How to Lose Weight (Weight Loss and Obesity) – Teal Swan

How to Lose Weight (Weight Loss and Obesity) – Teal Swan

How to Lose Weight(Weight Loss and Obesity)
[subtitles using] hello everyone. in response to partner request i’m going
to do to this video on obesity and weight gain. now i’m going to start this
video with the truth. and the truth is there is a reason
that you have excess weight. we like to use excuses in our society such as; i have a
slow metabolism, i over eat, or it’s about my genetics. but none of these conditions is what actually
causes obesity and weight gain. weight gain is an external reflection
of a deep internal problem. the difficult truth which we must face
when we’re looking at weight loss is there is a reason that your body thinks
that it needs the weight that it has. otherwise you wouldn’t have it. so there’s a reason that you think you
need the excess weight. the question you need
to ask yourself is why do i need this weight? what is the positive intention for having
it? sit for a while with this question. let the answer surface. you might be surprised
what answer you receive. the only lasting way to release weight is
to discover what need is underneath the reason that you have excess weight and to release
that need so the need the longer exists. the only way to release
excess weight is to discover and release the need that is
causing that excess weight. the root that is causing all of it. if you release that need the body will no longer
put on weight because it has no use for it. in order to explain this i’m going to
explain an observation which i’ve made over the years helping people with
obesity. everyone I’ve ever met this overweight or obese feels
a deep internal need for emotional protection. they ran away from and make excuses for
their feelings. they live in a hold an internal world of insecurity and many of them have
run away from those feelings for so long they aren’t even aware of them. the number two reason for being
overweight is chronic self-denial. this comes in the form of denying itself of
what, what truly wants and who won truly is. but more importantly the form of
depriving oneself of what one desires. many people who are overweight do not
feel that they deserve of what they desire. their form of self-punishment
is deprival. they deny themselves what they need and want based on principle or belief and
feel such a sense of internal starvation and lack from that self denial. that their body responds by feeling as if
it must save because it will be denied. and what does the body save and store when it feels
as if it will be starved in the future? fat. here are some other causes for
excess weight and obesity. feelings of insecurity self-rejection wanting to protect the body
from someone or something attempting to fill avoid
with them feelings being stuffed down and not expressed. the feeling that you cannot express
the truth of who you are. seeking love and fulfillment with being convinced
that it will not come from the outside. using food as a substitute
for affection. inability to admit to yourself
or others what you truly desire. feeling a lack in an aspect of your life so
great that you are trying to overcompensate. craving closeness and beloved / held
but feeling as if you will not get it. so you have to simulate that feeling of
closeness or being held tightly by a fat. putting up emotional armor
so nothing gets in. suppressed anger and resentment and the desire for power
and bigness so someone isn’t taken advantage of. look to release these underlying causes
of weight gain and of obesity and your body will no
longer need the weight and everything else you do will
just be icing on the cake. people get different results
from eating food because people have a different vibrational set point
relative to food and relative to their body. so i want to explain something that I’m seeing because
i’m able to see the world in a vibrational manner. when you watch someone and they take a bit of food and they put
it to their lips and their idea that they have in their head their belief is that that food is going
to make them fatter, then it will. they have a love-hate
relationship with food. so they will gain weight no matter
what they eat or don’t eat. however if you meet a person who puts the food to their
mouths and they are in an aspect of appreciation. they don’t think that the food is making them fat
its not even the thought that something their head. this person could probably eat three pieces
of chocolate cake and be no different in terms of physical appearance than they
were in the first place. it is your idea, your belief, relative to fatness
that creates everything in this reality. if you believe the food will
make you fat and it will. if you do not believe the food
will make you fat then it won’t. so you see how we’re stuck in
a vibrational holding pattern. so believe me when I tell you
that metabolism has absolutely nothing to do with it. and the key to
losing weight is to find out how to release resistance to the thoughts that are holding
you a vibrational match to that weight. it is very important to understand that you cannot eat
foods that you think will make you fat and get skinny. you also can’t think thoughts relative to
your body that you are fat and get skinny. that’s a vibrational
contradiction resist the weight and it will stay there. focus on all the things that don’t
work all the things you’ve tried. focus on the fact you do have
and you will get more of it. resistance is the reason that most
diet plans don’t work well. you’re not doing things from the
standpoint of allowing and joy. instead you’re fighting
