We’ve never really told this story much,
but I came up with that I think. Yes. -You approved of it.
-Yes. But in the context of like if you’re going
to sell drugs… but don’t sell drugs… But if you’re going to sell drugs
you need to have a connect, like the person who gives you
the drugs to sell. -A connection.
-A connection, a connect. So we’re the keto connect. Like you’re having trouble with your diet,
you come to us, you get the recipes. -We’re the connect.
-We hook you up. That’s going to be the official story? -I think so.
-Now that it’s out there. But it has a dual meaning to– So you cannot come up with another story
because now it’s out there. Yeah, that’s true. But also we just connect,
we’re a good community, so it’s that too. Yeah, the keto community is incredible. So now you put out a lot
of long YouTube videos now where you tried to…
I guess people can just to get to know you. Yeah, we do like “a day in the life”,
“hanging out with us”, “day of eating”. We show you behind the scenes of running
a YouTube channel, running a food blog and then what we eat, our workouts. So we want to show everything
that goes into our day-to-day so people can see
that it’s not just the eating, but it’s all the habits that’s around that. You can’t just eat well
and then not go to the gym or not walk, not to be active
and expect to have a good lifestyle. So we just showcase everything. Yes, so much of the content out there
is like telling you how to do things, like “You should do this because of this”, and very little of it
is like the practical application, which is what we do
and we document on our channel and I think that is just something
that really helps a lot. And then being relatable,
making it approachable. Because a lot of people look at the keto diet
as very restrictive, but it’s not. There’s so many things you can eat
and enjoy and make. And we want to bring that to people. So what is the hardest thing
you think with a keto diet and how can it be made more practical
and simple? It’s such a drastic departure
from the standard diet we eat nowadays, you know, as modern Americans… You’re breaking an addiction. Yeah. -Addiction to…?
-To sugar, to carbs. To eating conveniently,
eating tons of fast food. That’s a big one, the convenience. Because keto foods generally
aren’t as convenient, they’re not shelf stable, you can’t
just grab them and go to the movie. So that’s one big hurdle,
the social aspect of it is a big one too. We’re all about like pizza parties at work,
things like that. And that’s kind of just the toughest. It’s an extreme diet in essence,
you have to be more extreme about it. You have to take it seriously
and that’s intimidating to a lot of people. And I think one of the biggest attributes
we have is like making it more approachable. What are the most common questions
you get when you try to help? We get a lot of questions
that are pretty common. Like, “I’ve been doing keto for a few weeks.
How do I break through a stall?” A stall after two weeks! And that’s very common, because you know you lose a ton
of water weight the first week or two. -And you expect it to keep going.
-Yeah, exactly… So that’s one. Fasting is a big topic. Everybody is obsessed with,
“Does bulletproof coffee break my fast? Does black coffee break my fast?” Just like all of those intricacies which… we generally just say like,
“Why are you fasting? “What benefits are you trying
to obtain from fasting? And then we can maybe
better answer your question.” What else do we get? A lot of the questions are,
“Can I eat this?”… just so specific. And our response is, “If you want.” I mean you should make a decision
for yourself. And they expect, the youtubers,
to tell them exactly what to do. And it’s hard to work around that, because you want people to make the decisions
for themselves and better their lives, but I mean they just look to us
as telling them exactly what to do. People want to be given fish rather than
learning how to fish for themselves, it’s kind of what we’re learning. But yeah, a lot of it is just wanting
specific details on certain things. And then cholesterol is huge. Cholesterol, which we’ve just learned a lot. We saw the speech by Dave Feldman
which was great so we have a little bit more information
on that and now we can share. But yeah, those are the big ones. Yeah, we’re learning every day too. What is a day in the life
of YouTube stars like you? I mean maybe you’re not
the biggest stars on YouTube yet, but you’ve only just started two years ago
and you are pretty big already. So how do you do it?
How do you build this fame? So to build anything… consistency.
So make laws… So our laws at the start were three videos
and three recipes every single week, no matter what. If there is like a medical emergency,
we don’t care, we’re going to do it. That’s how we approached it. But let’s talk about a day we would wake up
and vlog of the day. So that’s like camera in our faces
all times of day. Yeah, basically wake up… Usually we like to do a glucose ketone test
at some point throughout the day. People like to see
where we are at with that. Where are you usually? Lately we’re doing something
pretty strict right now where we’re really reducing the carb
and doing a higher percentage of fat. So we’ve been like 3.5 ketones and pretty low glucose
like high 50s, low 60s most of the time. -Do you think you need to be that high?
-No. So I can tell you a little secret. I was at a dinner with a lot of famous keto
or low-carb people and someone brought out a keto meter
to test it and it ended up everybody had
between 0.5 and 1. So nobody was really high, including me. Is that okay, do you think? I think is okay,
I mean everything is okay. It’s mainly about how you feel
and what goals you’re going after. I will say me personally, if my ketones are a little bit higher
I definitely feel a little bit better, like more just stable and just energetic,
but you don’t need to be higher on that. Actually listening to some of the speeches
at this conference, the general rule that everyone will say
on the Internet is like 0.5 or above and you are in ketosis. But a lot of people are saying
like 0.2, 0.3 at this conference. We don’t really know yet,
we’re still kind of learning all about that. Sorry, I got you a little bit sidetracks. Because we talked about a day in your life and you wake up and you test your glucose
and ketones and show it and then what? Then we do this thing every morning where we do nine minutes of Instagram live
at 9 AM, people just ask questions,
interaction every day, and then we go to the gym. Yes, we go to the gym, we always have
a bulletproof coffee though before. We mostly consume fats
until our first meal, which is probably at noon, one,
depending on the day. That’s something we’ve been doing
for the past month or two and we find it really beneficial. Just fat fasting in the morning
until you have the first meal around one. Yeah, it allows us to be more productive. And then basically we are like filming
all of our meals, we’re showing our meals, we’re talking about them,
kind of breaking down the macros, talking about our strategy
in a sense for the day. And trying to get some good shots, we have
to go out of our way to get shots of things, like some B-rolls… You can’t just be boring
sitting in your house all day. So that actually does make us get out
and do some stuff. A day in your life
and you are just sitting on the couch. That would not be great. But we do a lot of grocery shopping,
sometimes we go three, four times a day. And just recipes, like I will do
three or four recipes in a day and then we will do food photography,
because we do everything for that. -So you do everything yourselves?
