I Can’t Stop Thinking About My Ex Girlfriend | Am I a Stalker? | Animated Story Time | Toonstar

Hey everybody, so operation Gina has
begun, and I might have a problem. Ever since Gina cheated on me I’ve gone to a
really dark place. I was creeping on her Instagram…
“Oh look, another picture with Matt, blehgg!”
Going to her favorite coffee shop hoping I’d run into her…
and I may have tried to follow her at one point. “Mmm ice cream… huh? Damn it!”
But I lost her. Probably for the best. I don’t know why I just couldn’t let it
go. Have you ever been with someone that you know was terrible for you, but, like,
you can’t seem to get over it? What does this Matt guy have that I
don’t? Is it money? A nice car? Is he good in bed? Does he own a panda?!
It’s probably not that. I mean, what was I gonna have to do to figure this out?
Sabotage their next date? No that’s an awful idea that would make me… oh my God… I’m turning into Gina! AHHHH!

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