How to vlog on an iPhone (Best example)

How to vlog on an iPhone (Best example)

it’s a beautiful day it’s a beautiful
day you should learn to laugh and play sup everybody I’m vlogging with my
iPhone today about to go to the gym the only complaint I have about this so far
is that you can’t frame yourself up nicely because you need an external
monitor to do that and who wants to walk around with a huge external monitor on
their iPhones I’m weird but you can turn the camera around and shoot with other
camera but I’m shooting with the phone backwards
using the high resolution camera on the back of the phone which is what I
recommend running around trying to find this stupid Apple cord so I can connect
my video micro to my iPhone but Apple put this freaking attachment that you
need to plug into the to the Apple part so right now I’m talking on my
headphones and I think I have an alternative to this if you have some
Bluetooth headphones I’m real interested to see if that works let’s check it out
so now I’m talking on my Bose headphones my bluetooth headphones if this thing
works this would be pretty cool because it’ll condense your vlogging equipment
real small and so guys one thing I’m noticing that is going to happen when
you’re vlogging with your iPhone is that your battery is probably going to wear
down really fast so there’s two suggestions that I have for you one is
to put your iPhone in dark mode to preserve power if you have a dark mode
and the other one is to find an external power source to connect to the side of
your rig and I’m gonna do that right now we’re gonna get off of the iPhone for a
second I’m gonna go upstairs my doodads and knick knacks thing alright guys this
is what I was able to come up with the camera is a little bit out of focus cuz
I want you to focus on what I have here and not on me so I got the camera hooked
up to my Joby Gorillapod via the
move oh that I showed you guys and here is my power solution
I have smaller ones but this one is probably going to give me a better
source of power but you know you could switch it up so the problem is getting
this attached to this okay so let me look around and see if I can find
something oh I think so I think I found something
this is a Dell Kim there are smaller alternatives to doing this but I’m just
gonna do this right now because this is what I found in my studio area so I’m
going to attach this to this and this is strictly because you’re going to be
losing a lot of battery and your iPhone or your Android phone is going to die so
you want to have an external power source so you can either hook this up to
here right hope you got to see what I’m doing here
you can put it this way or you can put this but I’m going to put it – slim way
and what I’m gonna do actually is I’m going to pre plug it in plug it in your
iPhone or your Android phone like here and you can can condense your cord never
fold your cord like this guys because it kinks the core so what I do is I roll my
cord like this so that it doesn’t has a longer lifespan because when you keep
your cord it like on the inside it kind of like messes it up so always you want
to roll your cords up all of your electronics you want to roll them up you
know wire like this alright so then I’m going to mount this in here lock so you
can close this up and again like I said this is really big and it looks kind of
stupid but the point is alright so once again like I said there is there are
alternatives to this big gigantic thing to have sticking out the back but um
actually it’s the wrong way I needed I need to put this on the top because I’m
vlogging it this way and you guys see it I did just did here okay alright so what
I can do is I can just turn this which is the cool
thing about this on movel right here is you can just turn this around I released
my iPhone all right and I put it in the other way so now I just fixed that
problem it’s facing me again but the screen is facing this way of the iPhone
it’s okay it’s all solutions to this problem and this stuff right here isn’t
expensive as you can see it’s getting kind of expensive but you guys can find
cheaper rigs so now plugged up I just heard my iphone charging so I’m getting
power oh this is so cool hey you guys just check this out this is all I’m
actually like I’m so excited about this because one I’m helping you guys see
that you can vlog and not have an expensive camera and just use your $1000
cellphones because these cellphones are a thousand dollars these days so you
gotta get the maximum usage out of them especially with these great cameras they
have that come with them so I do recommend getting a Joby Gorillapod
because just because it’s fashionable and yeah that’s vain but let’s face it
if you’re vlogging right now this is the staple this is the benchmark for
vlogging it’s just cool to have it’s like the designer thing to do if you’re
vlogging if you don’t care about that get a cheap one or use a tripod but