against the fat. you put yourself on diets that don’t
feel good to do, they’re hard to do. you end up feeling as if you’re
depriving yourself and so you’re pointed in the opposite direction
of joy and you simply can’t maintain that. it nullifies the whole entire
prerogative of weight loss. the only reason you want to lose weight is because
you think will make you happier to lose weight. so if what you’re doing to lose
weight makes you less happy. you’re pulled in the opposite direction
of weight loss and happiness. we may think that we’re going about
it the right way but we aren’t. i promise you when it comes to weight loss that the harder
you try to lose the weight the worst everything will get. you will not be able to lose weight
because that desperacy see you feel. that desire which is so intense within you that
you feel the acute lack of it, is resistance. and anything we resist persists. the issue with weight gain is that you want something
that you know you don’t have. and the more you focus on how
bad you wanted. the more aware you are of your position
relative to that thing you want. which is how much you
lack what you want. so if you really really want something that
you are really really aware you don’t have. you activate the side of the equation
that is more believable to you. in other words you activate the side of
the equation which is already activated. which is the lack of what you want. it is understandable you are standing in
your life looking at the proof which is the lack of what you want
in this case excess weight. and so you feed that
side of the equation. losing weight is all about releasing resistance
to the current weight which you have. it’s about finding any way you can
to fall in love with yourself. and right now you can’t look in the mirror
and say wow I am absolutely gorgeous i’m the perfect weight. that would be lying to yourself because
you don’t actually believe that. but you can choose to focus on yourself
in terms of things you do believe which are on the way to total
self love of your body image. from there you can incrementally takes steps to go in the
direction of the body image which you really identify with the one you want to have. that this time it will come from space of wanting to allow yourself
to achieve a body image which you enjoy because you love yourself. not because you hate yourself. I’m going to reiterate that again. real weight loss, is weight loss which occurs because
you love yourself and you want yourself to feel good. it does not come from the space of hating yourself
and wanting yourself to be different. I’m gonna reiterate it again that the entire reality
we live on is the byproduct of your thoughts. and so we said many times that you cannot make
up for an action what you lack and focus. however when it comes to
something like your body you can use actions to help improve
your mentality vibrationally. what this means is you can pick small
actions every day which will cause you to vibrationally feel better
relative to weight gain. and by doing that you will
increase your vibration. which will then lead you towards
more inspired actions to take and those actions which you take towards weight
loss will then increase your vibration. and your mental set point relative to weight loss and
so will snowball in the correct direction like so. there is a pain cycle that exists relative
to food and relative to gaining weight. it goes like this, you know you believe that some
food is gonna make you fat. but in the moment the need to feel that internal
avoid filling up instead of existing there. the need to fill it up with something
that makes you feel less empty inside is more intense than your
desire and your need to be skinny. so in the moment you have competing
needs and so you put it in your mouth and then you feel that sinking guilt. I understand this process and you’re not
in this process alone that’s the one thing which most people
who are overweight feel like. because if you’re overweight and resistance
to it, you’ll attract all kinds of skinny friends that can eat anything they want and you’ll be convinced
you’re the only one that feels this way. but I promise you, you aren’t. there are many
people on this planet that are stuck in the same cycle and in reality anybody who suffers from any kind
of addiction is stuck in this cycle as well. so we’re all in the spoke together. it’s important to understand that when it comes to losing weight
you have to be motivated from the inside and not the outside. it’s also important that you leave
everyone else out of the equation. what that means is it doesn’t matter what somebody did
to lose weight or what diet they were on to lose weight. when it comes to losing weight
there’s only you and you. and your experience has nothing to
do with anyone else’s experience. so all you need to do is examine your beliefs relative to
how you think right now that you will lose or gain weight. and then going in the direction of
that leave everyone else out of it. their experience has nothing to do with
yours. so in terms of action here’s the problem most people trying to lose weight they
get on very difficult diet routines very difficult exercise routines as if we’re not even training we’re just sending someone
straight to ever stand expecting them to summit. this is not how it’s going to work because you’re
dealing with an awful lot of resistance and if you have ever done a diet program or a difficult exercise program
before you know that there’s nothing that creates more resistance. than doing something which is currently
