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Come in. What are you doing? Your husband is sleeping here. So what? Suhana, if he wakes up… I told you… He won’t wake up. Suhana, are you crazy? I’m leaving. Yes, I’m crazy about you. Suhana… Suhana, I’m very scared. Suhana… Please try to understand. If your husband wakes up,
we’ll be in trouble. He won’t do anything
to you but he will kill me. Suhana, try to understand. I said he won’t wake up. I’m married to an old man.
My life is ruined. What rubbish! He is a wealthy man! Forget about his wealth, think about me. All my dreams are shattered. He is a man from the 90’s.
Not of this generation. He has no spark.
He has no sense of romance. You teach him. Me? Nobody can teach him. Stop talking like a stubborn child. Try to understand.
I’ve some desires and some dreams. I thought that he’ll follow me around lovingly calling me ‘Baby’ and ‘Darling.’ But no. He doesn’t even
have any expressions in his face. Maybe, but Amar loves you a lot. Come out of your dreams,
it doesn’t happen in real life. You won’t understand.
I’ll talk to you later. Suhana, why did you cut the call?
Please carry on. Actually… I forgot my wallet. Suhana, I’m sorry. I know we are newly married and I’m not spending much time with you. It’s okay. That’s so sweet of you. But I promise,
once I’m done with this project I’ll take you to Paris for our honeymoon.
Are you happy? Hmm. But we are going
out for dinner, right? Suhana, actually I have
an important meeting today. So, I’ll get late. It’s okay. Shipra! What’s wrong?
Why do you look so troubled? Nothing. I was just thinking
about Amar and Suhana. What’s the matter? Is everything alright? Did they have a fight? No, but Suhana has some dreams. Every new bride wants her
husband to spend time with her. You are right. But what can he do? I agree. But she is young
and wants to enjoy life. Her husband should support her. You are right.
Don’t worry. I’ll talk to Amar tonight. Why should I waste
my youth for that old man? Forget it, Suhana. Wow, Suhana. You look so hot. Suhana dear… Yes, mom? I… I was just… Tell me. Dear, I wanted you to… -Yes?
-Look! It’s beautiful. Please try it on for me. -Sure.
-Here, go change. What’s wrong, dear? I can’t fit it into it, mom. I bought it just before the wedding. I think I’m putting on weight. Don’t worry, dear. I have an idea. What is it, mom? I want you to join a gym. You will be fit and you won’t get bored at home. Since you are suggesting it,
I’ll definitely do it. Excuse me. Do 5 reps.
I’ll be right back. Okay? I’ll be back. I was thinking of joining this gym. Sure, ma’am.
I’ll give you some information. Okay, ma’am? Ma’am? Okay? Okay. That’s fine. I’m okay with the cost. But you will be my trainer. Okay, ma’am. Don’t call me ma’am. I’m Suhana. Okay, ma’am. Oh, sorry. Suhana. Anyways, I’m Sanjeev. Hi, Sanjeev. Can we start today? Ma’am, not today.
You can look around the gym today. We’ll start tomorrow. Okay. Bye. Bye-bye. Bye. Son, you are a newlywed. Suhana has some dreams and expectations. It is more important to fulfill them. Yes, dad. I do realize that. That’s why I came home early today. I can understand what she must be feeling. Yes, son. I know that you
can never hurt anyone’s feelings. Your mom is absolutely right. But from Suhana’s viewpoint,
you are wrong, my boy. Don’t worry. I will talk to her. I’ll reason with her
that once this deal is done once this project is finished we both can go abroad for our honeymoon. Trust me. Yes, my boy. We trust you. We just want you both to be happy. That’s right. Suhana, you are home!
Come here, sit with us. God bless you, my dear! Come. Come here. Sit down. Now tell me,
did you like any of the gyms here? Yes, I liked one and I joined it too. Wow, that’s good. Now get ready for another surprise. Why? Why? You said you want
to go out for dinner, right? And that’s why I came home early. Let’s do one thing.
Let’s go to a movie first, then dinner. But you said no. Now I’m not in the mood. Suhana… Shipra, we’ll leave
the kids alone. Come on. Let’s go. See you later. Suhana, I’m sorry. I promise,
from today, no, from this very minute… Okay, let’s go. Then go get ready. Shall we go? What’s wrong?
Why are you looking at me like that? Is something wrong? Will you be coming in these clothes? Yes. Do they look bad? Are we going to a business meeting? No. Just a minute. Wear these clothes. I got them for you. Suhana… These clothes…
This torn jeans and this t-shirt… No, Suhana, I’m…
I feel comfortable in these clothes. But these clothes are good. I know, I respect your choice, but please I’ll be comfortable in these.
