– What’s up? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of Official Thenx. Today, we’re gonna do
what others never do, to obtain a physique and skills
of what others never will, and that’s cardio. Cardio I do at least three times a week, and not only does it make
you insanely shredded and lowers that body fat percentage, but it builds your endurance, which is one of the most important things when you’re trying to
get to the next level, and you’re trying to do things that you couldn’t do before, right? So, cardio, cardio, cardio. We’re gonna do some, and I’m
gonna show you how I do it. So, let’s see if you can
keep up with this routine. (heavy electronic music) Alright, so let’s get
this workout started. We’re gonna start off with jump ropes. We’re gonna move into knee
taps, then butt kicks, jumping jacks, fast foot shuffle, switching mountain climbers, and lastly, we’re gonna go for bicycles. We’re gonna do each
exercise for 45 seconds, then we’re gonna take a 15 second rest between each of the exercises, but we’re gonna go all without stopping, so 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. We’re gonna take a two minute break between each of the rounds, and we’re gonna do a total of five rounds. If you guys are beginners out there, just do half the time of 45 seconds, but you wanna do it consecutively. If you don’t have a jump rope,
just pretend to jump rope. You’re still gonna get the same movement. It’s gonna feel exactly the same. If you mess up on the jump
rope, just stop and start again. If you mess up on anything,
stop and start again. If you feel like you’re
getting tired as you’re moving, and you feel like you
need to take a break, if you stop for five seconds,
two seconds, it’s okay. Let the time keep running. Take that tiny break, and
then go back in, okay? Remember that you’re
always gonna take a break after 45 seconds, so always
look forward to that. So, let’s get started. (heavy electronic music) Knee taps. (heavy electronic music) (electronic music) We dance next. These next ones, they’re gonna be tough. Fast foot shuffles. Like running. Give you some football (mumbles). Here we go. Try to stay on your toes. (heavy electronic music) Slow down. Go back in really fast. (feet shuffling) Keep it going, keep it going. Fast (mumbles). (feet shuffling) Woo. (heavy electronic music) Last one, that’s it. (heavy electronic music) Woo. (claps hard) (mumbles) Almost done. (heavy electronic music) Switching mountain climbers (heavy electronic music) Alright, last ones. Bicycles. (heavy electronic music) Woo. Now, I’m starting to feel it. Oh man, never give up. (heavy electronic music) That’s that. Woo, first round over. Well, that’s round one. Four more rounds to go. What’s funny is that you see the biggest guys in the gym, they’d never do this, and most likely, they can’t even keep up. So, thank you guys so much for watching. That’s how you train cardio. Make sure you start adding it into your daily workout regiments. Thank you guys so much for watching. As always, if this video helped you, like, comment, share, subscribe. Also, for more workouts,
complete workout programs that’ll get you in the
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  1. Matthew The Ninja Post author

    Man I'm so bad at jump roping that I messed up on my imaginary jump rope 🙁

  2. Falih Bagus Prasetyo Post author

    Anybody have the calorie burnt count on this training? I'm just curious, i did it everyday. 3 rounds each day tho. It burns my belly everytime i go to sleep hahha

  3. Hasan Coşkun Post author

    how much calorie do you guys think we will be burned at the end of the 5 th round????

  4. Familypolle Post author

    This works 100% did it for 2 months straight went from 210 to 142. Thanks chris❤😭😭!

  5. Ninebreaker RZ Post author

    What I like about this is that even you are sweating at the end cause when i did it i swear i nearly died. But im gonna keep doing it till it gets easier then try adding something else in

  6. kuchhnaya sikhlo Post author

    Music with exercise is very nice 👌👌 I do this exercise daily and now this exercise is the part of my daily routine life. Thanks thenx

  7. Gurmeet Lakhanpal Post author

    Thank God I was able to finish all 5 rounds. God gave me the strength. ❤❤👍🙏feels really good after I finish this workout.

  8. Mohammad Ramzan Post author

    Sir, if I follow your program for burning my body fat and for building muscles, is it enough? Or I have to apply for gym also? I want your help, so please throw some light over it.

  9. QueenVanilla Chai Post author

    It was hard in the beginning but, now I'm able to control my breathing and I'm slowly building my endurance for future workouts.

  10. pubg lover Post author

    Sir i am 13 years old.i really want to build body.i jave only 5 hours free to do the workout.sir please make a video on how to build body in less time and nutrition that we eat before and after the workout.

  11. Žmogus Hibridas Post author

    i remember when i start i can do only 3 sets ;/ after 1 year i can eazy take 5 ….

