In-Home Abdominal Exercises : Oblique V-ups in Abdominal Exercises

In-Home Abdominal Exercises : Oblique V-ups in Abdominal Exercises

I am Kyle Brayer and your next in-home abdominal
workout will be the oblique v-ups. So Kerri is going to lay down on her side on our ab
mat. She is going to start with her legs out at about twenty-degrees here. She is going
to lay down on her left shoulder and throw her left arm out at about a forty-five degree
angle from her body and her right hand goes behind her head. This is her starting position.
She is going to try and keep her knees and legs straight and flex her toes toward her
heels. The key here is trying to bring your knee toward your elbow, it is probably not
going to happen as a beginner, but once you get more advanced you will be able to do it.
So she is going to come up and she is going to make a big V with her body, and come back
down. And up and back down. So it is a very small movement, she is only coming up about
two inches from either side both with her legs and her upper body, and it is really
pinching on her obliques which is this side region along the abdominal region. So one
more time up and back down. And relax. And she is making sure that when she comes up
off the mat she is exhaling and then she is inhaling on her way down. And that is the
oblique v-up.

5 comments on “In-Home Abdominal Exercises : Oblique V-ups in Abdominal Exercises

  1. 90210WalshBrenda Post author

    Really? Thought it was just another scam I
    usually found at the internet but I was so wrong.
    What it did was I tried it myself and after 2wks
    on training, I was so amazed cause my abs was
    visible now. Couldnt be more happy..:)) Anyway,
    you mispelled the site name. It should be:

  2. TheAbStand Post author

    V-ups are one of my favorite ab workouts, thanks for showing us how to do them properly!

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