How to Do the Grapevine Dance Move | Hip-Hop Workout

How to Do the Grapevine Dance Move | Hip-Hop Workout

Okay you guys, this next one is super simple. It’s a grapevine. I think we’ve all done the grapevine at some
point in our lives. Whether we’re at a birthday party, a wedding,
wherever you are. A backyard barbecue, yeah, it’s popular there. It’s very, very simple. And it’s just a side to side motion for you
to either cool down to or warm up to. Okay? This is one of those easy recovery steps to
add into your workout between something that might be a little more challenging. Okay? So I want you to start over to the left. You’re going to move to the right first. It’s three steps, three easy steps. Side, back, side, tap. Side, back, side. Don’t cross in front. Side, behind, side, tap. Side, behind, side. Okay? Super basic. Keep this nice and relaxed. Keep this easy up top. One, two, three, tap. Now, you have it. Take it up to tempo. Not too much faster, but just to get the flow
of the grapevine. Okay? Here we go. One, two, three, tap. Two, three. You can do whatever you want with your arms. Right? Don’t just stay here like this. Add a little funk to it. One, two, three, tap. Two, three, tap. One, two. Make sure you’re crossing behind. One, two, three. One, two, you can even add a little snake
of the head. Yeah? I know you’ve done that before. One, two, tap. One, two, tap. Last one. And hold. Okay? So, once again, this is a great warmup step
or a good cool down step, not something super serious. It’s just to relax, to keep your heart rate
going, and to keep you moving. Okay? Have fun.

13 comments on “How to Do the Grapevine Dance Move | Hip-Hop Workout

  1. BailandoLee Post author

    The grapevine IS a dance move…and thank you for doing a clear break down of this step.  I was always confusing which leg goes in back or front 🙂  I need to get it 'right' as I intend to teach a low impact class and creating choreo.

  2. TrishanaRenay Post author

    Not something serious until you come across it in p90x3… Thanks for the instructions lol! Where I am from, we don't know this move hahaha


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