I’ve Got a New Blender

I’ve Got a New Blender

I got a new blender! So if you’re wondering why I go to new blender when I have my trusty blender over here. Because
this is glass and this is plastic. As we all know plastic can make us fat. If you didn’t know that you should check out my blog: “Hop toxins are making you flat.” Fat?
“How toxins are making you fat.” Something like that anyway. And if you’re
wondering if that’s such a big of a deal why didn’t you do it ages ago. And it’s a
good point, but like many things well like many of us I’m on a budget and I
can’t go out and buy everything I want. And this blender was working so you know you, it’s just like whatever. I was dealing with it, when the time comes and I
had some cash oh okay I’ll upgrade. And that’s what I’m doing.
And in fact this one started like smoking the other day as well. So I was like guess so yeah it’s probably time for an upgrade. I mean always just chipping away at little improvements. Little upgrades, switching things over to the better version. That’s how I roll. And,
you know I think it’s it’s a good way to approach health. You know don’t expect
everything to be perfect overnight. But you know, when something dies or breaks
upgraded and get the healthier vision. So, I’m gonna go make a smoothie!

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  1. J C Post author

    Ive been thru so many blenders. Then I bought the vitamix…never needed a new blender again! Check it out Alex!


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