How to Use an Exercise Bike : The Recumbent Exercise Bike

Hi, my name is Brian Langey; I am the owner
of On the Road Personal Training and Athleticism Training and Performance. On behalf of Expert
Village, you can reach me at Today we are talking about the recumbent exercise
bike. The recumbent exercise bike is a great way to increase cardiovascular conditioning
as well as burn body fat also a way to strengthen the glutes and the hamstrings, the quads,
the hip flexors and the calves. To use the bike basically you straddle the bike here
getting into position with the seat. The hand held heart rate grips are a great way to feed
into the computer and tell you what your heart rate is or you can use a heart rate strap.
To position your feet on the bike you can use the pedals here, the extension would be
close to knee full extension but not all of the way. And you can make that adjustment
with the seat. The back support bad gives you support in your lumbar region and up to
the mid-back region. To get started all you do is start pedaling, you want to keep even
pressure on the pedals, jump into quick start will get you going into the manual program
and that way you can get started right away. To increase the resistance on a machine like
this you just toggle up or down on the levels. There is a variety of programs to choose from,
manual, heart rate, fitness, speed and all of them great for helping you meet your cardiovascular
and fitness goals. The recumbent bike is great for people who have low back problems because
of the lumbar support. It also has a wider seat so that there is more area for you to
sit on. It is great for people who want to start out and they are a little overweight,
but they need to start into a conditioning program and a recumbent bike is a great way
to do that. Again, there is less stress on the back, it is non-weight bearing so there
is less stress on the knees and the hips and the ankles as well. So it is a great way to
get started and I would encourage using this to start out with.

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