Let’s go. I’m sorry. Let’s go. Come. Suhana! Listen! What happened?
Will you at least tell me? Suhana! What happened, my dear? Dad, please ask him what he did today. What’s the matter, Amar? Dad, I don’t know what’s the matter. We went to a restaurant to have dinner. Suhana got very upset.
She didn’t have dinner. And she’s not telling
me what actually happened. Suhana dear, what’s wrong? Mom, we went out for the first time today. He didn’t even get me a rose. Is this how you take your wife to dinner? Listen, Suhana… -Suhana dear, wait.
-Suha… Now you know. So next time, take those balloons and flowers, okay? Suhana… Suhana… I’m sorry, Suhana. I know that you have
a lot of expectations from me. You’ve many dreams about our married life. And I’m not able to meet
any of your expectations. But give me a chance. Just one chance. I’ll try best to change myself for you. I want to make you happy. And I know I’m not the
kind of husband you desired. I don’t know how much I can change myself. But I promise,
I will change myself for you because I want to see you happy. Because I want us both to be happy. Suhana… Suhana, good night. One more thing. I love you very much. Hello, Sanju! How are you? I’m fine. Did you get my text? Yes, I did. That’s why I called you. Are you at the gym?
I’ll come in some time. I’ll be waiting for you. Okay. Bye. Hi, Sanjeev! -Hi!
-Hi! -Hello!
-Where do we start? We’ll start with… With this. Thank you. Welcome. I have something for you too. For a new beginning. What? -For you.
-Wow! Thank you. Suhana, are you married? This is wrong. Nothing is wrong. I like it. Just do as I say. Come on. Come on. Anybody can be attracted
to the opposite sex. But turning that attraction
into an illicit affair is wrong. Suhana did exactly that. Amar was a good husband. Balwinder and Shipra were good in-laws. But Suhana chose a wrong path. Amar’s family was trying very hard to understand Suhana
and fulfill her desires. But Suhana didn’t give them that chance. It is true that Suhana and Amar
had totally different personalities. But there are many
ways to solve that issue. Heading into an extra-marital
affair was not one of them. Suhana focused on instant gratification. She didn’t think about the consequences. Wow! Should I open it? -How is it?
-Nice watch. Here, let me help you. Your phone is ringing.
Don’t you want to get it? Forget it. Talk to your husband.
Or he will become suspicious. Talk to him. Yes? I’m fine. I came out with my gym friends. Yes, I’m fine.
I’ll come home in some time. He ruined my mood. Relax. I want to spend all my time with you. Suhana, I want to be with you too. But we can’t meet every day. If I’m not seen in the gym,
I’ll lose my job. And I live with my parents. I want to meet you every
day and you have to meet me. I won’t let you go. But how, Suhana? -I have a place in mind.
-Where? My house. We don’t have
to be scared of anyone there. Are you crazy?
Have you lost your mind? Your house? Your husband and your
in-laws will be there. You want me to come there to meet you? Strange. Just do as I say. Got it? Suhana… Look, Suhana is home. Suhana! Suhana!
What’s the matter? Where were you? I’ve been calling you all day. You said you’ll be home in some time.
It’s so late… I told you I’m with my friends. I got a bit late.
Why are you asking so many questions? You want me to sit at
home and wait for you all day. Can’t I go out and live a life? Suhana, I didn’t mean that.
Why are you getting upset? I was just worried about you.
That’s why I called you. Amar, Suhana is right.
Since she already informed you it is not good to question
her again and again. I understand that you
were worried about her but she is home now. Yes, mom.
He keeps asking me again and again. Suhana, he cares about you. He doesn’t doubt you.
He is just worried about you. Freshen up and have food. -Okay, dad.
