How to Get Bigger Calves (WITH BAD CALF GENETICS!!)

How to Get Bigger Calves (WITH BAD CALF GENETICS!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, When it comes to the calves a lot of people
would have you believe that you were either destined to be a calf, or a calf-not. I can
tell you that is partially true. Genetics play a large role in the ultimate size of
your calves, but there is definitely something you can do to make some changes to that and
to help to fix your situation. I am Jeff Caveliere, no doubt, but I’ve never
been confused with Jeff Calfaliere. What that has done to me – my struggles in building
better calves – have provided me with that motivation to find more ways to do that. I
will tell you, having worked with professional athletes, one thing that you will notice about
their training is there’s not a lot of direct calf work in it. That’s because the essence of the activities
themselves, the games themselves – runners, jumpers, soccer players that have to cut multiple
directions – usually have great calf development because they have one thing that our calf
training does not. That is high tension, spontaneous contraction. What am I talking about? It’s
when you get a high level of tension generated in a single contraction over a quick period
of time. A short period of time. That is the essence,
the key to building bigger calves, because that is how they respond the best. That is
how you create true overload. So I have a way here to show you how to do this at home
with no equipment at all. You’re going to position yourself as I am right here. On a
mat, or on a floor with your feet either anchored under a bench like I’m showing you, or under
a piece of furniture, a couch, whatever it is. What you do is, you push down. You’re going
to find that your ankles will flex, your feet will flex, and your calves will contract in
order to hold you in this position. Now, there is some tension generated here, but it’s not
what we’re looking for. What we need to do is provide that fast, spontaneous contraction
– that overload – in a short period of time. That’s when you’re going to feel it.
So what we so is, we launch ourselves out. The only thing holding me up at this point
from falling flat on my face is an incredibly strong contraction of the calves. Incredibly
strong. If you do this, I guarantee you’ll feel a stronger contraction on this exercise
than any other calf exercise you’ve done. I don’t care if that includes you doing
standing barbell calf raises with 300lbs. Guess what? If you weigh 150lbs your body
is already used to that. Each time you take a step your body is hailing 150lbs. So if you add it up together it can handle
300lbs. There’s no overload there. So, back to the exercise. When you position yourself
here, your knees flex, so you’re going to be focusing a little bit more on your soleus
than you are on your gastroc. Now, the soleus is a really important component of your calves.
It’s the muscle that lies beneath the more visible gastroc. As you can develop this you
can start to build that and push out the gastroc adding more size and definition to your calves. The important thing is not to ignore this
muscle. The cool part about this particular move is that I move from a flexed knee position
to an extended knee position. So I’m actually activating more gastroc as I get myself further
and further out. As I get even stronger in the exercise I can actually get more and more
gastroc because I can extend further and further out. If I wanted to I could actually start
that right away by putting a physio ball out in front of me and getting more and more activation
because I can actually lean on that as a little bit of a spot to get me there. The idea is this, guys: if you want to start
building bigger calves it’s not about how many exercises or how many reps you do. It’s
about doing quality reps and doing it the way that calves prefer to work in the first
place. That’s with a high tension overload in a spontaneous manner. That is what’s going
to build bigger calves and that is why you can start seeing it much more noticeably in
athletes because they’re doing it every single time they get out on the field. You guys can do it now and now you have a
weapon in your arsenal to help you. If you’ve found this video helpful, guys, make sure
you leave your comments and thumbs up below. Obviously, I read what you say. You’ve been
asking for a calf video for a while. Now I’m giving it to you. I want you guys to make sure you continue
to leave your comments because this channel is about you, and I want to give you what
you want to see. All right, guys. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a complete program to
train yourself without any equipment at all we have an ATHLEAN-0 program at You literally need nothing but your own body
weight, just like this exercise here and you can make great changes in just six weeks.
All right, guys. That’s over at I will see you back here in just a couple

100 comments on “How to Get Bigger Calves (WITH BAD CALF GENETICS!!)

  1. Penguins LoveMe Post author

    Why do guys want bigger calves and then women wants slimmer calves like can't we just accept who we are geezes life and body expectations are getting out of hand

  2. Donavan van ZIjl Post author

    This makes so much sense… i found that my rugby drills has a bigger impact on my calves than hitting the gym and thinking that more weight will make them grow quicker… I'm 6'9", so the struggle is real!! Thanks for the video man!!! 💪💪💪

  3. Chandani Dias Post author

    Hey Jeff could you do a video about this video where this Indian dude broke his leg on leg presses

  4. cory rodriguez Post author

    Reps ? Sets? Rest periods ? Legday ? It's sounds great but how many am I doing ? 3 sets of 50 or 10 sets of 20 ?

  5. Mohammed Qureshi Post author

    Man can someone tell if there is a weighted variation to this movement? Can I throw weights in a backpack and wear the back pack, will that increase the load for calves?

  6. Kayo Kayo Post author

    Jogging on the balls of my feet worked wonders on mine. Those calf raising machines don't really work too well and can destroy your back even with weights you can handle. Specially if you have any back issues. This exercise looks excellent if I ever skip cardio lol or better yet as an extra addition to do inbetween.

  7. SFIFA Post author

    So grateful I started playing football (soccer) at 6 years old. By the time I started weight training at 16 my legs were already impressive!

  8. powskier Post author

    If you are any kind of real athlete, you should be able to touch your chest to the floor with your hands at your sides and raise up multiple times. To make it harder, put your hands in front of you. Even harder, hold plates in front of you.

  9. Daniel Fialkov Post author

    When I do this I feel it in my upper calf near my knee. Is this how it’s supposed to be or am I doing it incorrectly?

