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Hi welcome to this new video of Shopify training which and in this video I’m gonna show you your hope tomorrow, and I’m trying a laptop So in a previous video if he doesn’t see it. I talked about Shopify Exchange that’s where I am no, and I found this a V trainer up shop Which they are selling for one hundred and twenty thousand bucks? And it made 331 K in the last 12 months so I was checking out this webshop, and I like to hack Difference so by hacking the shops doesn’t mean you say information to gain any sort of financial Gave you something or pre-decide no. I mean I act the web shop to see What products they are selling what a mountainous weather the cabinet from and? Everything like that so if you use the German essentials unless web shop Which apparently as a profitable niche because he’s selling the shop 420k He doesn’t 300k in revenue and only has say a hundred products or something so it’s very niche this affect people who are visiting the channel need Gloves they need hand traps they need are you gone mad they eat is it where protein shakes because they’re wearing boxing gloves So I was checking out if I could find this lawyer, and I just done a search and I answered me found desktop from your fight on Aliexpress and there’s a lot of the same stuff and Hello You can see it’s the exact thing Like this one so I already know his supplier So no one can create a new map shop and just model this one And I say model North copy but model, but that’s kind of fresh. Yes, obviously knows what he’s talking about because The sales They can see that he’s using Facebook Ads let’s go announcer Nilka beans, but he’s also Drop shipping from uber law So I already knew that this was an ollie Express He uses sales book and be good thing, but uh coupon books – yes crank up his marketing +12 all the ones he Says he already is no dad gay and sales on Black Friday So if you know how to talk it s. It’s really easy to build those all the products through Tommy, and that’s the brand that he has here I messed up shop a Few Assumptions You see here the Praetorian boxing gloves he salsa for $32.99 I want to rap 112 ounces 34 Million Tommy can get these Please like to call I am selecting a call ok You can easily use a different supplier because if they all expressed their Own there and a lot of people well sound so You can see here You have two Praetorian boxing gloves now if you want to take it one step further you could go to and try to salsa left And you can see the old product with an s-1 Aliexpress bathrobe So books and clothes shopping carts have kit, and it also gets here my dear on whole issue, but so that drop Box saying you could do all these categories and brands of gloves So he an certainly know all the Belcher shop and by using Facebook and subscribe and a lot of faith that you can just Replicate deaths awesome result from three hundred Ki-suh This was just a quick video because I’ve been frozen food shop fight exchange and just check an old web shops that are for sale and Get new ideas and products, and I’m always having these two Wouldn’t wanna member glad and always happens you’re recording a video and people start fooling you so And that will be less Will continue so I was seen I always say Yeah seek these web shops and my phone So you quality trainer Already faith they supply Just And they show you how easy at meet be to create No different category for fitness or boxing or anything For society so you give the connections because I wanna make a new connection Probably it doesn’t work anymore. Oh, yeah Okay I Want to make a collection that’s called Fitness Gym essentials Something that you proteins check see collection So know I can instantly food disruption and just say listen I want some What are they self? Women let me see when does its fashion transfer level so now shape of S9 stiffened body gets us from $5.99 And he’s all set for $19.99 See it’s the same thing yes, it’s the same thing $5.99 got sighs so $5.99 soon Let’s see what shop over this Answer name. We could add this product by using the uber Lou product and portal Ad product less like Santa Fe both the control button Can open all these? And I use the button too important to your herbalist easy peasy lemon squeezy It’s the loading plus on screen recording this I’m actually having this to my import list that’s one Let’s bookmark this website, that’s at a book list and then go to over By just clicking on it really easy that should be an input list there and You just get ten People The people description as a polish So he’s selling this for $19.99 Let me just see what the calculation of Nana’s 99 so he marks it up 1.5 1.6 times 0.5 times I wanna just know If you are good at math you would instantly know one of us, okay, so you changed this price multiplied by three So it’s a 38 bucks. No, maybe it will multiply by three because it’s a 49 tank blah blah blah okay, so a little bit complains, but what about half and Then you wanna show it off we’re Not what crisis so this stupid taper prices on the picture I Don’t one lonely I’m someone’s a an image with the brandman So I could use this and cut the price of This one and then we push it to the shop Thanks for saying I Made a type order polishing or gem And by having the champ thing I know for sure It’s gonna show in nature So I forget people after purchase like if you know Don’t do any marketing yet. I’m gonna save that for next video, but first. I want to do so Yeah additions to the actual Collections Them the sons namely My body shape it’s for sale all right So I might add these images so bro, that’s old Just a Photoshop or camera or anything maybe it even boy one and a ask on Any social platform that if somebody wants just for free? They make a picture and you get okay Yeah, if you buy it and make it actually catch a price back What you pay for so you get customers to approve pictures? So this is instantly added to teach em essentials so now I can add more things blowing This thing for going o Different ones And they have