How to transfer music from iPhone to Samsung Gear Fit 2

How to transfer music from iPhone to Samsung Gear Fit 2

As a Gear Fit 2 owner you’ve probably
been wondering how to transfer music from your iPhone to your Gear Fit.
Unfortunately it’s not possible, but you can transfer music from your computer to your Gear Fit 2 and I’ll show you how. So first of all if make
sure it’s connected to Wi-Fi. I’ll just check here…
Alright I’m connected! Then go to a music player, scroll up… scroll down… and then you
have “Gear Music Manager”. Press START. Then you have to go to this address in your browser. Of course yours will be different… So I’ll just do it now on my computer…
If it will ask if you want to connect, say YES. And look… it’s now making a connection to… OK, connected! You can now transfer
music to your Gear. So these are the songs that are right now standard on my Gear Fit.
I’ll just press “Add new tracks”… And I’ll upload the song. Look: “receiving”!
There’s now music transferring to my Gear Fit, through my browser. Now I get this…
It’s now back in its idle mode and it says “One track sent successfully”, so if I now tap on “disconnect” (I’ll just say yes), I go to my tracks, and then I can find the song over here.
Of course you need to have a Bluetooth headset. Now you might be thinking what I’m thinking: “How about if I just surf to this IP
address on my Safari browser on my iPhone?”, but that will not work 🙁
The website will say “mobile is not supported” and I cannot really get past it.
Maybe if you use a browser like puffin it might work but then selecting an MP3 from your files on your iOS device might be a big hassle. So I’m just suggesting to just go to a computer, I’m sure you have a computer, then connect through the IP
address and transfer music. And just to let you know: you have
2 GB of space on your Gear, and that’s more than enough for some jogging
or running music. One more frequently asked question is:
“Can I install Spotify on this thing?” No, you can’t, not yet on iOS.
If you’re using Android, of course there’s no problem, but if you own an iPhone you
sadly can’t download apps yet like that onto your device. What you can do is
listen to music on your iPhone but control it will your Gear Fit 2.
So for example, if a song is playing on your iPhone, you can press pause, play… So that’s it! Make sure you also watch my two other videos about this Gear Fit 2: One of them is the big review, and the other one is about how to control music like Spotify from here on your iOS device. So thanks for watching if you’ve
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because I’ll surely be uploading more videos about this Gear Fit. Thanks for watching and see you next time!

12 comments on “How to transfer music from iPhone to Samsung Gear Fit 2

  1. Fjordstrøm Travel & Tech Post author

    Transferring music from your computer to your Samsung Gear Fit 2 is THE ONLY WAY when the device is set up with an iPhone.

  2. Alexandr Chernov Post author

    Crap. I am using Samsung A7 why can't I use my pc for that? That's discrimination! Thanx for the video anyway.

  3. Unknown Post author

    My IP address apparently doesn’t exists on my gear Fit2 pro. Both the computer and my watch are both connected to the same WiFi so I’m puzzled on why it won’t work


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