In-Shape Fit: Mooney (Visalia) Walking Tour

In-Shape Fit: Mooney (Visalia) Walking Tour

Hi everyone and welcome to In-Shape: Fit, just right down the street from our gym. I just wanted to take some time today and show you everything they have to offer here. Once you walk in you’ll actually come in and check in at the front desk where nice friends like Chelsea will meet you and then they’ll help you get started with your workout. In this area, we do have a waiting section so if, you know, you’re just wanting to calm down after your workout or are waiting for your perks guest to get here with you, you can always sit back, relax, watch some ESPN or hang out over at the tables this way. Over here, as you can start to see, we do a phenomenal cardio section as opposed to the 2 rows that we have at our gym, there’s never going to be a wait for you to get on a treadmill, elliptical, stair stepper. We also have some more equipment that we do not have in our gym. All those rowers as well as the bikes, you can see that there’s more than just the 2 that we do have in our gym. Our gym is a lot smaller than this. They’ve also incorporated a lot more of new equipment. We have things for agility as we do. If you just continue down here, you’ll start to see how much more equipment they have as well as the free weight section that we do have available. One awesome thing that they do have in this gym that we do not have in ours is the 29 minute circuit. What you’ll do is you’ll just come right over here. You’ll get onto one machine. The countdown counts down from 35 seconds down. You’ll be on each piece of equipment. When the light’s green you’ll be working out. When it turns red you’ll switch and go to the next one. You do each piece of equipment 2 1/2 times. It’s a complete full body workout. This is the room where you would be doing your exercise with Fitness on Demand. As you can see, the projector does come down and you can take it with just yourself or you can have a group of friends with you. That is the new gym here located off Mooney and Caldwell. I hope you guys come check it out.

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