How To Get Dewy Glowing Skin Over 50! Affordable | D.I.Y | High End

How To Get Dewy Glowing Skin Over 50! Affordable | D.I.Y | High End

today I’m going to show you the very
best products to make your skin glow over the age of 50 I’m going to show you
the products that make our mature aged skin look dewy and glowy as opposed to
sparkly so if you’d like to know more please keep watching hi I’m Schellea this
is fabulous50s a lifestyle channel that explores fashion beauty and
lifestyle for women over 50 and if you’re a woman over 50 click subscribe
and click the bell and you’ll be alerted every time there’s a new video and
they’ll all relate to you I’m so in love with Dewy skin I’m all about dewy
skin and I’m obsessed with dewy glow products I’m going to share with you what I’ve
found what I wear what I use and we’re going to start with budget very low cost
products to make you glow and then we’ll go up to high-end products that will out
there I’m going to start with my favorite budget product for dewy skin
on mature aged women the NYX born to glow liquid illuminator so this one here
is really inexpensive it’ll last a long time because you only need this tiny a
little bit and it’s a nice sheen so when I put it on my skin can you see that
it’s a nice sheen but we’re going to start with our bodies so what I do is I
mix the NYX do you get it with my homemade glycerin mix now this mix here
is so inexpensive to make but it gives your skin a beautiful dewy lo and it’s
very moisturizing it’s all natural it takes you two seconds to make and it’s
so beautiful and I’ll leave the recipe just here so you can make this yourself
it’s half a teaspoon of glycerin half a teaspoon of olive oil and three
teaspoons of water that’s it and then I mix it with a little bit of rose oil so
it smells beautiful when I put it my skin but you don’t need to do that
and that’s how much you’ll get okay so you can either just spray it on your
skin like this and see how it gives you that beautiful it gives you a sheen I’m
so beautiful but what I do is I mix the NYX with it and then shake and spray
into my hand and mix it in and then you’re adding the glow of the NYX into
the moisturizing homemade product that you’ve got and it just gives you this
beautiful sheen so literally this can go all over your body and that’s the most
perfect low-cost product and it’s long lasting you won’t get any Sparkle it’s
just a nice sheen this little homemade gem is really great as well just with
bare skin if you’re going to the gym or just doing something sporty because it
just lifts your skin and gives it a little bit of life and yeah perfect for
the gym perfect for anything perfect to mix staying with the body the next
product I’m going to show you is my Mac strobe cream which I’m in love with you
just put this amount on and then you mix it with a moisturizer my pure Fiji which
I love and this is going to give you a beautiful glow as well it’s similar to
the one I just showed you but a little bit more high-impact and if you’d like
to see my skin blurring recipe that I have using this strobe cream and it
blurs out all of my sun damage of my arms and my legs so I’ll leave a link up
here for you to have a look at but that is the perfect recipe for anyone who’s
got sun damage on their skin also with a max strobe cream what else I would do is
just put a little bit on these bones here that stick out because it’s going
to highlight them and it doesn’t need to be mixed it just gives another layer so
you can mix this with your moisturizer and go all over
then just go over the high points without mixing it so you’re layering
glue on top of glue on top of glue now I want to introduce you to my love it’s
called too-faced hangover three-in-one so this product here is a it’s a face setting
spray and it’s luminous but definitely not sparkly it’s just dewy it’s it makes
anything you put this on dewy so you mix it with everything and you
get like a 3d effect with all of your products and I’m going to show you how I
do that on my face but what you can do also is give this a spray on top of
everything else you’ve just done and wait a little bit I didn’t wait and wait
a little bit and just Pat it in so this is a setting spray this will set what
you’ve just done set the steps before you don’t need this but this product
here has so many uses that you will be very sad if you don’t have it so you’ve
got to get this it’s just giving my skin that next level of glow no sparkle no
crazy teenage glitter it’s just natural looking Jewish skin okay I’m gonna move
up to my face now and show you all the different layers that I use to get my
jewelry looking skin and we could start with this little special blend that we
made before so I could spray this on my face pre foundation and because it’s got
the glycerol in it it kind of makes it feel very smooth like a primer so if
you’re not using a primer you can use this under your foundation when you’re
layering products like this on top of each other just wait it’s like when you
put your first layer of nail polish on you wait let it dry then you put your
next and wait and let it dry and then your next do that with these and
speaking of under foundation this is my favorite primer it’s called
Becca first light priming filter it’s purple but it goes onto your skin just
like this beautiful dewy no sparkles whatsoever and it’s just a radiant look