  12. Daksh Singh Post author

    Man! When i first saw this video ,…..i was like , mean , "is this shit even called exercise? This looks like a some scammy crap " but when i did it myself i started to regret for what i previously said.
    Man! Seriously , this looked easy af but got the shit outta me when I did it myself.
    BTW , i accomplished all of these exercises given , 45 secs each cause i go for atleast 5 miles of run daily but this cardio can help me when imma unable to go out for runnin'.

  13. Amnesia Post author

    1. Jump rope
    2. Knee taps
    3. Butt kicks
    4. Jumping jacks
    5. Fast foot shuffle
    6. Switching mountain climbers
    7. Bicycles

    now put them on the paper and good luck 🙂

  14. Devon Speight Post author

    With this workout and eating with the Keto diet, I am at 225. I was 240 and if you work at it no matter how tired, out of shape you are, you will see results.

    Exercise is not easy but if you look in the mirror and can’t see what you want or who are anymore , that can’t be easy either.

  15. The_ Beastxi Post author

    I want the same body as this guy I don't wanna be like the Rock any one know his work out routine?

  16. William vizcaino canario Post author

    With this, abs, chest and arms workouts i lost 20 pounds in 2 months. It's just getting focused and going through it. All of us can do this if we really really want! Thanks THENX crew!!

  17. Memento Mori Post author

    06:30 Chucky running down your upstairs landing with a knife coming to fuck you up at night.

  18. Fahim’s Storiez Post author

    I have been going to gym for three months Now. Is it ok to do this Cardio exercise Daily. Im 5’11 and weight is 74 kg. Please guide , Thank you

  19. Delxsive X Post author

    Thx for the help bro i lost 29 kg and i train for a six pack i got a question whats the name of the first song

  20. dark horse Post author

    Amazing video.. thanks you are inspiration for chubby people like us… you are motivating us… god bless you…

  21. Ethan Bravin Post author

    I'm already skinny, is there anyway to lose body fat without losing weight(calorie deficit), because I need to gain weight, but I'm never able to

  22. MATTHEW ANDALCIO Post author

    I'm new to the workout thing I'm 225 really need to lose weight how many days a week should my fat behind be doing this HELP !!!!!!!!

  23. DASHING GAMER Post author

    Me: easy peasy! 45 sec is nothing
    after 5 rounds: i cant feel my body, i am wiped from existence 😂

  24. Wttftyh Gytyf Post author

    Got an incredible bad fever on lower leg muscles, I will reduce this to one round and take some exercises for abs because I still can work out laying on my back. EDIT two weeks into this, going now for 5 rounds, even if I know I can't do them properly, those jumping jacks fuck me up really bad, also after two weeks I realized I am doing wrong the Switching mountain climbers I was always bringing the knee to my chest which is harder, oh well I will keep doing it my way.

  25. Jaybiel Post author

    Just what I needed. I hate running outside because I live in a small town in a close minded neighborhood and I might get catcalled for running cause I am being as they call it "attention seeker" hahah well, that's Asia for u. I love, love, love this channel.💕

  26. eshwar chandra Post author

    How many days will it take to get comfortable to this workout. This is my third consecutive day and im still unable to go past 3 rounds( 30 sec set btw) . Oh and i vomited on the first day i did this 😐😑

  27. Marimuthu Sakthivel Post author

    I have been doing this workout (30 seconds and 15 seconds rest) managed to do 6 rounds and seeing the results. Thanks to Chris Heria and you are the inspiration.

  28. Jadker Post author

    I really love this channel because I can learn so many things. I'm a beginner who have been doing a hundred push-ups and bulgarian split squats every Sunday morning and I love it but I always thought cardio wasn't so important. I believed walking to school was enough but it is not that easy. Now I'm thinking about choosing a day specifically for cardio. I know I should do exercise every day but this is how it works for me. I prefer starting some days until I finally get used to it and improve myself. Without more to say, thank you for these amazing videos and greetings from Argentina. I'm not a man but you are a big inspiration anyway 🙂

  29. Ricky Frenchjr Post author

    Thank you!! Training to be a fire fighter. This is the cardio workout and endurance workout I've been looking for

  30. Ruby Joses Post author

    I get sore calves doing this
    Not that tired, can do maybe 2 rounds, but my calves are starting to hurt during the first round of the second exercise, gets worse during jumping jacks and I finally can't get my lower legs straight during bicycle so I just stop right then and there..
    Although the pain goes away when I do static stretch at the end of the exercise
    I'm a beginner at calesthenics, should I be worried? Please help..

  31. Amin Limbu Post author



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