-Go on, son. -Suhana…
-Yes? How is your fitness training going on? It’s going on good, dad. I’m enjoying it. Once I learn everything
I will teach you all too. Sure. Why not? Here she comes. Dad, no drinks from now on. Please keep that glass away. Everyone will drink milk from today. I’m glad somebody is
finally here to stop him. Yes, dear. Let me sit down first. She is slowly turning
into a fitness freak now. We better stop her gym from tomorrow. I’m feeling very sleepy. I think it’s because of the milk. Hello! Be ready tomorrow. Cheers! My head feels heavy. I can understand. All these aches will
go away with proper diet. You will get used to it after a while. We will eat only healthy food from today. I can’t eat all this. What kind of breakfast is this? All this is happening because of her gym. We better stop her gym from tomorrow. Suhana, you are really good You love us so much. You take such good care of us. No, this is my responsibility. I’m really fortunate
to get a wife like you. Okay, can I eat now? Excuse me. I’ll be back in a minute. Sure, go ahead. Hi! What are you doing? Remember, you should come home tonight. I’ll call you. Bye. Come in. Suhana… What are you doing? Your husband is sleeping here. So what? Why are you scared? Just enjoy. Of course I will be scared. Suhana, if he wakes up… I told you… He won’t wake up. Suhana, are you crazy? I’m leaving. Yes, I’m crazy about you. Suhana… Suhana, I’m very scared. Suhana… Please try to understand. If your husband wakes up,
we’ll be in trouble. He won’t do anything
to you but he will kill me. Suhana, try to understand. I said he won’t wake up. Suhana! Who is this man? What is going on here? Dad, I… Dad, he… Please talk softly. Everyone will wake up. Let them wake up.
How can you deceive my innocent son? We have given you
so much love and freedom. Is this how you repay us?
How can you deceive us so? I will tell Amar about it right now. Catch that old man! Suhana! Suhana, he’s dead! We had no choice. We had to kill him
in order to save ourselves. Suhana, this is murder.
This was not a part of our plan. Do you think I like murdering people? I might have given them
less sleeping powder this time. Suhana, try to understand. If anybody finds out that we killed him our lives will be destroyed. Nothing will happen to us. Trust me. I love you. Suhana, this is not
the right time for all this. No, Suhana. I’m very scared. I’m here with you. Don’t be scared. Suhana! What’s wrong? Wake up. I can hear mom’s screams. Mom! -Amar…
-What happened, mom? Amar! Look what happened to your father! -Dad! Dad!
-Listen… Dad, why aren’t you talking? Dad! Mom, dad is no more. Dad… What? Amar! This is my fault. Last night dad said
that he has chest pain. But I was busy watching TV. Amar, this is my fault. Mom, please come inside. Get some rest. Amar… Come on. Don’t go, Suhana. Sit here. Suhana, you are very good. You take such good care of us. You love us so much. I’m very fortunate
that I got a wife like you. -Hello!
-Hello! Yes. I called up to tell
you that everything is alright. Let’s meet tonight. Are you crazy? How can we meet tonight? Listen to me, let’s not meet tonight. There was a death in that house. And nobody will drink milk tonight. If we are caught tonight,
we can never meet again. Okay, not in the house,
meet me outside the house. No, Suhana. I don’t care. Just do as I say. Got it? Suhana… Suha… Suhana, I love you. I love you too. Love it. You fulfilled all my dreams. You are mine. Please don’t change. I have a surprise for you. What? I booked a car for you. Really? Wow, Suhana! I love you! Who is honking so late at night? Suhana… Suhana… Slow down. Somebody will wake up. Nobody will wake up. Suhana! Where did she go? Get down! Get down! Who are you? Answer me! Who are you? How dare you touch my wife! -Amar!
-Let me go! -Who are you?
-Amar, listen to me. I will call the police
right now and get you arrested! Amar, let him go. -Hey, stop! Stop!
-Amar! What were you trying to say? Tell me. -Amar…
-Is he your boyfriend? Do you love him? Did I love you less? -Did I love you any less?
-Listen to me… You have made me and
my parents a laughing stock. You have hurt their feelings too. Let me speak, Amar.
I know I’ve made a mistake. But I had some dreams and desires which you failed to fulfill
and he fulfilled them. But I was ready to fulfill
your dreams and desires. I promised you that I’ll
try my best to change myself. I said I will do everything
to make you happy. But what did you do? You have insulted my love
and the love of my parents. Scream! Scream loudly!
Call mom and humiliate me. That’s what you want, right? Yes, I will scream.
Now you listen carefully to me. You are my wife. I respect you. I will never humiliate you. Amar, listen to me. Understanding men like
Amar are very rare in this world. He didn’t call his
mother and create a scene or humiliate his wife before her. Because he didn’t want to hurt anyone. But will his sincerity
have a good effect on Suhana? She had already murdered Amar’s father. And, even after her husband
caught her red-handed she didn’t regret her actions. She just pretended as if
she’s ashamed of her behavior. Actually, after one crime,
a person becomes bold. It becomes easier for
him to commit a second crime. Suhana also had turned
into a hardhearted criminal. Having such people
around can be dangerous. What happened to him? Nothing, mom.
