How To Slow Down Aging | Jon Butcher

How To Slow Down Aging | Jon Butcher

So guys, I have something to share with you. When I saw this picture, it blew my mind. I did not believe it was real but when I realized how real it was, this particular picture of this man, this grandpa Jon Butcher, a guy in his fifties with four kids, two and a third grandkid on the way, this particular picture, let’s put up the picture right here. This picture blew my mind because it shows Jon in peak physical state at 29 and how at 49, 20 years later, he barely seems to have aged. Jon, like most men, like most women, as I turned 40, I started worrying about my body, I started thinking about my life at 50 and 60 and looking at my parents’ generation and thinking about how my body was gonna break down. When I saw that picture, it was a paradigm shift. It made me realize that I was buying into a societal brule, a societal bullshit rule that may not necessarily be true. And I think that picture is going to shake up a lot of your belief systems as well, especially when you realize that this man Jon Butcher is a grandpa. You are one of the fittest granddads I’ve ever seen. What’s the secret? Well, I’ll tell you but you won’t like it. Diet and exercise. That is the truth, but there’s something deeper. Here’s what I talked about in that blog post that I released to the Lifebook community. I never set a goal to be in great shape at 54 years old. I never set that as a goal. I’ve always worked on my health and fitness but I never was like, when I get to be 55… Never never did that. What I did was, I installed good habits in my life in my twenties and I ran those habits through my fifties. It’s as simple as that. You have to figure out what a healthy plate of food looks like, generally. What a decent exercise program is for you, generally, and then literally I worked out, you know, five or six days a week for 30 years. That’s how you do it. Not everyone wants to hear that but that is, that is the truth. Now, everybody knows how to get in shape, Vishen. Eat right and exercise more. That’s how to get in shape, that’s not world-changing news, and of course you can spend your entire life studying those two things, but that’s the bottom line and pretty much everybody knows it. This is something we talk about pretty deeply in Lifebook’s 30-day challenge that we made for Mindvalley. The key to the health and fitness category is your purpose. It’s not the how, everybody knows the ‘how’, it’s the ‘why’. So for me, connecting deeply with my purpose was what made it so that I was disciplined for 30 years and just did my workout. It was, it wasn’t, it’s never been for me, should I workout today or shouldn’t I? It’s a given. I don’t have to ask that question. It is a part of my lifestyle because my purpose is so strong. My purpose is the relationship that I want to have with my wife. Our sex life. We want to be turned on by each other. I want to set a good example for my kids. I want to be able to climb Machu Picchu and have amazing experiences. I am so dialed in to the reasons that I want to be in good shape that it’s easy for me to do the things that are required to be in good shape and it’s also relatively easy for me to avoid the things that are going to take me in the wrong direction. Missy and I don’t live like monks, we don’t live on fruits and berries. We party, we have a good time in our lives. We don’t deny ourselves anything that we really enjoy: sugar, alcohol, caffeine. We don’t deny ourselves anything, but we’re sensible. We’re moderate. We enjoy everything in moderation and that’s pretty much it. The key is the habits that you put in place and then being true to those habits, and the way that you’re going to make sure to get that done is to have a strong purpose. That’s what always comes down to. Purpose is the key, you’re absolutely right. One thing that shifted my treatment of my body. When I was in my twenties and my thirties I was not in the best physical shape. Today at 40 I am fitter and I have a better body than I did almost 15 years ago. It’s true. So my purpose shifted when I heard about an article published by Singularity University that said that medical science is adding three months to our lifespans for every year we live between now and 2030. So between now and 2030, you’ve probably added an extra three to four years of your life. So the average American lifespan wouldn’t be 75. If you live to 2030, you’d be like 79. But it gets weirder. Medical science is progressing at an exponential rate. Between 20-30 onwards, Singularity University says that we’ll be adding one year to our lives for every year live you live. Now when I did the math, I realized that I wasn’t going to live to the average-developed world lifespan for a male which is about 77. I’m actually going to live to be a hundred. If you’re 40 today, more than likely you are going to live to be a hundred. So 40 isn’t even the midpoint of your life. Retirement? Why do we even think about retirement? Because if like most successful people you’re living in a job that is fueled by mission and purpose, you don’t want to retire. That’s exactly right. Another study by Gallup shows that people who are living their mission work well into their nineties. So that became my purpose. I wanted to have this body fully fueled, ready to to do what I needed it to do so I could play with my grandkids or great-grandkid. I could live my purpose when I’m a hundred and that fundamentally changed the way I approach my health. That’s great. So it is vitally important that you start asking yourself these questions and thank you for sharing that, Jon. Purpose is the key. Any final tips? One final tip is this, over the last twenty five or six years that Missy and I’ve been married, we’ve done these little episodic sprints or challenges. So we’re going to go to Hawaii, we want to get great in shape. That’s a month of hardcore, you know, we’re going to do some video shoot or pretty much anything you can think of where you have something that you’ve got to get in shape for. We probably do one of these a year, where we stay in pretty good shape throughout the year but then at least one time we’re going to be pushing for something specific. Got to have a photo session or whatever it is. That has been awesome in our lives. For instance, the picture that you just put up there. That was a two-week training that I did and I’ve done a number of things like that over the years. That just kind of pushes you forward a little bit extra and so that’s a good tip. Right, I love that tip. I’m on a challenge right now: Wildfit by Mindvalley. So there are multiple challenges you can put into your life to constantly keep you at your peak physical state, but thank you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this content training and I hope it’s shifted the idea in your mind that purpose is really the secret to help and defy aging. Thank you. Thank you, Vishen.

