How To Warm Up BEFORE Your Workout (BEST WARM UP ROUTINE!!)

Hey, it’s trainer Susan with ATHLEANXX for
Women. Today I’m going to show you three dynamic
exercises you should do before every workout. So walking into the gym and killing it right
off the bat leaves you really susceptible to injuries. So make sure you take the time to correct
the effects of sitting by loosening the tightness of your muscles, activating your muscles,
and enhancing your range of motion. So this is our first exercise. We’re going to do a reverse lunge. What you’re going to do is you’re just going
to stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. You’re going to keep your head and shoulders
up, you’re going to drop that knee back to about 90 degrees, and you’re going to explosively
come back up to start. So we’re just stepping back. We’re activating our glutes, our hamstrings,
our quads, and we’re also stretching out our hip flexor on the back of that leg here, that’s
stepping back, which is really nice. So remember, we’re going to do 10 on each
leg. And you can do however fast, or slow you need
to do. All right, once you’ve completed that, our
second exercise. We’re going to go into a lateral lunge. Next we’re just going to step off to the side,
we’re going to kick our hips back, keeping our head up again, back to start. So once again we’re activating our glutes,
hamstrings, and quads moving in all new directions, which is great. We’re also starching the inner thigh out. All right, we’re stepping off to this side
now. So anywhere from eight to ten, whatever you
feel comfortable with. People sometimes have a little more trouble
with the lateral lunge. All right, our third, and final exercise. We’re going to do high knee steps. I’m sorry, high knee skips. So you’re going to start with your left foot
raising off the ground as you drive your right knee up. So the opposite arm of this knee is going
up in the air. You can either travel doing these, or just
stay in one place, like I am. This is going to help elevate your heart rate,
and you get your body moving in a coordinated pattern, activating the legs and the arms,
and it also gets those fast twitch fibers going, which is great. All right, you guys. Three really simple exercises, but it will
get you ready for that workout. Especially if you’re hitting it really hard. So give it a try today. 10 of each leg, and you’re off, warmed up,
and ready to go. Hey, check out for great
workouts to help you with building your upper body, your lower body, or your core. Whatever problem area you’re having. Check it out. Hey, hit that like button, subscribe, leave
me a comment, and I’ll see you guys soon.

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