check this rig out so I got my gorilla pod I got my mofo which allows you to
attach put attachments on here I have my iPhone or you could use your Android I
have my power source for my iPhone and one more thing that you can do right so
just in case because I’m using my headphones for audio I’m using my
bluetooth headphones for audio so that’s wirelessly getting the audio when your
Bluetooth is going to run out of juice so what you do as a backup is you just
carry your headphones with you so now okay I see what the problem is
here yeah you’re not gonna have this problem guys but I’m I have this problem
because the iPhone 10 only has one jack so you’re gonna have to use this
lightning Jack you’re gonna have to unplug your power source and plug in the
headphones to your Lightning jack so there you have it guys
vlogging with your iPhone or your Android phone um you can get something
smaller than this obviously you can get another alternative but this is kind of
like the standard and this is cool because you can mount at different
places and you can attach at different places so you can get those cool shots
it’s gotta tighten this down a little bit more and we’re good to go tighten
everything up tighten this up we’re good to go
you know boom like a boss turn the camera on
only thing is putting your password or your face recognition oh yeah that’s
gonna be a problem well one problem after another I actually put this up top
here and it looks really huge and weird but nevertheless it’s it gets the job
done I got a power source for my phone so my phone doesn’t die
while I’m doing all this crazy stuff on it I’m able to access my speed the
reason why I mounted like this because I couldn’t access my screen to unlock the
phone okay so now I can access my screen put my code in whatever and I can access
the camera like you guys can see I can access the camera on here let me record
while I’m doing this so I can have some double action so I’m vlogging and
actually the audio is coming from my headphones my bluetooth headphones watch
boom boom boom I think the microphones on this side
yeah but the audio is coming from here and you guys see me vlogging you guys
see the vlog hasta t you guys see I’m vlogging on my iPhone and I got great
audio and I got a power source hooked up to it and something else you can do
which just doesn’t have an attachment for when I do find that little
peace I can yeah this has a shemale so I have to flip it to the other side like I
did before and she mount this up to here a lot of types of things you could do
with this this this is fun hey guys I got a challenge for everybody
who watches this video that wants to vlog or that is vlogging because most
likely you vlog to make a rig up like this and tag me in it I want to see what
you guys come up with because this is pretty this is pretty cool I mean I
don’t know it might be overkill but the point is there’s no excuse why you can’t
vlog you don’t need gh 5 or a Sony you know whatever whatever a s 2 or a s 3
this isn’t out yet you don’t need to buy a six hundred ala GoPro you already have
a thousand dollar phone most of these phone with smartphones cost a thousand
dollars so get on your phone make yourself a rig be creative be smart so
you have power sources so you don’t put yourself in compromising situations have
a backup like your arm like my things their abilities even on yeah they are
okay have a backup like your headphones just in case your Bluetooth dies and
making convenient for yourself and be creative be creative is the most thing
there’s most important one of the most important things when creating these
rigs because I who would think like who’s our in line already this using a
bluetooth headphones as an external microphone most of time you know and you
could do this to be creative and actually this would be better because
it’s directional you know I mean but like I said I don’t have that white part
in plus if I did have that white part to the little thing that converts to
lightning to headphones so I can plug this in I wouldn’t be able to plug in my
power source and I think power is more important well I won’t say power is more
important in audio but audio was key when recording videos so don’t skimp on
your audio but you’re gonna need power so you could actually sit this to the
side and swap out you know I mean you just do all types of stuff man this is
fun I know I say this a lot guys but this might be my new favorite set up
it’s really quick it’s really simple and it’s really easy it’s dope I love it all right we’ve arrived here at the gym
and we’re about to get our workout on for a Planet Fitness yeah this whole
entire video I plan on editing in a program called Numa fusion
it’s one of the best things I find I found for editing video on your phone
because it’s user-friendly and you do a lot of the functions like you
can mix in your different audios you can punch overlays pull the top of your
