How To Manifest Physical Health Using The Law of Attraction

How To Manifest Physical Health Using The Law of Attraction

Hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel. If you’re new my name is Mary Kate and I’m founder of MKMagicmindset.Com. I have received so many requests for today’s video and it’s all
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today’s video now let’s get into it. This video is going to show you how to
manifest physical health using the law of attraction. Quick disclaimer I am NOT
a medical professional or a medical doctor in any capacity, so if you have
any sort of medical emergency that requires a media assistance please call
nine one or go see a medical doctor I’m not a doctor just how to throw that out
there. First you need to understand a few
important manifesting facts. Whatever you were tuning into is what you’re going to
attract. Let me repeat that, whatever you are tuning into is what you are going to
attract. You need to understand that everything that you want to create is
happening because of what you tune into. All day long you are tuning into these
little frequencies without even realizing it.
For example, have you ever turned on the news and they’re talking about flu
season and everyone’s getting the flu and everybody’s sick and you start
getting a little bit scared that you’re gonna catch the flu, and then meanwhile
you end up with the flu and it’s all because you tuned into that frequency of
fear of catching the flu and you brought it into your reality. You didn’t mean to,
but it happened. I’m guilty of this too. Whenever people around me are sick, I get
a little bit nervous around them and I don’t want to be around them and I start
thinking about it and then usually I end up getting sick. So ,I’m guilty of it too,
You don’t even realize sometimes what frequencies you’re tuning into so you
have to be consciously aware of what frequencies you are tuning into on a
daily basis. Just be aware. If we can attract illness, how do we attract health?
There is a firm belief in something called the placebo effect. The placebo
effect means that you think you’re getting better so you do get better.
There have been so many studies of control groups where half the people
receive a certain antibiotic or medicine and the other half received a placebo
pill. Meaning it had nothing in it. No medicine. No antibiotics. Nothing. And the
people who take the placebo effect often have the healing effects that the people
who took the medicine do simply because when they think that this pill is
helping them get better so they do get better. The placebo effect is a proven
theory. Just thinking and believing you’re getting better makes you feel
better. In order to manifest physical health your subconscious mind has to
accept it as true. Those people who took the placebo pills, they didn’t know
whether or not they were taking the full dose medication or a fake pill, but
taking that pill every day convinced their subconscious
mind that they were taking something to heal them and in turn they were healed.
And they felt better. And it’s people tuning into the frequency of healing
without even realizing it. So what are some ways that you can convince your
subconscious mind that you are in a great physical health or you’re feeling
better from whatever is that your sicknesses or illnesses. What are some
ways that you can convince your subconscious mind? Some great ways to
manifest physical health are through scripting, meditations, affirmations.
Anything that you can tune into that fully makes you feel that you are
healing. I often suggest scripting. Scripting is such a great way to work
into your subconscious mind what is happening in your current reality. If you
want to watch my whole video on scripting I’ll leave a link up here and
a link down below. Definitely check that out if you’re new to scripting. I
also think affirmations work wonders for people. If you affirm something enough
that your subconscious mind accepts it and you fully believe it you can really
change your life. Think of some affirmations that feel really powerful
to you whatever it is that you resonate with. It can’t be something I write for
you. It has to be something that works for you. It should evoke some sort of
emotion or feeling that is an affirmation that you know is going to
work for you. Say it as often as you need in order to convince your subconscious
mind that it’s true. Another great way to manifest physical health is
through meditation. Meditation is one of the best things that you can do for your
mind and body. It’s a whole mind-body connection.
Meditation has also been linked to lower stress rates. Stress is a huge factor in
illness. Stress runs down your mind and your body, and it really does create a
lot of stagnant energy in your body. Which always leads to illness. Stress is
really honestly unavoidable for most of us and it’s a normal part of everyday
life, but the more you can find time to meditate and de-stress the better off
you’ll feel. Stress is huge an illness so taking time to combat that will really
help you out. I also think getting physical
is a great way to meditate. If you play tennis, if you’re a runner… Any type of
physical exercise that gets you out of your mind and into your body is also a
form of meditation. Try not even listen to music. Just go for a run and quiet
your mind and see what comes up for you. It’s such a powerful way to connect with your
mind and body. Manifesting physical health all starts with the mind and what
you tap into. Be consciously aware of what you’re tuning into and try and tune
into powerful positive thoughts of health and wellness and do these
techniques to convince your subconscious mind and accept as true that you are
healthy and well. I really hope you enjoyed today’s video on how to manifest
physical health. If you did be sure to subscribe, hit the thumbs up button, and
as always leave me a comment below let me know your thoughts and what videos
you want to see on this channel and I will see you next time.

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  1. Princess Jen Post author

    Can you make a video on changing appearance through LOA? Both overall and specific changes. Btw great video.
    Much love😘

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    You my friend are Great!! Thank u for helping people. YOU MANIFESTED BEAUTY WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!

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    Why i feel stressful when I do all techniques of law of attraction? Maybe because I feel the symptoms of deseasw! What can I do for go away this bad feeling?


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