-Yes. Every single thing that’s ever been done
for KetoConnect has basically been done by us two, yeah,
building the website and all that stuff. No two days are really the same
so some days it’s mainly… We like to categorize our days if we can. So some days we will just test
a lot of recipes and have it all written down and the next day maybe we will film those,
the good ones that the came away with. Some days I’ll just sit at the computer
the entire day editing videos, editing photos, she will write blog posts… We kind of have segregated jobs
where she does blog posts and podcasts and I do like photo– So you have a podcast as well,
not just YouTube and a blog… -So you’re busy.
-We are very busy. Tell me about the podcast. So Keto for Normies
is the podcast we have. And we started it just out of the idea,
because we wanted to get ourselves out. The real goal was, “Let’s do a podcast, It’d be fun to sit around,
drink coffee and talk”, but then we realized that
that’s the best part of KetoConnect, because we’re able to bring on individuals
like yourself or Dr. Sarah Hallberg and interview them. We don’t have that knowledge, so we can bring knowledge to the table
and share that with our listeners and you know, just spread the message,
spread the good word. It’s the only thing we do
where we get outside people in for like added information. Everything else is just us creating
and putting it out, but this is really nice
because we actually learn and we’re having you on
in the future. -I hope so.
-Absolutely. So what’s your most popular thing,
recipes or videos? What really has resonated
with people, sort of? Coming to this conference,
we didn’t know this but every person, at least 90% of the people
that recognized us and walked up to us said the Sweetener video we’ve done. Which is where we tested, I think it was
8 or 10 different low-carb sweeteners. So it was like allulose, erythritol, stevia,
aspartame, sucralose, xylitol. We tested blood glucose and ketones
before and after basically just to kind of see what’s going on. And we had some pretty cool takeaways
from it I would say. The big one was xylitol has
a pretty high impact on your blood glucose and allulose we wanted to know about, because that’s a new one
that’s in a lot of products. It’s pretty safe, it doesn’t really mess
with your glucose much. A lot of people were like, “We threw out
our xylitol after watching your video.” And I was like, “That’s good, right?” You’re learning and you are able to apply it
or you can test for yourself. And I think that’s what
will encourage people to do. Like, “I’m drinking an energy drink
with sucralose or erythritol everyday. I should test that
and see if it impacts my body.” And another cool thing is maltitol,
everyone knows it’s bad. But just how bad it is
it was interesting to learn. It’s the exact same thing
as sugar basically. It had about 80% of the response as sugar. So I’m going to have to watch that video. We’ll try to put a link to it
below this one. It sounds interesting. Then our recipe videos do the best, like our chocolate chip cookies
or our butter chicken. So I think people like that
because it makes it doable. A lot of people can’t cook and so then
they go, “I don’t want to have to do a diet where I have to cook a lot.” That’s another thing I’m realizing,
a lot of people can’t cook. Which we kind of take for granted because
we cook every single day, like nonstop, but like thinking back to college maybe one
or two of my friends cooked actively and like kids, our generation,
we really are not cooking. They’re going out and getting– So how do you eat keto
if you’re not cooking? It’s tough. But in the US there are
some good take-out options you can get. Do you have anything to recommend? Yeah, like Chipotle is probably
the most healthy one I would say. You can get a salad bowl, they put
some meat on there, some guacamole. We go barbecue a lot, we have a good barbecue spot by our house,
it doesn’t have sugar in the rub. And a cool tip you can do
is if you go in the barbecue joint, you can check out the back,
they usually sell the rub, so you can check out the back of it
and see if it has sugar in it. Most of them do, some of them don’t. And then just like bunless burgers. Yeah, so if you’re not able to cook,
don’t focus so much on being perfect and like eating grass fed or organic. Just focus on staying low-carb
and doing the best you can. I think that’s the best advice we give
because people see us and they are like, “Wait, is that grass fed meat?
Do we need that?” And I’m like, “No, you don’t need that.” Do the best you can on the budget you have
and make it work for you. Dr. Westman yesterday
had a cool quote which was like, “Lowering carb intake is the first priority.
Food quality should be the second.” And we couldn’t agree more. So any final words for the viewers… Who should check out your channel?
Who is it for? I think it’s for pretty much anyone. We just basically are doing
all of these experiments on ourselves. So you can go out there
and get the information of like, “This is how it should work but
if you want to see us putting it to the test, maybe more like first-hand information,
come check us out.” Anyone who doesn’t really know
how to cook that well and is looking to start keto, we have a really good four-video series
on how to start a keto diet, which I would say if you’re like super new,
check that out. And then every single day
we do Instagram live and we do YouTube live and Facebook live,
so we’re constantly engaging. So if you shoot us an email
and we don’t respond, definitely check out our “lives”
and we hit every question we can. Fantastic. So it’s KetoConnect on YouTube,
it’s blog… Yes. And you have Keto for Normies,
the podcast, Instagram and Facebook and so on as well.
So a lot of stuff to check out. -Thank you for the interview.
-Thank you for having us. Yes, thanks so much.

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