How To Look 10 Years Younger Over 50!

How To Look 10 Years Younger Over 50!

tips and tricks to help you look 10
years younger hi I’m Shelly this is fabulous 50s a lifestyle channel that
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there’s a new video and they’ll all relate to you today’s video is simple
tips and tricks to help you look 10 years younger and it’s just things I’ve
learned along the way that I’d love to share with you but first things first
there’s absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your age loving where you’re
at and feeling great about the skin that you’re in this video is just for fun
tips and tricks to help you look younger just so you can have some fun and enjoy
the blessings that you have and now that you’re over 50 so this is kind of a
video to help us look as good as we feel because many of us are feeling a lot
younger on the inside than we’re looking on the outside and it’s only at this age
now that I really appreciate the wisdom and beauty of an older woman whose
spirit is alive women who have been through life work things out and learnt
something along the way and you can’t be that woman I don’t
think in my opinion when you’re 25 wrinkle-free and beautiful as they may
be it’s our tribe of women over 50 who are
on fire they’re setting the world alight and I encourage you as you’re getting
older to experiment and play with new ideas and new techniques and new clothes
and new hair and new makeup and learn new things because we’re at the prime of
our life and don’t let anyone tell you anything different my first tip to
looking 10 years younger in an instant is to sort out our RBF you all know what
that is it’s our face when we’re resting it’s when we think nobody’s looking and
we’re not conscious of anything that we’re doing so have you ever pulled out
your phone and put the camera on and it’s been in Reverse
and you look at your face in that camera and you think oh well who’s that is that
me because it doesn’t look like you and that can be pretty scary when you look
in the phone and realize that that is you and that’s the you that everybody’s
looking at so this tip actually takes a little bit of practice and it takes a
little bit of looking in towards yourself but once you learn how to do it
it’s actually something you can switch on immediately and it will change the
look of your face and it will also change the way that people are
perceiving you okay so when you’re resting your face usually your face is
down and you’ll find that your whole tension in some part of your face for me
it’s here in the chin and I clench my jaw so when I’m just resting and not
thinking that is the face that I have naturally very so I can’t even do it now
because I’m smiling but so it’s like that one of the best teachings of the
Tao is to smile with your eyes and bring it down your body into a full body smile
and this technique you can use to get your face to be lit up for most of the
time it’s kind of like a walking meditation a life meditation so it’s to
switch on and think about being in the present moment at all times and what you
do is smile with your eyes first before your mouth so you lift the corners of
your eyes and then you follow by a slight upturn of the corners of your
mouth then you follow that down into your heart and imagine turning your
heart up with a smile and then you follow that down into the organs of your
body it’s really good it can take ten years off your face when you do this
when you’re thinking about it so start with your eyes and slightly smile
with your eyes not like a smile like this it’s just a gentle smile do it with
your lips as well and the outside of your mouth and take it into your heart
all of a sudden you’ve transformed the way you feel and the way that you look
and you’re not actually smiling you’re walking around purposefully and you’re
walking around conscious that you’re actually making something happen and
when you go out into the world you are projecting the smile that’s going on
here and here and here and throughout your body
this actually is magic and I would love for you to tell me if it works for you
ok color on our cheeks creates a more youthful look and can
actually make us look a lot younger and did you know that when blush was first
invented it was considered as immoral it was thought only to tempt a man or to
fool a man into believing a woman had false beauty and its purpose was to
mimic the look of your cheeks full of blood after an intimate encounter thank
goodness we’ve come so far and that we are allowed to enjoy makeup and play
with it and we don’t get judged for being ladies of the night if we’re
wearing blush or makeup or anything so to recreate that blush flushed look a
cream a blush is really great for older women and a tapping on of a color is
perfect and most of the time is all you need so if you don’t wear much makeup at
all just adding a little bit of color to your cheek is really going to make your
cheeks pop and it will intensify the color of your eyes and it really is just
a great pick-me-up so I’ve got a couple to show you here and I’m going to just
apply some to my face because I haven’t got any on today the great thing about
cream blush is you don’t need a huge amount of technique it’s unlike a powder
blush so you can just Pat it on the apples of your cheek and everything will
pop this one here is a stain and this is great for all the women who don’t wear
much makeup because it’s really big and you just tap it on and that’s all
that you need to do so you could wear this over bearskin or you could wear it
over your foundation so I’ll apply it to this check and you just tap it on and it
gives you that it gives you that flushed look that I was talking about of an
intimate encounter oh so that’s on that sheet there and
another one I’m going to show you is a cream blush made by Stiller it lasts all
day and it’s also very good so you just add a little bit tap it in this is a
more gentle color so this one is just adds a little bit of pink to the top of