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  1. Mohammed Umar Post author

    Well he didn't have to give birth, didnt have too lose sleep, breastfeed or have a period every month so it's way easier for men to be health and fit

  2. jortega61924 Post author

    lol. this guy looks his age. his body is in good health but his face looks his age, if that makes sense.

  3. Black Daddy Post author

    White people prune really quick. They all agree terribly next to black people. He looks old 49 old.

  4. Dasha Launer Post author

    thank you for paradigm start when 50+ will be in new biology which is 20 years younger then now..and abort 3D/4D program..

  5. What's Up Post author

    The average lifespan is 76 yrs. But you're saying that after 2030 people will live to be 152 years old?

  6. Michael Gibson Post author

    Hate to crush all your old peoples souls but even if you do live past 80 its not like you can do much… Yes there are exceptions to this rule but in general your probably going to just be sitting in some rest home getting your ass wiped for another 20 years…

    Marcus aurelius pointed this out in his book meditations.

  7. ThinkFirstable Post author

    Medical science has reduced the lifespan of so-called Americans. Italians live longer than so called Americans. There are people living to 130 and they stay AWAY from medical science! That's a clue.

  8. Michael Lustgarten Post author

    49 is still very young, but Jon Butcher (at least on the outside) is like my brother from another mother:

  9. Jonah R Post author

    Alcohol & caffeine even in moderation are in no way steps towards longetivity >70+ yrs. So why not be upfront and honest to people about this.

  10. Collins Kocmoc Post author

    A sleeping colon doesn´t age! I eat 200g grassfed meat and 200g of animal fat. Thats all nutrients and energy in a singel blow. Minimum work for colon and every essential nutrient that my body need. Vegetables is bad for colon, fruit is worse!

  11. Collins Kocmoc Post author

    If you spend yor life in training and ceeping fit! It means you are living a life in shize! Your living should ceep you fit. Training for health is a mental disorder of our times. In order for not changing what needs to be changed. 61 and loocking beutiful, without running 1 inch.

  12. ez lol Post author


  13. Thomas Grabowski Post author

    My purpose is to make a positive impact in the lives of everyone I meet through my words, actions, and deeds.

  14. Fernando Venancio Post author

    I've seen people looking better at his age…. he is a male, so it's easier for him. look at Madonna, she's 58 and looks amazing. sure she had work done on her face but that's not the point, take a look at her body, she's super fit!

  15. TJ35 BJJ Post author

    this is so cool, no bullshit snake oil hard sell, just straightforward common sense. There's no magic pill, just exercise and a good diet.

  16. whitebird77 Post author

    wrong, evercise age u faster when u breathe more Oxygen that is toxic to yr cells. i say sleep all the time if u want to live longer, this is how i preserve my youth, i eat once a day that is good breakfast and nothing else. Sleep at 7pm and wake up at 5am, and i take naps too. Just this 2 things, restrict food intake and sleep. thats my magic.

  17. Sharele johnson Post author

    thank you so much, because i do keep up a purpose, and i have been on the down side, so i am going to do a setup for a purpose…yey..I like that..

  18. Latonya Black Gilliard Post author

    Thank you for this! Mindset is also key. But now I see, a mindset of Purpose is key! Namaste!