it’s so beautiful so I put this underneath my foundation my skin already
looks luminous I let it dry a little bit put my foundation on top finish my
makeup off and then I go along and highlight all the bits that I want to
stand out what we’re doing when we’re highlighting areas of our faith is that
we’re bringing light to it so it makes it stand out so if you’d like this part
of your face to stand out you add light to it and when the natural light or the
sunlight hits it it pops so that’s the reason behind it and we can do this to
any area of our body or our face that we want to show and it gives that beautiful
youthful luminous glow I’m going to show you three great highlighters for the
cheeks the first one is the Maybelline master chrome so this one’s inexpensive
it will last you a long time and you can mix it with other things this has got a
beautiful perfect colored pigment to it so when you put it on the high points
it’s just blends into your skin and it looks very natural and very goddess II
it’s high glow with low sparkle which is exactly what you want and the price
point you can’t beat it you can put it a little bit here just dab it in and
you’ll get this beautiful glow just at the high point of your cheek another one
that’s super amazing is the Becca opal so this has also got the perfect
consistency it’s subtle but for long so the way I use my opal is mixing it with
my magic spray my hangover three and one so I’ll take this and shake it and put a
little bit on a pallet you can use anything you don’t
one of these okay and then I get a Beautyblender which is damp and I’ll dab
it in so you absorb the moisture of the hangover and then dab it into your Becca
opal and then you put it on the highpoint see how beautiful that is and
this mixed with this it’s more dewy and more natural looking rather than just a
powder so if you put it on as a powder you kind of be able to see it if someone
was in the sunlight with you but when you mix it these two products and put
the Beauty Blender on it kind of disappears and you can’t really tell
that you’ve got something on just that you glow like crazy so yeah I’m loving
that and I also do the same with this one I think is the winner for the
powders for me because it’s got the most intense shine and it’s just the most
beautiful glow I dropped this and I fixed it and I made a video how I fix it
so I’ll leave the link up here on this video but anyway this is amazing and
beautiful so I’d get the spray dab in my Beauty Blender to wet it then dab on
here so I’ve got both of my cheeks done but I’m going to show you another area
which is where the light would fall on your face naturally so you can put it
just to both your eyebrows and going up here and just dab it in and you get this
beautiful high intensity glow it’s so amazing and because this has such a mega
glow you can also add a little dab here just on the parts where the Sun would
hit first and you can just amplify that glow by about 100 so I could also spray
that love this spray padded in and yeah oh so good okay I’ve
got to show you the Marc Jacobs this is the most expensive out of everything and
if you’re going to try this I think you’re going to love it everything else
is beautiful and fun to use this is just like if you want to go hard you can buy
this and just as a quick comparison with my very inexpensive necks I’ll show you
I look very similar and that’s the difference it’s going to make so you
don’t need to go high-end at all but definitely the Marc Jacobs has got more
Sheen and more depth to it but this is amazing this is amazing for 10 bucks or
if you’re in America it’s probably four dollars I don’t know but everything in
America is a lot cheaper than it is in Australia so with my Marc Jacobs I do
the same thing I spray the two-faced hangover dab my Beauty Blender and then
put a tiny little bit of this one not that I’d put it here but I’m just
showing you the finish it’s so natural and so beautiful and just so easy to
wear so the Marc Jacobs plus a moisturizer would look amazing over your
whole body it would you could layer it so you can layer all your products on
top of each other and to give you a 3d effect which is what the makeup artists
do with their colors of eyeshadows and under eye and then they layer different
tones of colors on the cheek so yeah you could have fun with this this is so much
fun mixing mixing mixing so there are my favorites that I’ve just shown you
they’re the ones that I’ve tried an experiment and we’re that aren’t too
young looking they’re just beautiful dewy natural glowy and you can lay them
you don’t have to lay them you can make your own if you wore the two of these
combined out at night with a beautiful dress on and your shoulders showing you
will stop the room so you don’t have to spend a lot of money it’s just the tiny
small things that we can do to up our game and to make ourselves feel
great and hopefully look great but it doesn’t matter it’s what we feel inside
we’ve had fun getting ready anyway so get creative mix up some different
products enjoy being a woman and just have some fun if this video was of any
use to you please give a thumbs up and share this video if you have any friends
who would enjoy the content thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful

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