video and stuff like that go 20 minutes 20 minutes one mile I mean 20
minutes two miles rather one thing I like to say
guys is if you ain’t sweating you’re not doing it right when you’re working out
you should challenge yourself a little bit and at least get a little slick hope
you guys can hear me this audio is strictly from the iPhones microphone
because I didn’t want to keep on turn on and off my bluetooth headphones but I
will next workout cuz I don’t wanna die right now so yeah if you ain’t sweatin
you ain’t doing it right your stuff is not supposed to look pretty it’s
supposed to be real so you guys getting some real raw uncut I know I look good
when I need to trying to motivate you guys get a new and get it on make your
vlogs no matter who’s watching you no matter where you are 1.17 I got a little bit less than three
cents an hour ago and my time is it fifty minutes Vincent Bianchi’s guys that’s pretty
much good workout right there get it in real fast before your day at work in my
case a few more things get out of here
make sure you subscribe see some more different variations of things all right here it wow so when we put
this in the trunk I just drop my sister off at the airport I’m sorry I wanted to
actually get us talking and have her say hi to you guys but I actually forgot I
was so we’re so deep in conversation just catching up and stuff like that
that I forgot to pull up the phone and vlog a little bit to get that on tape
anyway this is I said tape hi look at this look at this guy how beautiful that
is look how beautiful the sky yeah I’m on my way back home I’m gonna take a
shower um then relax cuz I got a few hours before
I gotta go to work tonight tonight which sucks more motivation for you guys cuz
you can see all what I did today and I have to be to work at 9:30 to work
overnight so health and taking care of yourself is the most important thing
that’s why I worked out and I’m going to go home and get some R&R and relaxation
so I can make it through this long shift tonight at work directing trains and
helping people get to their destinations safely and such so yeah I’m gonna go
home and I’m gonna edit this video using luma fusion on my phone so as you can
see and you will be able to see the majority of this video was done on my
cell phone and so that should let you know that you can vlog with your iPhone
and come up with a great-looking crispity crunchity vlog with great audio
so you should feel encouraged not discouraged if you don’t have a big
fancy camera you don’t need it because it actually actually when you don’t have
a big fancy camera you can concentrate on more things like being creative with
the things that you do with the camera and different angles and different shots
like you see I was doing in a gym and different transitions like you saw and
some of the some of the cuts of some of the transitions you can concentrate on
more cinematic things so that way when you do get a big fancy camera your
skills are that much better so yeah guys this is a dub I hope this video was
helpful to you guys I showed you guys how to do it with the GoPro and then it
was possible and this time I showed you guys how to vlog and that it is possible
to vlog with your cell phone and come out with great content I was a little
bit more creative with the cell phone I don’t know why but you know because you
know what active cell phone was so basic you know such an easy setup that it
allowed me and that’s a prime example it allowed me to be more creative the GoPro
I had the all these different attachments hooked up to it so it was
like okay do I have this plugged in to have that plugged in and actually it
wasn’t that bad but I don’t know maybe it’s just something you got it easy but
once again I’m out subscribe to the channel I hope you enjoyed this video if
you do if you did like comment subscribe and make sure you share this video with
your friends that say they want to get into vlogging and are not actually
taking the steps to where it’s for to towards towards vlogging towards it you
know what I’m saying but anyway make sure you guys know you guys should
always feel encouraged to do want to do and the easiest thing to do
when you want to start vlogging is to just grab whatever camera you have and
just press record and edit the footage or just press record and shoot in a way
that you don’t have to edit the footage you just drop the clips in you know I
mean so yeah sure boy I’m out make sure you subscribe keep a lot and peace see
on the next video boom

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  1. constance Williamson Post author

    I'm a stay at home mom and military spouse and getting bored, so I'm exploring the options to vlog. Thanks for keeping hope alive. Every video I saw, had expensive equipment. I don't have time for that at the moment. LOL, now I know all I​ need to to do is invest in a mini tripod. I enjoyed your video.


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