  19. Michael Angst Post author

    these 2 are not the best examples… He does look at least 50 and other dude late 30's to 40… boring…. I am fuckin 29 now and water fasting 5 days out of the month from now on and using anti aging skin creams everyday. Also going to avoid the sun as much as I can. I fear aging and not being attractive anymore so I am doing I believe all I can do presently.

    Luckily I have done well in my life not to rely on retail working in my life and can go at my own pace. or else 5 day water fasts would not be possible

  20. Claudia Templaria Post author

    it is all about food and live a healthy life. I am also the sane age as his second picture and i also look very young .

  21. Zakhele Mthembu Post author

    Jon Butcher is my mento, so far all I've heard him speak is what I've wanted to be. I'm not exegerating nor am I trying to buy into his favour. Dude, please speak to my family.

  22. Tribal Shakti Post author

    I am doing my best to have a wonderful and health life now and in the future. Thanks for that inspiration…

  23. Johanne Roy Post author

    Great interview and profound strategies. I never thought of the purpose behind my healthy lifestyle choice just relied on science behind it and actually focus too much on what to avoid. I am aware of the negative impact it has on me and my relationships, husband and sons.
    Thanks you for sharing your insight.

  24. Brooke Estin Post author

    Where can we try the free Masterclass? The link is broken 🙁

    "Oops 🙂
    We are currently upgrading our website and we can’t seem to find the page you’re looking for. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

    Click here to get FREE instant access to our highest ever production value course Meditation Mastery with Omharmonics, absolutely free! Plus, here are some other helpful links:"

  25. TheSushiandme Post author

    LOL, isn't this what the Asians been doing for ages? Eat healthy and tai chi or martial arts daily.

  26. Qi Huna Post author

    You can live to 200-years old, that's still a very short life span.

    IF GOD/UNIVERSE/DIVINITY wants you dead, BAMM!!! …you're dead, simple as that!!
    Life is a short nightmare that teases you thru each breath, the proof is in the pudding!!

    To remain "young"………………………DON'T BE BORN!

  27. Rosi Szanyi Post author

    Yes Isabella is right!I had a ulcer cud not eat,only one piece off drye bread a Day,I lost so match weight,but it was to fast also I last my strength!!I want from a Size 14 to a 38 in 2 Month!Its.The sugar what oure body makes from Carbohydrates is killing us!And eating often makes as ill!!Its not easy,I’m a sugar addict,my Mom after the German War lernt that chokolade helps to store Energy in the body!They had no food!She feed me lots off chokolade as a treat!Its like taking a Drug addictive!Im still struggling with it today,after Br.Cancer,I did not eat any Sugar vor one Jear lost 2 Dresssizes!Now I had to bake for my Daughter as she visits me in Germany and eat Cake,again with her Blachforrest with Cherrys and weal Wippcream.Gaint the Weight Back this quick in 3 Months!The Best is Don’t have any Sugar what is Poisen in your House if you an addict,I will trye to eat only 2x a day,and fast at night not easy!

  28. Ben M Post author

    You're leaving out hormones. Put your hormones through a workout daily. All the other hormones serve the king of them all, the human-growth hormone. This is the goal, get that passion racing daily, All of this info is free, the entire website is free. i don't conceal any`thing behind a price-tag. Charging for the spirit is a fatal move. It's a sad thing however, I haven't found anyone to experience that passion with. It can be done alone for decades and decades, but it's a sad journey. It's an odd thing, all my passion seems to scare women away. I never cease though, I'm enjoying life anyway.

  29. Francis Lord Post author

    I came to this video because I started noticing something about people my age, they all looked older. I'm in my early forties but I still get recognised by taxi drivers I went to school with whom I haven't seen since then (never recognised one of them myself). A lot of people in their 20s look older (well, when I dye my hair that is). I've done a lot of thinking about why that is. I am not someone who exercises as a matter of course, my exercise comes from the things I do. Interestingly the things I do now are the very things I've done since school – that hasn't changed.

    So, in a way, it makes sense. If you're doing the same thing it follows that your body will shape itself to that function and, if you don't change what you're doing then it follows your body won't change. I very rarely drank when I was younger and now I'm a tee-totaller. I don't overconcentrate on diet although five years ago I discovered I was gluten intolerant (after fifteen years of living with pain after eating and not understanding why – no thanks to the doctor who diagnosed me wrongly with a stomach ulcer).

    I also recently discovered I had a calcium deficiency so I make sure to eat eggs now (even though I don't really like them). Adopting eggs into my diet did change my shape, I became larger and more muscular so I'm not complaining about that – in fact I'd actually say I was fitter than I was as a youngster. I can outrun my nephews easily (in their late teens and 20s) and everybody else seems to struggle more if they have to carry heavy things than I do, often I'm thinking what they're making a fuss over.