beyond your means. you’re gonna feel like you’re punishing yourself you’re going to feel like
you’re depriving yourself and so you will actually be
introducing more resistance. and so you can’t stick with it. the human being goes in the direction of
what feels good. so anything that is too difficult
to do you will not maintain. you will not stick with it. this is why people yoyo and weights so much. when they
try new diet plans, when they say I’ve tried everything. the reason it keeps going back is
because they have tried to do things that are too difficult
for where they currently are. so the way to go about weight loss is
to take every day and set simple goals. 1 goal a day or two goals
a day that’s it. anything you can manage
that seems achievable. not something which is way out of sight not
something like Everest something very small. so for some people this might look like
today I’m going to eat an apple. everything else in my life might stay the same I
might be eating the same foods throughout the day. I might not exercise all day long but
i am adding an apple to my diet. now when they eat that apple they
have some kind of achievement and that’s going to feel good and so because they associated that
action with feeling good not bad for depriving themselves. then they will be motivated so play this game with yourself, each day I want
you to set an achievable incremental goal. today it might look like
walking around the block. next week it might look like
walking around two blocks. if you keep doing these simple steps setting these achievable goals
which keep you motivated to go in the direction of weight loss because it feels good to you in the process of it and then the achievement
of it and pretty soon your next goal will be a half marathon. pretty soon you will be standing in front of the mirror and you will
be looking at the exact image you want the world to see. what is the key to weight loss
when it comes to action? it is to do little, symbol, achievable, things
that you believe will help you lose weight. do not do things that feel like
punishment or self deprival. simply do the things you feel
motivated and excited to do. it doesn’t matter what
you do to lose weight. simply take the steps that you believe
will help you loss weight. such as eliminating all meat from your
diet. eliminating dairy from your diet. adding vegetables to your diet. adding fruits to your diet. adding healthy fats to your diet. such as nuts and coconut oil. removing unhealthy fats from your diet such
as; lard, crisco, vegetable oil or butter. taking the stairs instead
of the elevator, spending time outdoors, doing it cleanse or taking up a sport. when it comes to taking up a sport it’s incredibly
important that you do something you enjoy to do. this is the bottom line when it comes
to weight loss and exercise. if you don’t enjoy exercise you will
not be exercising for very long. and it will feel like self-punishment
every time you do it. so what I want you to do is I want
you to find an activity you enjoy. don’t make it about the exercise have the exercise just be happy
side benefit of all of it. so maybe you might try tennis
and really love tennis so the fact that you’re exercising when
you’re doing tennis is just a bonus. that’s the kind of thing you want to
look for when it comes to exercise. otherwise you’re going to be going at weight loss yet again
and an exercise yet again from a standpoint of persistence instead of a stand point of
adding to your own joy. so I want to take a bit of time to tell you about
the difference between your body and your mind. and I promise it’s only gonna take
a second because it goes like this. there is no difference between
your body and your mind. your body is a direct reflection
of your mind. your reality is a direct reflection
of your beliefs. so if you can work around with your beliefs all to the
thoughts you’re thinking your body must follow suit. we need to stop approaching weight loss
in the way that we approach it now. you cannot spend your life being driven
to action by what you do not want. so the moral of the story is stop struggling
against the weight you don’t want. think any thought you can think without lying to yourself that
helps you to make peace with the weight you currently have and then work to transform the
root need for this weight. after that you can move towards the body image you desire
by doing things that pull you in that direction. that feel good to do. that you’re excited to do. that you believe will work. so that when you do them you feel
the momentum of those actions. from there are things easy you can let the actions make
you feel better and feeling better will inspire you towards better action and so
on and so forth until one day and you may not even realize it your body will
be the embodiment of your desire for it. stop evaluating yourself according to the opinions
and perspectives and ideals of others. most of us do this so I understand
it’s a bit of a tall order. but most of us spend our lives comparing ourselves
to the perspectives of other people. other people who have photoshop. as you can understand that’s
incredibly self hating and you can’t lose weight from
an aspect of self-hate. you can’t hate the fat and get rid of that fat because
you’re resisting it and whatever you resist persists. it’s my desire that you understand that the
body that you’re in is absolutely perfect. there’s nothing about it which needs to
change. but at the same time you deserve to have whatever
body image, you desire to have in this life. and there is nothing preventing
you from it. have a good day. Subtitles by the community