your cheek and you tap it in and it’s very subtle this one here has a stain
and it’s more intense it’s more it has more of a pop so if you’re a darker
coloring this would be really great for you and this one here is really great
for someone with my coloring or a little bit paler I’ll do another video on blush
to show you different ways to apply it but just for this purpose just for a pop
of color to help you look more youthful this is what you can do and on top of
this you can apply a highlight so this is just a chubby stick it’s not very
expensive it’ll probably last you forever and you can just tap that on on
the cheek and dab that in a little bit as well so it’s going to give you a
little bit of a glow and it’s going to bring your cheek out because you’re
adding light remember whatever we add light to we’re going to bring forward
and for some of the ladies who are not used to wearing makeup at all this is a
really good thing that you can do just to get started so that you’re not
feeling overwhelmed by applying a whole face of makeup this is going to be a
great thing for you one thing that’s very
very aging on women over the age of 50 is puffy eyes and I’m talking about
puffy bags underneath here and here and it’s kind of like little pockets of
fluid and this can be very aging so if you want to look 10 years younger these
areas can be addressed through finding out what the problem is we can use
concealers to kind of tone down the color and help the color a little bit
but it doesn’t get rid of the problem and traditional Chinese medicine says
that if you’re having puffiness around here or discoloration it’s a problem
with the kidneys and potentially there’s a lot of toxins going on in your body
which your kidneys are having a hard time keeping up with and with stress out
our kidneys when we have too many dried salty processed foods or too much dairy
or alcohol and all of that shows up here underneath our eyes not only will it
reduce the puffiness under your eyes but it will also help your internal organs
as well so that’s what we can’t see what we see on our face what shows up on our
face in our skin that is telling us that there’s further problems inside our body
but to get you started and to get you on the right track drinking lots of water
helps flush out your kidneys and a lot of women our age don’t drink water and I
know that I’ve spoken to a lot of people they’ll only have a little bit or a
glass a day and that’s just not enough to keep all of the toxins out of our
body we need to be drinking lots of water and we need to remind ourselves to
do it and we need to have a good quality source of water if you can get a water
bottle fill it up every day and just make the decision that you’re going to
drink it and you’re going to do that for the rest of your life another thing that
can help make you look 10 years younger is getting a haircut and a hair color so
if you’re at the point in your life when you’re thinking about you really want to
change with your hair here are some tips that might help you make a decision hair
color is really important to help us keep our face looking youthful if the
if your hair is too harsh for the color of your skin it will automatically age
you and you’ll look older than what you are so the rule of thumb is to go about
two shades darker or lighter than what you already are so now we’re older we
stick to what we’ve got and work with that and there’s so many things that you
can do going one or two shades darker or lighter also when you’re going to add
highlights to your hair if you’re going to do a couple of colors choose a color
that would be naturally occurring if you’re out in the Sun and the salt water
and adding two colors to your hair the base color and a highlight color or a
low light is going to add softness and texture so it’s going to make your hair
appear a lot thicker than what it really is another rule of thumb with here at
our age is to keep it soft and layered around the face for some of us when we
get older our faces get thin and that can be really aging so even if you do
have longer hair having some soft layers put around the face is really useful and
getting a fringe cut in or bangs is really effective it’s it can be very
softening and it can also cover all of your wrinkles that you have in your
throat if you have them you may not you may be lucky but I have a lot another
place on our face that sinks in as we get older is this part here and if
you’re a thinner person this tends to get hollow quite quickly and that’s so
if you hold your hair out there you can notice that because on a young woman
they don’t have these dents but you can cover it up with your hair so that’s why
having layers around your hair and you can cover those areas it’s softening and
it really makes a huge difference choosing the perfect foundation will
make you look ten years younger youthful foundation is when you look at somebody
and you can’t tell whether they’ve got foundation on or not so it’s a coverage
that is blending all of your imperfections but not masking them and
sometimes you think of an old lady having like mask of thick foundation and
then powder on top and if you can clearly see every inch of your
foundation it’s probably not going to be a youthful law a lot of the younger
women wear a full cover matte foundation and if you think about it at their age
they potentially got oily skin and acne prone skin and they need to cover it up
or they think they need to cover it up but it does look like a mask and we
don’t want to take that on into our 50s and 60s and 70s so a beautiful jewelry
foundation creates a more youthful look and if you’ve got very dry skin this is
quite easy to achieve with using the right foundation and if you’ve got an
oily skin just try using a matte and a full of coverage down the t-zone and try
and blend it out on the outer parts of your face here are a couple of dewy
luminous foundations that I use and there are medium coverage so if you put
them on lightly and apply just a small amount it’s a beautiful coverage and
