11 comments on “How to Do a Ski Jump | Boot Camp Workout

  1. SheLooksToMe Post author

    Thanks for this! My friend and I are challenging each other and she told me to do some ski-jumps, so I thought I'd look up what they are exactly. Very helpful 🙂

  2. 1 AlaskanAssassin Post author

    She is just about as buff as I could be attracted to. 
    I can't be with someone who looks like they could bench press me. 

  3. Jack-o-lantern Post author

    This video changed my life, ever since I began to ski jump using your tutorial my quality of life has been drastically changed forever, my senses have been heightened to the level of a god and I can now ski jump 69,420 feet in each direction, this impressive feat has impressed everyone I know and now I am the most famous person in the multiverse and have ascended past any possible living organism, in short, thank you for this tutorial it changed everything in my life.


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