    I came to realise when I was pretty young that exercising at a gym or going jogging is more arduous than if you have to do those same exercises just in the things that you do. I realised then that, so long as I stayed physical I would stay fit and I have seen no evidence to contradict that. So that's the key to making exercise easier, incorporate it into your day to day actions, make sure you're the person carrying things for people at every opportunity. Carry your own stuff and don't be afraid of walking to destinations.

    Often I have to go and see a guy who lives three miles away. I'm not particularly pressed for time when I do. I walk the 3 miles (it takes me 30 minutes) then I walk the same route home (for a total of 6 miles). Everyone I know is overreliant on vehicles and I've watched people grow plump behind the wheel. Most of my life pretty much takes place within a three mile radius, I don't even have a car as I don't think I really need one.

    At this age I'm realising that my precepts about age, about how people of each age look, are culturally constructed and handed down with each new generation. But previous generations didn't live so long and, with each new generation, we live longer. I read an article by a scientist who said the first person who will live to 300 is already born, which begs the question of exactly how long we have on this Earth.

    My grandfather died at 81, which was considered life expectancy at the time, almost spot on. What will life expectancy be when I'm 81 (in 40 years time)? 40 years ago life expectancy in the UK was 69 for a male, forty years before that it was 55. Following that same pattern I estimate that, by the time I'm 81 life expectancy should be 91 but here's the cultural kicker. My Grandfather, not to mention almost every other man his age at the time, was a smoker who loved chugging on his cigars, he died from cancer of course.

    If you remove cigarettes and alcohol from the equation just how long could I live…? There's really no way to judge that.

  30. let me Post author

    This guy is a good example of fitness. Sadly, some of the health professionals themselves are obeses..I hope they learn from him. ☺

  31. let me Post author

    This guy is a good example of physical fitness. Sadly, some of the health professionals been neglected their physical bodies as well.

  32. Wav Els Post author

    Wow…this guy looks his age…waste of my time… he is simply hawking a dubious book.
    Snake oil.

  33. I am Lita Wi Post author

    Is it just me and my makeup artist "everything is beautiful" eyes…or is this man's skin luminescent?!

  34. World Dreamerz Post author

    I am SO happy that people are spreading this knowledge! People used to look at me like I was nuts when I told them that I have turned off aging, now others are starting to talk about this too! <3 Thanks Mindvalley!

  35. karn soo Post author

    No reason to pay too much

  36. TheFreedomMindset Post author

    he says that the key to accomplishing this was building habits that you just do, then vishen says purpose is the key. When you build a solid habit that you do every day you don't need that much motivation from purpose 🙂

  37. VGNSK8RQU33N Post author

    I have a tip: Stop eating rape and murder victims, stolen fetuses and stolen breast milk of other species. #goVEGAN

  38. Mindvalley Post author

    What are some of your deepest life purposes? Share with us in the comments below!
    Remember to tune in to Jon Butcher's FREE masterclass to learn even more about how you can create the life of your dreams 👉

  39. Gregory C Joseph Post author

    I really love how this way of being brings the motivational structure to purpose, rather than money or pain and gain type thinking. Put some thought to each area of life and tweak it into brilliant living. His 12 steps combined together in ways that can be accomplished gracefully with joy and ease have re-inspired me.

  40. Ishta Neel Post author

    My vision of wholistic life seemed like perfectionism or idealism & unreal to others n hence I thought I’m an odd one out but I’m so glad I came across Jon n Missy. U guys r already living my dream life, I’ve someone to look up to n not feel alone.

  41. Universe Says Post author

    Your mindset about aging matters a lot, throw the whole social conditioning away about aging- which is why most don’t age well. The reason why the minority age well is because of the mindset for it is in the minority and yes, your mind has a tremendous effect on your body

  42. Dancing Light Post author

    Aging gracefully includes dissolving ones ego and realizing you are not your body. This guys wife has breast implants and gets botox which closes your third eye and is not body acceptance an self love.

  43. Edith Lemus Post author

    I think the clue is being drug free and having high self-esteem and lots of hugs, kisses, work and exercise.

  44. Nisreen Hamid Post author

    My deepest life purpose is to be healthy and fit so that I can serve the community and the world at large and so that I’m not dependent on anyone in my old age time
    Am 48 n no one knows how long one gets to live but every day is a blessing n lots of gratitude goes toward it


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