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    i have been blaming my recent weight gain on being diagnosed with leaky gut, and trying to tell myself that the weight will go once i’m healed.. i realise now this is the wrong mindset, and i’ve never really explored my need for weight. i was sexually assaulted when i was 18, which then continued over the next 12 years. and my weight has gone up and down that many times since then i can’t keep count. i have to admit that any time i’ve lost weight it’s been me taking drugs/starving myself/partying…

    after so many times of being used and abused in such depraved ways, subconsciously i feel as though i’m using food to 1) make myself feel comfortable 2) possibly needing the weight to match what i feel my self worth is… which has been quite low for a long time 3) maybe even some protection in there, so if i’m bigger and see myself as ugly then maybe men won’t see me as a body to abuse.

    i almost didn’t click on this video, and i’m so thankful i did, this was exactly what i needed to hear. it’s resonating with me so hard right now, deep down i know i need to love myself and just stop this constant worry and stress. of course it’s not that easy and i think just having small little things i can do each day to help myself is going to do a world of difference. THANK YOU 🙏🏼 ♥️

  45. Monique Post author

    When I accepted my family did not love and have never loved me, I lost the 80+ pounds so easily.
    When I started to love myself, my mind and body started to heal.
    Now working on the spiritual healing.

  46. White light Post author

    If i didnt have excess weight my boyfriend would give me hell: hed want me to dress in revealing clothes and constantly get into fights with other guys for checking me out.

  47. kenna Post author

    "They feel such a sense of internal starvation and lack from that self-denial that the body responds by feeling that it must save, because it will be denied. And what does the body save if it feels that it will be denied in the future? Fat." damnnn. I've rejected all my desires for connection because of my toxic belief that I don't deserve to be loved, and my body thinks that it's also going to be denied nourishment, same as how I deny myself.

  48. Matango Post author

    5:09 that's BS. I will explain this without the BS. It does not matter what you believe when you eat. Everybody has a base number of calories he/she needs per day. If you eat more calories per day you'll get fatter, if you eat less calories per day, you'll lose weight. It's that simple. No amount of new age armchair psychology can change that. It's just simple math/logic. I'm doing it now. I lost 40 pounds in 9 months with intermittent fasting and by eating less than 2000 calories a day. That's it.

  49. Linda Brown Post author

    OMG! Yes…I am so afraid of a man giving me attention and yet I want one man to just love me for who I am. I am so over weight right now it's horrible. Although I have lost 97 lbs in the last year I still need to lose 250 more pounds to be at a normal weight. Even at this weight I have men always approaching me especially when I am doing my work as an Empath, Pastor of light, and Universe Prayer Warrior. I pray for men and women online and I have had so much trouble with them wanting to know me more than I really want them to. I don't speak seductively ever but they say it's how I pray for them and the love and care I show them that draws them to me. I don't know if you understand what I am writing here. But I pray that you will! thank you! Lili Susan

  50. J Turner Post author

    I found the reason I had gained weight was for protection. I felt unsafe at my healthy weight. I felt vulnerable.

  51. VentionMGTOW Post author

    I lost 69 pounds over the last 6 months. I did it by getting serious about my health when I got cancer. I'm stage 4 with colon cancer that has spread to my liver but I feel better than I've felt in 20 years at least. I incorporated fasting into this since fasting is well known to be effective against cancer.


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