Is Working Out Twice a Week a Good Starting Point? | Ask A Trainer | LA Fitness

Is Working Out Twice a Week a Good Starting Point?  | Ask A Trainer | LA Fitness

Welcome to another episode of ‘Ask A Trainer’! I’m your host Candice Currie, joined here today with Master Trainer, Stone Thomas. How you doin? Alright, so today’s question comes to us from Mike M., who asks, “Is working out twice a week a good starting point?” If I had that client come in 7 times a week, and I made them do it, but maybe they couldn’t give me that, maybe they weren’t 100% confident that they could come in, is that going to be an efficient program? Probably not. Probably not, right? So, the foundation is essential for starting something that you are comfortable doing. You know you can do it. Once you’ve mastered that, whether it’s once a week, twice a week, once you’re able to do that then you start building off of that foundation. But you don’t want to take a bigger bite than you can chew, right? Right, and honestly, any exercise is better than no exercise at all, right? Exactly. So, at least if you’re getting out there and getting to the gym, that’s better than doing nothing. 100%. I mean, if you’re in here twice a week you’re still doing more than the dude sitting at home on the couch, right? Right. I like that answer. Go ahead and send us your fitness questions to our email [email protected] and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. Loose Goose Post author

    Oh, I can chat about this topic all DAY! 😛 I'd say working out twice a week is good even if you're an intermediate or even advanced athlete. It all depends on HOW you do it… beginners would need more recovery time, obviously. but for more experienced lifters, full body workouts twice a week is basically the same thing as upper body/lower body splits, which are also really great and i personally love. it's upper/lower/rest, and repeat again for the rest of the week..some weeks it'll be 3x a week actually lol. No need to get all "technical" and do bro splits or work out every single day, rest is as important as putting in the work. BUT, when you DO get in the gym, blast away at every muscle group lol and your gains will be amazing.


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