How to Use Creatine to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

How to Use Creatine to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

Creatine for muscle mass. There is probably no supplement that’s been
more tried and true, and analyzed, and re-analyzed than creatine. Creatine is a natural compound found in meat,
in fish. It is basically made up of three amino acids. It’s probably best to take it in powder form
and taken supplementally because your body needs to be saturated with creatine in order
to get the results that you’re looking for. By that I mean, this an extremely important
point, creatine is a cumulative supplement and not an acute supplement. That is to say, in other words, an acute supplement
would be something that could be taking possible a caffeine capsule, or drinking a cup of coffee. If you are taking caffeine capsules, you are
going to get the results immediately. You are going to feel energized. You are going to feel that caffeine capsule
working in your body, wherein then in a short while after that it dissipates, you’re not
going to feel it anymore. It’s different with creatine. Your body and your cells, muscle cells in
particular, need to be saturated with creatine; and in fact 95 percent of the creatine in
your body resides in your muscle tissue. So you want to make sure that you saturate
your body with creatine. You want to probably do a one week loading
phase, then you can drop off to less than that. Creatine also works extremely well when taken,
and it should be taken with juices or a glycemic carbohydrate source, because it works extremely
well with insulin to allow it to get into the muscle cells quicker and more efficiently. So what creatine is going to do is it’s going
to increase your energy, the body’s production of ATP, it’s going to increase your muscle
cell volume, it’s going to actually increase your body’s ability to get stronger and harder
contractions. It’s not rare for people who take creatine,
after a loading phase, after a couple weeks in of taking creatine, it’s not rare for them
to see themselves 10 to 15 percent stronger, sometimes even greater. One of the major complaints for those who
take creatine is that they say that the creatine causes stomach disturbances; I mean anything
in large doses. Creatine is considered the safe supplement,
but you shouldn’t overdo any one supplement. Your body’s always seeking to find it’s homeostatic
place, and rest, and get acclimated. So it’s always good to back off any and all
supplements except maybe your macronutrients, your protein, your carbs, and so on, and your
healthy fats. But with regard to creatine, you want to make
sure that you’re trying a few different types of creatine. Don’t just try creatine monohydrate, which
is the one that is most often cited in statistics in studies, because that one tends to cause
some serious, as I said, stomach disturbances. People who try that, find they’re spending
more time in the bathroom, than they are in the gym, in which case, you might want to
try a creatine blend, which is creatine ethyl ester, creatine malate, creatine monohydrate,
all in one formula. There is also a form of creatine, Kre-Alkalyn,
which is a pH-buffered creatine, which I have been taking for years, and I recommend it
to all my clients, because you can get creatine in pill form, and in capsule form, and in
powder form. It’s always best, and more efficient and cheaper,
to take it, if you can in powder form, especially creatine because you can mix it with a high
glycemic juice, like a grape juice or something, and drink it right down without a problem. Before you abandon creatine completely, try
some of these other sources of creatine, because you’re definitely going to want to add it
into your program for the muscle gains in size and strength that it’s going to bring
to you.

30 comments on “How to Use Creatine to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

  1. 2wingo Post author

    I remember when I tried creatine. Worst mistake of my life. It worked, but just barely, and I gained about 15 lbs of water weight.

  2. Marius Aglen Post author

    I asked my nutrition doctor if I could start taking creatine. And she just smiled, shook her head and said "Why do that to your liver?"

    Is there anything to that, is it anything to that? What's the negative impacts of creatine?

  3. hmpeter Post author

    Studies disproved negative impact on kidneys. If you do not take to much, you don't have to expect negative impacts. (beside getting ugly water soaked muscles 😉 )
    That said, for a normal eating person creatine supplementation is nothing but a waste of money. This is also true for most other supplements. Personal, I would not think of any supplementation before hitting an actual plateau in growth.

  4. witaalis Post author

    Cant say nothing bad about it. Creatine (if you use it, like its on instruction) helped me a lot. Thanks for vid. )

  5. Hossain Ahmad Post author

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  10. Mark Lyndon Brillantes Post author

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  11. Mark Lyndon Brillantes Post author

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  12. ThatsTheWayL0veGoes Post author

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  13. Albert Kowalski Post author

    Steroid or HGH overuse complications are horrific. It's definitely not a must to have shredded abs.

  14. Carlos Alen duran Post author

    people please be careful with creatine because it could eat up your red blood cells like it did to me I almost died.

  15. Jay Reszy Post author

    First, learn to pronounce the word CREATINE correctly before you start talking about it. Zero credibility.


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