How to Do SKULLCRUSHERS with Dumbbells for BIG Triceps (ADVANCED)

How to Do SKULLCRUSHERS with Dumbbells for BIG Triceps (ADVANCED)

Welcome back to Mind Pump Tv. I am your host Adam Schafer. Moving on to triceps with you guys. We are going to do a Dumbbell Tricep Skullcrusher. Now I’ve chosen to do this with dumbbells
instead of with a barbell for a reason. You can totally do these with a barbell, or
a kamber bar thats bent. Some gyms have different variations of bars
that you can use. All those work, all those are fine. The reason that I like to teach with dumbbells
first is because the position that you will actually grab the dumbbells. When you do dumbbell skull crushers you are
actually going to grab in a neutral position on your wrist. Now, why I like to teach this way, is when
people do a bar, they have to be able to completely rotate their wrists all the way around, not
only do you have to have good wrist mobility but you have to have good mobility in your
shoulders. What tends to happen is people flare out because
they don’t have good mobility in their shoulders or they don’t have good wrist mobility. So it’s just a little bit harder to teach
the good mechanics with the bar so I like to teach good mechanics with the dumbbells
first and then if you want to progress or utilize a bar later on than that’s totally
fine. Alright now let’s talk about posture or elbow
position with this movement. So when I get into this I am going to lay
all the way back down on this bench but before I do I want to demonstrate where you guys
want to keep your elbows. Now, a lot like the bicep curl they key to
this is keeping the elbows in a fixed position while we do the movement. What I mean by that is when I lay back on
the bench the elbows I am going to have at a nice 90 degree bend. If you can imagine my dumbbell being held
here, my wrist, im holding the dumbbell in a neutral position, and this is where my starting
position is going to be. Then i’m going to extend the dumbbell all
the way out and resist it on the way down. The dumbbell should come right by my ear. Right by the side of my head. What happens a lot of times when people do
this exercise is they start to rock with the shoulder and the elbow, that starts to engage
the lats and the delts in this movement and we are trying to just work the tricep. If I am trying to work just the triceps, I
want to get that elbow in a fixed position. A lot of time when I’m training a client if
you have a partner, i’ll push my hand against them so they have feedback, they can feel
that, so while they extend they can feel that their elbow is staying in a fixed position
and they are only really working the tricep. Alright so now we are going to talk about
why I like to do this with a single arm instead of doing both together. Typically we would address this like a bicep
curl and teach both arms together. But the triceps I actually like to do single
arms first and the reason why is it doesn’t require a partner to perform, you can use
your opposite hand to help guide you. What I mean by that I’m going to lay back
and you are going to see my free hand, I am going to use that against my elbow. So I’m actually going to take my hand against
my elbow so that as I go through the movement Ican tell that my elbow is staying in a fixed
position. So that’s what’s nice about this exercise
and using the opposite hand to guide it. So I grab hold of the dumbbell, where I want
to grab it too, in this case since I want to rock backwards I’m gonna grab towards the
bottom so when I flip it back over the weights going to be resting against the palm of the
hand, putting less stress on the wrist. Again it’s not wrong if you grab it in the
middle, if you grab it on the top, if you grab it on the bottom it’s just going to support
your wrist a little bit more. So we are going to lie all the way back, we
start up in this straight position here, we are going to take this free hand and I am
going to take it and place it against the elbow. Now what I want is when I come right down
to 90 degrees, I want this elbow to stay in this fixed position, so I keep that opposite
hand right there so I can feel my elbow staying stationary. Most common mistake that you see with this
exercise is the movement, the rocking of the elbow back and forth. That’s when you start to feel shoulders, that’s
when you start to feel lats. So I want to keep that elbow in that fixed
position the entire time. And this is why I like to do this with a single
arm first, until I get the mechanics down really well, and feel like OK I can naturally
hold my elbow in that position without using the opposite hand to help keep it there. Now once I learn to do that really well, then
its easier to grab two dumbbells since now they are both independent its a little bit
harder for me to get that feedback without a gym partner touching my elbows for more
or my self grabbing my elbow and making sure that it stays in that fixed position. So I got a nice neutral grip, I’m coming down
nice and slow and controlled, so again the eccentric or the negative thats about four
seconds on the way down, and then I resist, flex the tricep, extend all the way, now locking
out the joint, if you lock the joint out and then you rest it, that’s bad for the elbow. But you can do a full extension all the way
out as long as you are keeping the tricep flexed. So I am keeping the tricep flexed there is
tension in the muscle, totally fine to go full extension and you lock out the joint
as long as you are not locking it out and resting the tricep, that’s where it becomes
dangerous. So I keep tension in the tricep, resist the
way down, all the way down to 90 degrees, and then full extension all the way up keeping
that elbow and shoulder in those fixed positions. Alright if that video helped you guys out
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31 comments on “How to Do SKULLCRUSHERS with Dumbbells for BIG Triceps (ADVANCED)

  1. Gabriel Contreras Post author

    💰 like all the other videos. I prefer to do skull crushers with an EZ bar, but I think I’ll take it back to basics and do single arm with a dumbbell to make sure my mechanics are on point. Thanks again!

  2. Cynthia Allen Post author

    Loving these videos. They have all definitely helped with my form as well as make my workouts better.

  3. Aaron Wilson Post author

    One of the scariest and yet most productive lifts for your triceps…"Skull Crushers"…
    I love this idea of dumbbells and doing it one arm at a time; for experienced lifters to refine their technique and for newbies to work through a progression to reduce the fear factor associated with one of the more dangerous lifts in the gym.

    Thanks Mind Pump, for such a generous gym hack!

  4. Calvin Cooley Post author

    Most people do a bar, cambered(ez curl) or straight, with saggy wrists and don't even realize that they are wasting time.

  5. Calvin Cooley Post author

    I'm noticing that your feet are not flat. That's an energy and stabilization deficiency there.
    Just an observation.

  6. Kumar Shubham Post author

    Can you please make a video on how to fix one shoulder higher than the other problem. I have it and my shoulders (also the scapula) hurt a lot after doing exercises esp pull ups and deadlifts. Thanks 🙂

  7. Hardgainer Academy Post author

    Great tutorial video for dumbbell skullcrushers! I love doing them with the ez curl bar!

  8. Wezz Post author

    If your elbow is 90°, the weight will be perpendicular to the ground at the top of the movement, removing all tension on the triceps.. Don’t you think it’s better to move the upperarm a lil more up? That way the tension on the triceps stays the same during the whole exercise.

  9. SimplyJoe Post author

    I've always avoided skullcrushers as I've never been able to feel the muscles being worked (poor mind muscle connection) but after learning these cues, it is time to build the connection and incorporate these back into my routine. Thanks for the cues Adam!

  10. Dalton Norris Post author

    What do y'all think about that Naked home body scanner thing? Watched the ad on this video, looks legit.


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