Huawei Honor Band 5 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – Which Is Better?

So should you get the Honor band 5
or the Mi band 4. Which one you should get? In this video, we’ll find out! Hey what’s going on guys the Shivam here. So recently we had to see the
Honor band 5 and the Mi band four. But.. everyone had confusion about which one
to buy. Which one is the best fitness tracking band. I know there are not a lot
of difference between these bands. But there are some differences which you should consider when choosing between any of these bands. So in this video, there are some certain things that I like to talk about. Like the design and build quality of these bands, screen, features, app and user interface, accuracy,
price and battery life. So there are a lot of things to cover in this
video so let’s get into it. So first of all let’s quickly compare specs
of both of these bands, so we both know what we are getting. So basically we have similar
weight of 22 grams on both of these bands. And pretty much similar dimensions. And we also have similar AMOLED coloured touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 by 120 pixels. Now something different you will find here would be
the battery. On the Honor band we have 100 milliamp hour battery. While the Mi band has a 135 milliamp hour capacity. For the Bluetooth version we have
bluetooth 5.0 on the Mi band 4. And Bluetooth 4.2 on the Honor band 5. It’s funny to get bluetooth 5.0 on the Mi band 4 and the Bluetooth 4 on the Honor
band 5. Now for the sensor we do get heart rate
monitoring on both of these bands. But we also have additional SpO2 sensor on the Honor band. if you get it from China. Rest of the specs is pretty identical like we have 5 ATM water-resistant, 6-axis motion sensor, etc. But the specs only tells half
of the story. To dive further let’s talk about my personal experience when I was
using both of these bands throughout the last couple of weeks. So first of all let’s talk about the design itself. Both of them are pretty identical to their
previous generation. Like the Honor band 5 and the Honor band 4 are pretty identical. While you will find some difference in the Mi Band 4 and the Mi band
3. This time instead of curved sort of glass we have more of a flat top on
the Mi band four. But in terms of design both of these bands are well designed. Personally for me I prefer more the Honor band 5 than the Mi band four. But it’s all personal taste personal preference. And you can pick one up whatever you like. Moving on to the screen we have 0.95 inch AMOLED touch
screen display. With a resolution of 240 by 120 pixels. In my day-to-day use I wasn’t really able to find any differences between both of these screens. And the performance was really good. I was easily able to use this in
harsh sunlight. These screens are 400 nits bright. So you can expect them to be
usable in bright sunlight. But those were the things that were quite similar. But now let’s talk about some of the features which makes the main difference between these bands. Basic functionality is same in both of these devices like counting steps, calories burnt, app notification, sleep and heart rate
monitoring. But the different things they can do is as follows. First of all this year’s Honor band is now capable of detecting oxygen in your blood i.e SpO2 sensor. Which means it’s a really helpful feature
for all the trekking people, swimming. But the issue here is that you will only get this sensor if you get it out from India. Like if you order from Aliexpress, banggood or
gearbest or any other Chinese website. Because as of making this video this feature is not
available on the version they’re selling this on Flipkart and all the Indian
units. And we have no confirmation if you will get it in the future. Another thing in honor band we have a lot of sports mode to track like indoor/outdoor run,
indoor and outdoor walk, cycling, elliptical, rower, swimming and free
training. But on the Mi band we only have outdoor running, treadmill, cycling,
walking, exercise and swimming. So if you are more into workout and this might be
something you should consider when choosing between the two bands. But not only the Honor band has all the goodness. There are some certain things that only
Mi band do as of now. The first and the biggest one for me is the music control
page under. On the Mi band we have the control page. Now this is very useful
feature because you can change tracks adjust the volume straight from the band. So while I can keep my phone in the pocket I can fly through a playlist from the band. Now another feature missing from
the honor band is the custom watch faces. As of now Honor band 5 only comes
with a pre-loaded watch faces. This feature is available in some countries. But as of now this is not available in India. So you won’t be able to switch
from the 8 pre-loaded watch faces. But on the Mi band you have the option for more
custom watch faces. And also the option from third party apps. Which have tons of
watch faces to choose from. Now this is not very huge for me but if you are the
guy who likes to customize everything. If you’re more into customization then this
might be something to consider. Other than those things in features more or
less both of these bands are same. But now let’s talk about the user interface and the app that goes in conjunction with both of these bands. So for the user interface we have distinct UI on both of these bands. On the Honor band 5 we have
this more of a glowing icons. But on the mi band we have these flat design. This is just a personal taste on which you like more. But one thing I did notice on the
Honor band is that when you are scrolling really fast there is an input lag. As you can see even when I stopped strolling It’s running on its own. While this is not an issue on the mi band. And the Mi band feels much more responsive. For the app itself Honor band users Huawei health app. And mi band uses mi fit app. Now when comparing I find me fit app to be better. Because first of all it gives you more detailed reports for all the activities. And a sweet touch is that it will also tell you how much calories it equates. So you know how much junk you
can eat now. The second one is more of navigation. I find Mi fit app to be much more easy to navigate. All the things are well laid out. Although Huawei health app has most of these things. But generally I find it hard to find certain things when tracking my report. Another thing I won’t talk in this video is the accuracy. Although these are just tiny fitness
tracking bands. And it gives you a rough estimate of what the
measurement is. But one thing I did notice was Mi band was less accurate in
this area. Because it also picks up the steps when riding a bike. Although I didn’t got the chance to test this on a bus. But for a 2-wheeler it will add some
extra steps. But this wasn’t the case with the Honor band 5. But now coming to the battery life we have 100 milliamp hour on the Honor band 5. And 135 milliamp hour on the Mi band 4. Which almost takes around 1 hour to charge on the
honor. And to hours on the me band 4. And after a full charge owner can sustain
around 14 days. And the Mi band can sustain around 20 days. It totally depends on how much you use your band, how much data you want to track. And all the settings you keep in the app. But other than battery a point of discussion
is also the charging dock. I have to give it to the Honor for the charging dock. With band 5 we have this direct connection type of a dock which means we don’t have to take out the band to charge it. While on the me band we have
to remove the strap and put it in this but the dock to start charging. But you might be doing this once in 20 days. So it’s still manageable. But if this dock
was like for honor then it would be better to see. Now finishing this comparison let’s talk about last thing in this video, which is MONAAYY! So for the price Honor band is priced at $50 on or 2600 rupees on Flipkart which is around $38 or it’s 2000 rupees on
Aliexpress which is around $28-29. On the other hand the Mi band is available
for 53 dollars on and also 2000 rupees which is
29 dollars on Aliexpress. For the price wise there is nothing much to compare. But if you want to take a look at at both of these bands you can find all the links in the description. But those were all the differences between
the Honor band 5 and the Mi band 4. Personally for my type of usage I will
go with Mi band 4. But I still wonder which one you would pick. So let me know in the comments down below. But that’s been it guys that was today’s video. Hope you guys enjoy this. And if it did just click the like button below. Share this video with your friends and subscribe to the channel if you and yet. And I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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