How to reply to text/sms messages on Fitbit Ionic

hello everyone in this video I’m going
to show you how you can reply to text messages from your Fitbit ionic so the
first thing that you need to do is to go to the notifications section of the
Fitbit ionic you can hold the left button and swipe left and make sure the
notifications is on so that’s the first thing that you need to do on the Fitbit
ionic the second thing is your phone so on your phone make sure that the
Bluetooth is turned on and then open your Fitbit ionic app and tap on the
account icon and tap on the ionic and then go to the notifications and here
you will find an option called quick replies so click tap on this one select
the messages which is the default messaging app on Android and you can see
here you have five predefined messages that you can use to reply with to text
messages that you will receive you have the option to change these messages to
whatever you want so let’s say for example yes I’ll change it to something
like yeah and we will say how this will be reflected on the on the watch so once
you configured what you want to reply with as messages just head back and make
sure it’s saved and then we will see how we can reply from the Fitbit ionic
itself alright so now I have received a message from someone saying are you free
tonight if I want to reply to it all I have to
do is tap on the message and I will have here
the reply button tap on it and you can see here all the five messages that we
have pre-configured on the Fitbit app you can use any of these to reply also
you have the option to reply with an with an emoji so you have some
predefined emojis here that come with the with the watch I don’t think you can
change that from the app I couldn’t find that option anyway so if I want to reply
just say let’s select this option for example can’t talk now so let’s see
how this looks like on the on the phone so yeah if we open the messages on the
phone here we can see the message that we just replied with alright so that’s
pretty much everything thanks for watching and have a good day

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