How to Use a Fitness Disc : Ab Prone Arm Flex Workout on a Fitness Disc

How to Use a Fitness Disc : Ab Prone Arm Flex Workout on a Fitness Disc

For this exercise you need to be on your knees
in a prone position. Prone means face down. Place your hands in the center of the glides
and keep your abdominals in tight. The first level of this exercise you’re just going to
reach out and pull in, kind of like you’re washing the floor, push out and pull in. Notice
that my hips are staying at a 90 degree angle. So I’m pushing through the glider, as I pull
back in I’m targeting the back of the shoulder, the lats, and I’m starting to engage the abdominal
region for core stability. To advance this to the next level, as I reach out I’m going
to extend my hips, so I’m going into a full prone position here. To advance it to the next level, I’m going
to hold my abdominals tight, and it’s almost like I’m diving. I’m going to bring the arms
out and slowly lower down, circle the arms around and come into a push up position. Inhale,
exhale, push out and pull around. Again, it’s really important here to keep those abdominal
muscles in so I don’t sag through the back, and keep my head lifted and not drop it to
the floor, and around. The last advancement of that exercise is to allow both arms to
come out and pull back in as I start to extend through the hips. So start in a small range
of motion and then gradually extend the range of motion. So as I’m pulling back, this is
a really tough exercise, I’m feeling it in the back of my shoulders, the lats and through
the core.

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  2. Mapi_Channel Post author

    @lolcatsaregay : wow if you get excited from this video and that cleavage you really need to look at some good looking women my friend 🙂

  3. Snuzzle D Post author

    "as if you're washing the floor".

    How about you just get a sponge and actually wash the floor? That's not being sexist, it's just ridiculous that people pay all this money for exercise equipment when they can do the same thing for free. Stair climbers? Stairs! Treadmill? Sidewalk!

    Just wash the floor and not only will you get the same exercise, but it'll serve double duty as your regular house maintenance. See? Cheaper and more efficient! 😛


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