How To: Smith Machine- Overhand-Grip Bent-Over Row

What’s going on nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a smith machine Over hand grip bent over row now First thing you do is find your Smith’s machine Then put some weight on the bar and put the bar about mid-thigh level that way you can grab it and get started with the exercise relatively easy now What I’m going to do is get a slightly wider and shoulder length with my feet on the ground during the whole exercise Make sure you stay on your heels now doing the overhand grip. We’re still working our lats. We’re still working our rhomboids we’re also gonna be feeling a lot more on our forearms and our biceps so Feet little wider than shoulder length apart Hands a little wider than my feet you wanna make sure when you come up you’re getting 90 degree angles with your elbows So yeah, get my grip nice and tight now. I’m not right on top of the bar I’m actually back from it a little bit so that when I do the exercise my knees don’t go past my toes But I can arch my back and stick my butt back to pull right to my bellybutton so got the bar Sit back come down. My back is arched. My butt is out. My knees don’t go past my toes, maintain neutral spine And breathe out as I pull the bar to my belly button I’m also keeping my abs nice and tight Breathe out One more and then just simply come back up and rehook That’s how you do a smith machine Overhand grip bent over row. Hope you guys enjoyed this demonstration video and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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