I Did A 5k Race In A Wheelchair!

I Did A 5k Race In A Wheelchair!

hi guys Mary here and welcome to my
channel it’s been a little while since I have done a sit-down vlogging type video
and today is mostly going to be talking so that’s not your jam maybe check out
my ASMR videos or some of my more curated videos where like maybe I’m
opening some vintage products or something like that if you want to stick
around that’s so awesome I’m glad to have you here I’ve got a lot
of news to catch you up on I probably won’t be able to cover everything so
hopefully I can cover most of the important stuff not gonna lie today’s
some of today’s topics are gonna be a little bit serious some of it has
to do with pet health and things like that my own health and stuff so that’s
not your thing I totally understand you know it it would help if maybe you just
want to share the video for somebody that might like something like this but
yeah okay so I guess the number one thing I should say where the heck have I
been because I’ve been uploading some videos but not too often well I think
the last time I made a proper video I had a severe anxiety attack afterwards
and I spent maybe a week or two weeks dealing with some serious OCD if you’re
curious to know what that might look like in an autistic adult such as myself
it’s not as typical as you might assume from TV or something like that
basically what I was doing and I’ll insert a clip here painting and
repainting this one particular reborn doll over and over and over and over and
over and over again I probably stripped and painted the doll Oh 20 times in one
week it got so bad that my fingernails were peeling off because of the constant
chemicals I was using to stripped at all but anyways I know that it sounds a
little crazy and that’s because it is it’s
I mental help this alright but kind of sucks but it’s what it was what the
trigger to all that was I’m actually not really sure maybe financial stuff mmm
but anyways after I got done dealing with that and healing up from that I
basically jumped feet first into training for a bunch of these races and
stuff that my hubby and I have up and coming and that went really well
everything was going great I was feeling good
life was wonderful and then I injured myself and this has probably been the
most serious running injury I have had yet I ended up going to the ER I cried
which is a big deal because I normally don’t and er basically said you’ve got
something worse but we cannot legally say what we think it is we have to grade
it as a grade one sprain even though it’s obviously not I wasn’t even able to
walk at all it was scary it sucked it was very painful they tried
to give me like an on the spot pain shot and I was like no no thanks they tried
to give me valium for it I was like no it’s too much stuff basically I just
took ibuprofen and we should I have never done that in the first place so I
will post up here’s some pictures I’m sure you’ve seen some pictures of what
my foot looked like it was pretty bad and just to irritate me the most I had a
5k race that I was really looking forward to going to that I was not able
to run in in fact I actually did that 5k race in a wheelchair
my hubby pushed me and I was really amazed by his strength and endurance I
tried to push myself in some places which you can see
in my husband’s words I turned my hands into hamburger meat um yeah it was a
very very hard race it was at night time it was on the edges of a lake it was
under the full moon it was beautiful and it was absolutely insane and my little
niece she’s eight had her first asthma attack that night because the humidity
was up to 100% and she just was not equipped for it and she also experienced
her first side stitch but she got through it
I was really proud of her and she’s a really strong little lady even though
she definitely threatened to jump into the lake a few times and she threatened
to lay down on the side of the trail and not but she did it she got through it
she did embarrassingly tell the race director that the race sucked and she
didn’t like it and I was like oh that’s embarrassing but hey for her it was the
truth it was a very tough race my husband and her both placed third and
their division I placed 10th but I think that’s fair considering I was in a
wheelchair and overall we were not last we actually beat two people but it was
tough I’m very tough race yeah um okay and I guess for the other bit of news
that you guys should probably know about I have bad news about my rabbits so
tansy is dying she is actually my youngest rabbit she had a ruptured eye
and she had to have it taken out and she survived that and she was doing so much
better and then all of a sudden one day she just wasn’t able to use her back
legs and that went on for about a week and she
stopped eating very much and we took her to the vet and it turns out she is
riddled with cancer and there isn’t very much I can do for her silver is so upset
he’s convinced that I am magic and that I can just fix his wife and so he’s been
growling and biting and puffing up really big any time I am near because he
wants me to do something about it when we took her to the vet he started being
next to me again because he thought he thinks that I’ve done something to fix
her and it’s only a matter of time really when she dies he could possibly
go with her because of their bond it’s like a marriage so and just I don’t really feel like it’s
fair because she’s such a sweet rabbit she’s really the sweetest rabbit I have
and like I have a lot of good memories with her like I remember so we can heard
this tiny little costume when I first got her I remember she cost me thirty
six dollars and I had to dump out like all the change that I had in my piggy
bank just to get her I got her on my birthday I actually rescued her from her
farm store just moving on from that I suppose maybe that’s kind of what feel
is fueling my current obsession of things but I’ve been like not a really
obsessive minecraft building thing I’ve actually been building and buggies
minecraft server I’ve got a few built there a few of my things were actually
shown in there one of his recent videos which I thought was pretty cool of
collecting of like little blind bags stuff like squishies I just got this
mushy mushy plushie so I don’t know the other than that I’m gonna go ahead and
do the outro and just tell you guys that I love you not all of my videos are this
sad or heavy-hitting but it’s kind of part of life right this is part of my
daily life and since I share my life with you guys not everything is perfect
or wonderful and I just wanted to let you know that if you’re going through
hard things too there are other people out there who are going through similar
issues or can understand your pain and you’re not alone and yeah it’s okay so I
love you marry out

13 comments on “I Did A 5k Race In A Wheelchair!

  1. Metro Sonic Post author

    Merry, so sorry to hear about your rabbit and niece. Sounds like major injuries you had. Hope and pray you recover soon.

  2. sunshine girl07 Post author

    You have an awesome husband. I cringed when I saw the picture of your hand. I'm sorry about your sweet rabbit. 💟

  3. StLMoWeathershare Post author

    Hi, Merry. I am so sorry about your sweet little bunny. I hope your foot and hands are healing. You are such a beautiful soul. I have you in my prayers.

  4. Mary Reed Post author

    Aww Merry, your poor hands. I'm so sorry about your rabbit. I feel so bad for you sweetie. You're adorable. I'll be praying for you. 🤗🙏🙏🙏

  5. TheCanadianBubba Post author

    Thank You Merry, Pray that you, your husband, and everyone you love or care for be blessed !

  6. lizard boy Post author

    hey merry hope you doing ok now 🙂 and you look like your doing good now. My god im sorry about your foot BUT F**K THOSe DOCTORS THAT SAID they cant tell you what it is >:( I would have rage at them and tell me WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH IT. awesome your husband did great in it and your niece did too :).

  7. Rebecca's Raw Vlogs Post author

    Congrats for trucking threw the race oh my goodness all the crazy injuries. I’m so very sorry for your bunny that’s hard for all of you even her mate, that makes me so very sad for you. OCD sucks! Still so love your voice thank you for being strong and talking threw and giving the details !!!

  8. ꧁Claymore Sunshine Alchymistッ꧂ Post author

    Thanks for sharing this Vvlog. So bad for your injuries. Hope you get well soon. But as you texted on description.. God its always with us


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