Introducing Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock Tracker

Introducing Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock Tracker

Devices currently on the market can tell
runner’s steps, time, distance and calories burned. However, we think it’s important to also let the
runners know how well they are running. I constantly strive to improve my
performance and results, but very much like everybody else,
at a certain point, I tend to hit a plateau. I’ve always been a sports and technology
fan and i got a lot of value from traditional pedometer type devices in the
market, but at that point none of these products were able to provide the insight
I was looking for in order to step out of
the plateau. What I really need is a wearable device
that goes beyond telling me my speed and distance. I need something
that will tell me how well I am running, that allows me to compare myself today
against my best self. That’s why I like Sensoria. Sensoria is a revolutionary smart sock that, paired with an electronic anklet, can count actual steps, automatically detect and track exercise,
activity type and level, based on pressure signals coming directly from your foot. Sensoria is as comfortable and washable
as your favorite brand of running socks. Simply connect your anklet to the
smart sock and go! Sensoria will track your steps while you perform
your daily tasks and fitness activities with an unmatched level of accuracy. Each step you take, whether you are running,
walking, jumping, or performing other activities, has an identifiable digital footprint that can be
analyzed during and after your workout. For example, Sensoria can tell me when I am in the rhythm,
when my cadence is efficient not just for my body type but also for today’s run.>>Good job, try to speed up on the pace. Sensoria can detect heel strike,
and learn from my usual workout on whether I am doing something different,
that could potentially lead to injuries.>>Try to land on your mid-foot. A Virtual Coach that will push you to improve your performance, and
yet is smart enough to give you a heads up when you are outdoing yourself
or stretching it too thin. We have a fully functional prototype,
and we are now focused on the final phase of software development and the
miniaturization of the device.
The production version of Sensoria fitness will be a much smaller anklet, coming in different colors. You will be able to choose the color you like
and then match it to your shoes
or your favorite outfit. Unique tracking capabilities, actionable feedback, and fun to wear. We are pleased to announce that Flextronics, one of the biggest and most respected
engineering company in the world, will be investing in Heapsylon and supporting our efforts to
bring Sensoria Fitness to the market. Your pledge of support will help us
to complete our efforts on the manufacturing side, and get ready for consumer launch.
A part of your pledge will be donated to the Ironheart Foundation, which supports cardiac patients
and families worldwide by raising awareness through an active lifestyle. Thank you for your support Thanks for your support Thanks for your support Thanks for your support

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  1. Dennis Timko Post author

    Great idea! You need to market this idea to podiatrists and foot orthotic companies and add sensors to the midfoot and arch area too. Could be great for diabetics to identify potential pressure ulcer areas.


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