How To: Dumbbell Hanging Knee Raise

It’s going on Nation? I’m going to demonstrate for you how to do a hanging dumbbell knee raise, this is a great exercise It’s really going to help stimulate the rectus abdominus It’s really going to hit those lower abs okay depending on how you do this exercise So make sure you do it correctly the first thing you want to do is you want to place your dumbbell on the machine already Unless you have a workout partner that can hand dumbbell to your feet you want to have in that position where you can grab it Easily then what you need to do is make sure That your straps are hanging in the right spot Stand up Be careful not to knock your dumbbell over Put your arms in, you really want to get as close to your armpit as possible and then grab the top hooks That’s how I like to do it This is what the important part comes first thing you’re going to do Grab your dumbbell hold it with your feet like this and now from the side view of my right side, you’re gonna watch I’m going to lift my knees. I’m not going like this I’m keeping my body straight, and I’m lifting my knees in front of my body so again. This is the wrong way this is the way that actually are going to make your abs pump and rip and tear so you’re gonna breathe out on the way up, okay? Hold yourself in the air bring your knees out in front of you Do one more you can even see the abs popping while I do this guys ready? boom That’s how you do it hanging Dumbbell knee raise more great information Please feel free to subscribe to my videos and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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