your face pretty much looks foundation free but you have it on and it’s covered
all your flaws and if you like a bit more coverage you can add a second layer
on top and for me that’s the perfect coverage so these three here are great
to try they’ll all give a dewy look it depends on what type of consistency you
love I suggest going out and testing all the foundations and taking them home and
trying them over the next week and comparing them to each other that’s the
best way to get the perfect foundation I’ve made a video on that I’ll leave a
link up here and show you but these are my picks anyway I’ll leave the links
down below of what they are and another thing that you can add to your
foundation to make your skin more dewy and more youthful
is a highlighter and I’ve got this Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter and
it’s my new favorite thing in the whole world it’s kind of like a toy because I
use it in so many different ways but I’ll just show you so if you’ve got very
oily skin don’t apply any of it to the T-zone and if you’ve got dry skin like me I’ll
just show you how I apply it but it gives a really youthful look a
Beautyblender damp and then i spray it with my two-faced – hangover which i
love it’s a setting spray but it’s kind of a little bit luminous and it’s
beautiful so you could put that on just like that and it gives you a beautiful
jewy look over the top of your makeup and it sets it you put a little bit of
this beautiful charlotte tilbury floor center my favorite thing and just tap it
in and then you can dab that on top of your cheekbones and you can dab it
wherever you like because it’s not glittery it’s not sparkly it’s the most
perfect consistency of anything and I love using it every single day and it
just gives your skin a glow so no matter what foundation you’re using if you use
something like this on top of it it will be beautiful and you’ll love it I
promise you this product alone if you’re one of those ladies who’s not used to
wearing makeup and hasn’t been wearing makeup for many years but wants to get
started this is a really good product for you as well so you could wake up
wash your face just put a little bit of this on to add a little bit of a glow to
your skin a bit of blush lippy and you’re out the door and you’re looking
fabulous and of course exercise is the perfect way to look 10 years younger if
you can start exercising every single day for the rest of your life
5 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes just decide to do it because at
our age our health has to be the number one most important thing that we focus
on because we’re getting to the time in our life when we’re thinking about how
many years there are left hopefully for all of us there’s many many years left
but we don’t have that luxury of saying you know in 50 years
50 we’re already there we’re 50 60 and 70 years old and we’re going to be
strong and powerful and vital for the rest of our lives so I say this in my
videos we don’t need to be athletes now or over 50 but we do need to do some
form of physical exercise every single day so whether it’s putting on your
headphones getting out the door blocking off the rest of the world and just
walking to get your heart rate up and to start feeling good and there’s lots of
workouts that you can do online I’ve got a whole lot of workouts that you can do
I’ll leave a link up here but just do something even if you’re injured or even
if you’re in a wheelchair you can do arm exercises you can do something to
stimulate the blood flow within your body okay my last tip is genius I’ve got
to share this with you I learned this from a friend who is a famous singer and
she goes to lots of red-carpet events and her stylist does this to her hair to
give her an instant facelift that takes 10 years off her face and this is what
you do so you take the sides of your hair and you plat them and then you tie
them at the back of your head but look at this this is what it does it gives
you this look so look at my cheek here and then I’m pulling it so I’m going to
do that for you and show you how to do it but it gives you from this look to
this look and it makes a huge difference it’s not the most comfortable thing to
wear by the end of the night but if you’ve got a special event and just save
it for special events because otherwise you’re going to hate me but try it and
do it if your hair is long enough you’re going to need to have enough hair to tie
the two pieces at the back and let me know how you go okay so you take this
much hair you do a tight flat rap a band okay so that’s one side and
then you do the other side okay so you’ve got two plots here then
you take it around to the back like that and then you tie it like this and then
you pull your hair out so that will look like you can’t tell it’s there and you
can do an updo with this as well and if you pull it tight you’ve got to get it
just right and you’ll see your face your cheeks lift up like you’ve had a
facelift so this is so much fun and you’ve got to secure it quite tightly at
the back so it stays in by the end of the night you’re ready to take it out
but it’s a fun trick to try so let me know if this works for you please give a
thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with your girlfriends who are
over 50 thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful week

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    You made me cry ,because when I see my face in the mirror I look so ugly and I don’t know what to do ,thank you very much 😘

  49. eles r angels Post author

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video! The tips were good. I had one problem though. At 15:50 you speak of and use a product for under eye use but I couldn't understand the name of the product! Could someone tell me what it was, please?

  50. Zelda Zong Post author

    I look like 40, I'm 60 and I feel like 80. Blush is best in the winter time when it's very cold i Sweden. Thx for a wonderful and inspiring videos.


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