to unfortunately N put less let me go back to overload click on import list that’s that easy man I’m swimming in freedom is trade. Oh boy save us And again boy man song about nonsense So mushy, that’s what I’m calling If you AB jam at the end to make sure and adds Add to the collection Now we need to multiply profile 1.9 Wapiti So this would be Cancel them Structural Flexing out that’s not what I mean See if they don’t even have a format so we just add a decimal a prop Multiply 3 3 X 5 Make sure that we use some images They do some sizing some product and A I just found that what about here, that’s right Because I was one thing very got this one he calls it a flexible Structure part C open it here, and that’s just one we do The answers we found the different product just by doing stuff looking clicking having that Obviously want a different Description server pages using deaths and he called it the structural valve and That’s a unique name because I didn’t find out more flexible disruption weld I found all kinds of shit, but not that’s what Good depth name your products and a uniquely So if we’ll just push this to shop now and see it hit you So using descriptions everything Much does it boo should check how much does it cost? 27:26 they’re selling that for Thought about they stay there any Issues we sharpen so we make like four books So in fixity that would start the following restful 1155 so I want to price it high So to do that I go back to my shop good products Make an SAP there Sona You can set your own price. That’s the cool thing about it co-owner of you Make the price So you can commit them all So tax on this product, so I make a little bit more Oh, just delete doesn’t Go back We’ll just copy what we typed and just say Delete product profit now just add it again Have to import less open effortless We already make this And that’s the entire description so You know just needed matches And price So if it’s one point She goes to one which one goes to See a father so it goes up to 27, and that’s what it says here Tony sex So what’s that? We’ll have so much in there, I know we’ll just push it to shop Again let me just refresh this Early 150 Who has a difference between a t-shirt Always make sure you check T-shirt on a vest See if you can maybe steal here you know Or make sure what the description? That’s not just like what are you just added it because that’s does not look very high plastic That looks much better teaches form structures construction removable back support apps. That’s people who Use it would say that people who make the product would say oh It’s me from Doesn’t this? product right and it’s test material Can you frame and you can wear it? It’s polyester or nylon M? Has 30 degrees washing thing? But that’s what across the moment a customer wants to know Does it fit nice does it do what it tells me to do or does it react when I’m actually sweating. You can wash it All those things they don’t care that do you chop trees stone or Kelvin and all this at this point at least So we just additive added this to the bathroom and By showing in this small video you can see you can increase your revenue by just Yeah, looking at all of people structure So if I’m one thing what they have and hope salad I could use a special snare But you could use his audience on Facebook You can see that he adds different things what the heck is this a massage Oh? Kabuki I’ll just set my eat a lot of like this and Instead of using about it a massage ball, and my dog has one of those as well I’m not using them Asarco Okay, but you can see okay, so by Google and you will find this product on Aliexpress really easy and just added Cleopatra Just like that Another cool thing if you have the connections 800 no yes, you have all the collections, which you can solve, that’s Alex So if you have this no Corrections also very bustling you can go to a special Victorino short go deep And you copy that given tasks collections firstly You can see everything that’s the best son in his natural So he sounds bags their food Drinks The best Bowser said it’s the best self so we want to have des as well. You just make a specific domain SS So a phone test at rope on exchange not Shopify don’t go and I just wanted to show you how easy it is to find products that South Oh – You have to find out what products are on any map shop, and we have to get products Oh, too important in your shop and home to make sales so you’re starting to act on this information That I’m getting me and each video It doesn’t look like much googling is polar node S&S But do you really know that there’s a difference between knowing and applying Hi, instantly took two minutes time and add this to the backdrop when people see my dear–my golden oh, I should’ve added this to the web server but They don’t and if you’re watching this video, and you’re scattering to the next video in the next video I urge you to stop actually stopped opening your Shopify trial run leaven these videos and 14 days you can have your first sale, so you can ship you can have that 15k 15,000 people a fifteen thousand dollar roughly on Amazon within 90 days And that’s when I started Realizing that Amazon is taking 50% of my profits, and that’s why I switched to Shopify And that’s when people asked for people Who are you doing this and who is it that you’re staying at home? And what the heck do you do and that’s why I’m making this course in these videos because it’s possible for everybody To just stay at home we Also mem come with your Shopify bathroom It’s not that oft, but Gavin products, but the key to their all of this let’s take a action So don’t skip the next video Matthew every month at their song about or any other product They sell a property that you Hook appeal to me If it’s no go back to those videos and start actually implementing if you have any troubles shoot me a message on facebook and Let me know and I can help But you need to take action promise me if they actually today ok see you in the next video

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