  10. Miguel Gargicevich Post author

    There is no bench like that on my gym nor nothing that I can stick my feet onto.
    How can I do this ?

  11. Holdem Hustle Post author

    How to have big calves…1, be under 6”, 2 be fat, 3 have genetically big calves! Sucks if you gotta wear pants in summer 😭

  12. Justyn McDonald Post author

    I did these wrong, forgot how to do them and just bent at the knee extending body foreword and now my knee hurts. No pain if you do it right like he does, butt down to heels and then foreword. FYI guys.

  13. Sanju Gautam Post author

    Never trained them directly but they are not lagging at all. I am a short guy (5 feet and 5 inches tall). My quads, calves, traps and arms are getting bigger and looks out of proportion to the other body parts like shoulders and back.

  14. Joseph Byrd Post author

    There's No one on YouTube that can match your knowledge, and techniques. I learn something with every video. Thank you for putting this out there!

  15. soulassassin0g Post author

    Just ride a bike every single day for at least 15 miles and you'll get condition and eventually you can increase the miles and you'll end up with massive calves.

  16. Kon Bak Post author

    when i try the excercise i barely feel anything on my calves… i do feel though a lot of pain in my hamstrings… as an athlete i am.really afraid of getting injured and i think i am doing something wrong… Can someone please tell me what to change to do the excercise properly?

  17. Arjen Landstra Post author

    Everyone in the comments who tend to do these never respond to their comment anymore, coincidence? I THINK NOT.

  18. anthony palac Post author

    Thanks Jeff I'll definitely be adding it to my leg routine, and will having stronger calf muscles help with running and not getting shin splints?

  19. Bryan Pacheco Post author

    My legs and calves arent growing and that's bc I have perfect form and do all kind of stuff and even heavy stuff… is is bc I do not consume protein powder?

  20. MrSijinroshan Post author

    All this while I was doing standing calf raise and seated calf raises…. But this one is a killer exercise…..i literally couldn't walk for 3 days….

  21. Something New Post author

    What am I doing wrong? I feel pain in my ankle and hamstrings and under my knee. Literally nothing in my calves. I did like 20 reps and didn’t feel no burn just mostly pain in one of my knees and hamstrings

  22. Captain Wedgie Post author

    i have tried this yesterday and it was so intense i needed to take a rest to get my breath back after every rep. Did 3 sets of 4 caus i couldnt do more and at the end my bacon slice shaped calves were shaking everywhere. I got backup a little dizzy with a little headache after every set… This exercise is really insane

  23. Corey Brady Post author

    I will try this after ever workout. I wonder if the calf is determined off your correct body size should be at. Just a thought

  24. DeyZeus Post author

    My calves got so sore the next few days after doing these, I think it's called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. I had to walk like a crab because of the soreness and couldn't walk up the stairs unless there was a railing I could use to pull my weight.

  25. Jays KinoQuest Post author

    Been doing them for a month and my calves have literally never been this developed. My calves are still small (a fellow calfnot) but they are bigger and denser than they ever been. This is definitely not a typical exercise people do in the gym and I do get looks. Jeff you need to get a name for this workout because I been calling them Calve Thrusts

  26. dane marshall Post author

    Hey man, I don't necessarily want to have big calves but I want to build more resistance in my calves so how do I go about that?

  27. TallTom Post author

    I'm not interested in training any other part other than my calves.. So il just be eating my normal daily diet (not high protein like a body builder would)

    Am I wasting my time? Or will 6 months of this home workout still make a difference?

  28. Kelly Torres Post author

    I did calf raises with weight over my shoulders tipy-toeing on the edge of two stacked 35 lbs plates to get full stretch. I couldn’t walk normal for a week the first time. I kept it up and 6 months later I’ve got MASSIVE calves now. Cheers

  29. jerome johnson Post author

    Finally a calf workout that doesn't affect palntar fasciitis and make it hurt more

  30. TaylorMade89 Post author

    Ok guys I'm going to be doing this 3 times a week for 30 days… I will let you know my results. I know recent subscribers are dying afterwards, but I am willing to risk it for bmtree trunk calves. Wish me luck

  31. MegacityGU Post author

    The ratio of ST to FT fibres in human calf muscles is quite variable between individuals. Some have 100% ST fibres, whereas it can be as low as 60% in others. So with people whose calves are comprised of predominantly ST fibres (the ‘calf-nots’), exercises aimed at stimulating hypertrophy in FT fibres will have zero effect. For guys with skinny calves, and therefore likely with a high percentage of ST fibres, a different training methodology is required. Perhaps Jeff could do a video on ST fibre training using lighter loads, slow rep execution over a duration of time, rather than number of reps.

  32. Declan McCartney Post author

    Jeff you da man, I'm recovering from ankle ligament damage so this is a perfect alternative to calf raises

  33. F .F.H. Post author

    Pair this with 3 sets of 20 calf raises on each leg for a bigger burn 🔥

    Edit: the DOMS hits HARD ASF after two days from this, so be aware

  34. Miguel tvid Post author

    If you want bigger calves guys look like a ladyboy and wear high heels all day everyday problem.solved

  35. Vaun Passley Post author

    I’m doin this for the first time. Am I supposed to feel anything in my knees? Cuz I’m feelin stuff in my knees

  36. Michael Burton Post author

    Ruptured my Achilles on my left leg years ago, calf atrophied into nothing, have been pounding my calves ever since, I have one great calf and one broom stick, pray this works, I've tried everything else….but an implant

  37. descendentslayer585 yaaay Post author

    can I get some help? I've tried these and I feel my hamstrings a lot. I point my toes but my calves seem to be doing none of the work.

  38. The normal one Post author

    I thinnk the opening crevice in my furniture is too big and ur feet have to firmly held in place to feel this?


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