How to Use a Bosu Ball | Bosu Ball Workout

How to Use a Bosu Ball | Bosu Ball Workout

This is a Bosu Ball. It’s basically a half ball, but it has a flat
bottom so it doesn’t roll or anything. And it’s so versatile. You can do a million different things on it. You can get an entire work out just with a
Bosu ball. It’s really great because it works your core
because almost everything you do on it, you have to use your own core to stabilize yourself. So there’s things you can do where you’re
standing on it this way. There’s things you can do where you’re going
down on it, so like push up kinda style. You can flip it over. That’s whats so cool about it. And you can do things this way, too. So you know, I could even do push ups here,
or mountain climbers here. Or I can stand on it. So you would just stand and then you can do
things with weights or you could do squats. So you can do such a variety of things. And there’s definitely levels. So you know there’s basic levels. This might be a little more advanced for someone. But you work your way up. So even just standing here, some people, when
I put them on it for the first time, they’re shaking like crazy because they don’t have
those little muscles stabilizing themselves. Whereas someone who’s more accustomed to it,
they already know how to balance on it. They can come on it, they can easily come
off of it. Just like that. And so there’s plenty of things you can do
with this. And we’ll get to them. I love using this cause I like for the most
part I like to use their body weight and not a lot of equipment. Maybe some weights involved too, but for the
most part, I want them to use their own weight and body because if you’re there on a machine,
they’re stabilized already and they don’t have to use other muscles. Whereas if you’re doing bicep curls on a Bosu
Ball, you’re using your entire body, not just your biceps. And the other reason that I love this is it’s
fun. You know, it’s something different, it’s fun. People don’t wanna stand there and do a bicep
curl. People don’t wanna stand there and do a shoulder
press, or sitting on a machine. But when you’re jumping around and you’re
doing different coordinated movements, you kind of forget that you’re working out, and
it just makes it a little bit more fun and more efficient.

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