How To Start Calisthenics – PULL UPS | THENX

How To Start Calisthenics – PULL UPS | THENX

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  1. OFFICIALTHENX Post author

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  2. Hanni Dilpola Post author

    I found Chris Heria last week and what an Inspiration. In one week I went from training a couple times a month to a couple times a day. It's July 17. 2019. Shout out from Stockholm. Sweden

  3. brightsister Post author

    Great tips! Loved this video, it really brakes down the movements to make them properly. I already feel that I understand better what I do wrong with my current pullups. Thanks a lot!

  4. Andreas Andy Post author

    I appreciate that he is NOT showing up his body by doing it half-naked…but it is sad too, whatever

  5. Alex A. Post author

    Hi ich habe jetzt Freeletics schon zwei mal gemacht, ich finde es super und kann es jedem nur ans Herz legen. Ich habe teils mit zusätzlicher Ernährungsumstellung sehr gute Resultate erzielt. Zusätzlich zur Muskelregeneration habe ich CBD abends genommen und habe damit eine gute Regeneration meiner Muskeln erzielen können. Ihr schlaft besser und der Muskel kann sich um ein vielfaches besser erholen, ihr seit wieder fit für den kommenden Tag.
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  6. Nishit Manadalia Post author

    One of the best calisthenics channel ever and chris explained so well. Since I have started gym i was always ignoring pull ups but after this video no more from India chris 👍

  7. Jérémy Mirouze Post author

    Top much ads for your shop, it is annoying and break the information about workout

  8. Zhan Li Voo Post author

    I started training for pull ups by doing chin ups first lol, I didn't know or cared anything about fitness I just want to do pullups because everyone else in my school is doing it

  9. Psykrom Post author

    Watching your videos I found my own motivation to get started again after a decade of a break. Now I really want to see myself progress and get into shape like I've never been. So whenever I see you handing out great advice like this, I find myself burning with resolve to see things through for myself. The best part about this is that I know exactly how to proceed, so I can leave my insecurity behind and I'm finally out of excuses not to work hard towards my goal. You have my thanks 😀

  10. twahlbrink0911 Post author

    Thing that sucks is that I don't look fat but am probably 40 pounds or more above where I should be. I have worked on it but don't have the upper body strength to overcome that excess weight to even do one without standing on a chair first and using it as an assist.

  11. Vikash Parbhoo Post author

    Found this incredibly helpful. Of course, it looks so much easier, seeing you have the perfect form – but you explained it extremely well. Thank you Chris!

  12. Mehmet SARIARSLAN Post author

    Turkish subtitle is so bad. Google translate would be better than your translater.

  13. Mart Oosterhoff Post author

    "do as many as you can"
    heria: does 3
    me: does 4
    im stronger then OFFICIALTHENX!

  14. Jhn Blckwd Post author

    Your videos are very good. I'm just starting to do that too. But I ask you for something: Do not always make the music so loud. In between, the music is very unbalanced compared to your voice volume. I have to turn up louder and quieter.

    Thank you and I am looking forward to further Videos.

  15. Luke mate Post author

    Man said activate scapula as if it its something you can turn on 💀 it ain’t a muscle bro

  16. Trevak D'hal Post author

    I can't do pullups in my house because I'm tall and my ceiling doesn't allow for good clearance. I cracked my head coming up too fast one time, knocked me silly for a few minutes.

  17. David Scott Post author

    Above and beyond, bro. Talk about extra credit: you earn it every time, in your performance and in your instruction. Grateful for you… ✨💪🏼✨

  18. Jughead Jacobson Post author

    im glad he makes these vids since I have trouble with progression my core is a big problem working

  19. Wuuf Post author

    I am going to try this tomorrow. I want to do crazy things like you do with the bar. And this is my first step.

  20. Kat Tekkel Dean Post author

    Pull ups are hard. 😤 Still stuck at jumping pull ups. Going to go back to the Australians using the different grips. ✌

  21. Steve Areno Post author

    Great video. We put a blowflex, weights, and some other equipment at work recently(Chemical Plant). The pull-up bar we installed was the bane of our existence for quite a while. Got our whole plant pull-ups now! We got some big sumbitches at our plant too! It's a sight to behold, homie. We've all turned to calisthenics. We're signing up for your program.

  22. Basdam Ko Post author

    The way how you doing it . This techniques is a genius. It is not only focusing on just pull up and one part of the body . It’a really helpful for the long term exercise for any kind of exercise

    Its building up a strength, and a wider aims to get your goal easily.
    This Man is a legend the right way to start and finish and to be honest he is doing everything naturally not as many instructor I have seen on YouTube and other places .

    be much stronger sooner.

    ‘’ I love what I see,and I see what do I like. ‘’

  23. Luke B Post author

    When he was doing pull ups @ 9:50, he looked how my nephew looks when I'm throwing him up and in the air! It looked as effortless for him as well! 😂😂😂 I gotta get to work! I'm getting older but, I can probably make some crazy progress by the end of the year! Subbed!!!

  24. Ulfgar Hallgrímsson Post author

    Honestly, why the hell do people, other than Australians, call body weight rows 'Australian pull-ups'? You'll never hear these called pull-ups in Australia, ever. Is it some 'we're in the northern hemisphere so upside down equals Australian' kind of thing? Please, enlighten me.

  25. Denise Carbuccia Post author

    I'm confused. Which one should I get thenx app or heria pro app? What's the difference? Thanks!

  26. Adrian Lermen Post author

    poderia colocar legenda em portugues nos videos ? essa tradução automática do YouTube é meio ruim…

  27. Sturla Eide Jensson Post author

    How many Australian pull ups do you recommend to do before going to regular pull ups?

  28. Danny Saldana Post author

    Just want to say, thanks a bunch for all your help! After 2 months of lifting and calisthenics i finally got mt first deadhang pull up yesterday! i was extremely happy and thankful for chris because he taught me a bunch of things. Keep doing your thing chris, youre a huge inspiration!

  29. Marc Steubing Post author

    Excellant video. Did Australian Pull Ups today with some negative muscle ups and straight bar dips for my Basics pratice day. I remeber all you said that the basics need to be mastered so I am devoting a day strictly for basic's.


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