How to Do a Squat | Boot Camp Workout

How to Do a Squat | Boot Camp Workout

I’m going to talk you through how to properly
do a squat. There’s a million different ways of doing a squat. I’m just going to show you
the basic body weight squat, meaning you don’t have any weight that you’re working with except
yourself. As you get stronger, you might want to progress – holding a medicine ball, holding
a weight, or even holding your kid, anything that’s going to add weight to your legs. This
is predominantly a lower based exercise so you’re going to focus on your quadriceps muscle
groups, your gluts, your hamstrings, and your whole posterior chain. Basically, all of the
muscles of the lower body are going to be working in this exercise. You want to start with your feet probably
about shoulder width apart. If you’re more comfortable a little wider or even externally
rotating your fit a bit, just find place that’s comfortable for your hips and make sure that
your knees always track. A good rule of thumb is to think about your knees going right in
between your big toe and your second toe. When you’re doing a squat just watch out that
your knees are not adducting and collapsing in or abducting and going out. You want to
try to maintain the knee in a neutral position The wider you are too, the easier it’s going
be to balance. If you have stability issues, start wide. If you want to challenge the stability,
then you bring your legs a little closer together and challenge your core muscles by challenging
your balance. So, standard squat, shoulder width. Something
comfortable. You’re going to imagine like you’re sitting back into a chair, lengthening
your spine, reaching your hips back, bending your knees, and then exhale to come up. You’re
always going to inhale as you lower your body and you’re always going to exhale as you lift
any weight. In this case, the weight is your body. Exhale, pull the abs in, and come up
to vertical tall spine. My tips for the squat, again, aside from the
knees is what’s going on with your spine. I’m going to show you from the side. If you’re
facing side you could look at yourself in a mirror and watch your positioning if that
helps you when you’re first learning. Same thing, sitting back like you’re sitting back
into a chair and watching that your spine is neutral. That means I’m not doing hyper
extension, and I’m not doing excessive flection. I’m just trying to be right in between. You
have natural curves to your spine, so you want to maintain those, so nothing excessive
forwards or backwards of that. Then just do as many reps as you can do, maintaining good
form, breathing in on the way down, exhale on the way up, targeting all the major muscle
groups of the lower body.

100 comments on “How to Do a Squat | Boot Camp Workout

  1. Blanka2471 Post author

    so feet forward and sitting back? Lol good luck doing that with heavy weight. to actually squat u need ur feet pointing out. u don't sit back unless ur doing a low bar squat… sigh, personal trainers look meh for a reason (they don't actually workout)

  2. Fer Carmona Post author

    First of all, thanks for your video and such a helpful explain. 🙂

    I have a question: can the knees go over the toes? Specifically in a deep squat, because for me is imposible not do it and lately I've heard and reading pros and cons about the problems caused in the knees.
    I want to know it mostly because I don't have any problem doing deep squats (I do 100 without problem like 2 or 3 days per week) but obviously I don't want in a nearly future this effort starts to reflect.

    So, if anyone have a study/research that can solve this question I'll be so grateful. 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

  3. mstengrah Post author

    Holding your kid…wth? why woman should hold a kid?? I bet a guy trainer would never say this to a trainee

  4. mike d Post author

    I get it but too technical sounding for the average person who wants to know how to do a basic thing

  5. Annaaa Post author

    if i get 50 likes im gonna start working out every day, im not fat but i am eating a lot without exercising and i need motivation cuz im lazy asf

  6. Marina Mori Post author

    Thank you Rachel, oh you explain so well… One question (will be so happy if you reply) I haven't done squats for about 4 or 5 months. (I am rather fit, but I am pushing 60) Ok, my question is, how many squats do you recommend to start working out again?? Thank you!! May 22, 2017

  7. Erin S Post author

    Anyone else here who watches anime and realize it's not helping our health so we're trying to be like Satima?

  8. SofiaCalotti Post author

    Is it okay if you tend to lift your heels and stand more on your toes while doing squats? It makes it a lot easier for me, but I would like to l make sure it isn't harmgul in any way.

  9. InvaderTif13 Post author

    I cant seem to go to the 90° angle with my legs as i squat, was wondering if i have to or is that something that comes with practice cuz ive done squats for years and cant seem to do it

  10. Михаил Епистов Post author

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  11. Entertainment Channel Post author

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  12. Shadow Warrior Post author

    Were you supposed to sit all the way, like all the guys are doing in internet? I’m so confused. It’s just like doing push ups; some people hit their chest on the ground and some people don’t go all the way down. Confusing confusing.
    I don’t seem to be capable of going all the way down in a squat, however the one that you did was easier, I can do 100 reps out of that…

  13. Александр Тот Самый Post author

    Ебать она пиздеть любит, просто попросили ее показать приседания


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