He’s still sad about dad’s death. I don’t know what is troubling him, dear. But I know that any problem
can be solved with love. You are his wife.
Just talk to him lovingly. He’ll listen. Okay, mom. Sorry. Forgive me. I made a mistake. It will never happen again.
I regret what I did. I know I don’t deserve
your forgiveness. I’m evil. But still, please forgive me. I hurt you very much. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Please… No. Don’t cry. Please. It is not entirely your fault.
I’m at fault too. Maybe you are right. Suhana, please forgive me. Come, darling. Here? Yes, here. We’ll have lots of fun here. You have lost your mind! I’m leaving! Listen, Sanju darling. I’m here with you. Don’t be scared. Come. What are you looking at? I’m here. Suhana… You? How dare you! Move aside, Suhana! I warned you! I told you to stay away from my wife!
Don’t you get it? You! Suhana! Old man! Now another obstacle is gone! Let’s enjoy. Now nobody can stop us. Amar! Amar! -Suhana!
-Yes, mom. -Suhana!
-Wake up. Wake up. Go hide. Yes, mom. I’m coming. Suhana! I’m coming, mom. Amar! Yes, mom. Breakfast is ready.
Both of you come to eat. We’ll come in a few minutes. Where is Amar? Didn’t he wake up yet? Amar! Amar! Suhana, why is Amar still sleeping?
Is he okay? Son… Amar… Amar… Amar! No! This can’t be true! Amar can’t leave us, mom! What? -Amar…
-How? How is this possible? -Son…
-Amar! Son! I wanted to give you good news today. You are going to be a dad. Why did you have to leave me today… What did you say? Yes, mom. I’m pregnant. Who is the father? Amar. Who else? Don’t lie.
It is your boyfriend’s child, isn’t it? You are attaching your
sin to my son’s name? My boyfriend? What are you talking about? Amar told me everything. Mom, what did I do wrong?
I love Suhana so much, but… but she doesn’t love me at all. She betrayed me, mom. She betrayed me. What are you talking about? Mom, today I caught her
red handed with another man. Now I know why she didn’t
want to be intimate with me. We are husband and wife for namesake only. She hasn’t let me touch her yet. And she blamed me for it. No, son. It is not your fault.
She is mistaken. I will talk to Suhana. Don’t worry, son. No, mom. Promise me that
you’ll forget this right here. She should never feel
that I humiliated her by telling you the truth. Tell me. Tell me what you did to him. He can’t die. He wasn’t sick. Answer me! Otherwise I will… Shut up! Shut up, you old woman! I’m sick and tired
of hearing your blabbering! You want to know who my boyfriend is? Sanju darling! He’s my boyfriend.
He knows how to please a woman. He is not like your good for nothing son. Useless old man! He married a young girl but he didn’t know how to make me happy. So, I killed him.
Oh, not me, we killed him. You… You killed my son… Shut up, old woman! Let me finish. Not just your son,
we killed your husband too. What happened, mom? Are you shocked? My husband and son loved
you wholeheartedly and you… Your husband saw us. He became an obstacle for our love.
So, we killed him. Such a big conspiracy… Why did you do this? I won’t spare you! Why did you do this?
Why? I will call the police right away! -You can call the police if you are alive.
-Let me go! -Don’t let her escape!
-Let me go! Let me go! -Let me go!
-Don’t let her escape! Untie her mouth. Mom, milk is good for health. Drink it. Drink it. Drink it. Hey, stop! Police? Inspector! Mrs. Shipra!
I got your number from the station. I heard everything. But how? This. With this. Suhana killed both her
father in law and husband to fulfill her illicit desires. If Suhana wasn’t happy with her husband whose fault was it?
Was it Suhana’s fault or Amar’s? Or, was it the fault of their parents’ who locked them up in a loveless marriage? No matter whose fault it is crime can never solve a problem. Suhana could’ve opted
for a divorce from her husband. She could’ve started
a new life with Sanjeev. But she was a woman
with a criminal mentality. She chose crime and had
to suffer the consequences. It was a mistake to forgive
a betrayer and let her stay at home. Amar should’ve realized
that and taken some action when he caught Suhana red handed. He made a huge mistake
by giving her a second chance. Remember, criminals don’t
take any relationship seriously. So don’t give the
criminal a second chance. Be careful and alert. This is Girish Jain signing
off in this episode of Crime Alert. I’ll see you again
with another true story. Until then, be alert, be safe. Crime Alert. A warning against crime.

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