How to Do a Jumping Jack | Boot Camp Workout

How to Do a Jumping Jack | Boot Camp Workout

So, lets talk about how to do a jumping jack. Your definitely gonna see jumping jacks as,
a part of your warm up and even a part of your workout in many boot camps, because they’re
one of those great exercises where your getting movement in your upper body, your getting
movement in your lower body, its cardiovascular and you don’t need any equipment. So you can use it to warm up, you can use
it as an interval, like a high intensity interval in-between a strength move where you wanna
bring your heart rate up

100 comments on “How to Do a Jumping Jack | Boot Camp Workout

  1. Rubi Dechambre Post author

    i never thought about my knees while doing this, thanks. I will pay more attention to my knees and proper positioning them ect,,

  2. Su-Mari Diedericks Post author

    Thanks, I was looking for this. I have the problem you stated near the end; my knees tend to buckle inwards, no matter how much I try to go "forwards" instead…. do you have any advice on how to remedy this? It's really weird :/

  3. Rebecca A Post author

    amazingness. motor learning is super cool and if you've never done one of these it can take a while to learn 😛

  4. Jc SLv Post author

    Hi can i know for womens who are beginners how many reps can she do jumping jacks exercise ? I means if do jumping jacks 40 reps or 50 reps a day is it okay ? ..
    and is jumping jack exercise really can lose fat ? if a beginner do jumping jack 40 reps a day is it really they fat can melt ?

  5. CrystalAnime55 Post author

    Good thing for the non jumping option. Had ankle surgery a few months back and still trying to get the proper motion back.

  6. Grey Silver Wolf Post author

    fascinující jak o jednoduchém cviku,který jde vysvětlit za 15 sekund někdo dokáže kecat 2 minuty)) chčiju smíchy))

  7. Kaonashi gurl Post author

    i do jumping jacks daily but two days ago my left ankle started to hurt my on landing what should i do ?! Should i quit JJ for couple of days or what !**I do 180 jj i rest after every 60 jj

  8. Le Nguyen Post author

    I am Vietnamese woman, but I have a male body too. My shoulder looks so huge. Non of Vietnamese men find my body look attractive. However, white men always give me nice compliments about my body shape. Different people have different taste. To be hornest, I like narrow shoulders. I haven't had narrow shoulders since I was a kid.

  9. Backup ROBOT Post author

    Thank you so much
    I can't even Jumping Jack, because I don't know how to jump regularly

  10. Ryan Favinger Post author

    I still can’t do jumping jacks, for some reason I’m so uncoordinatied my arms become out of sync with my legs

  11. Deekron Krikorian Post author

    So cool to stumble upon this. Rachel is such a top trainer. Love the work we did together for the Motion Traxx fitness app. She totally killed it on her Cycling Workouts in the app.

  12. Theodore Gomes Post author

    It took only me 2 weeks to dunk easily making use of my two hands, with the assistance of this vertical jump program “Jumοnοz Azb” (G0OGLE it). Which means this program actually works! I`m now like a mini Blake Griffin on my team. .

  13. Jacob Wellington Post author

    This is why women can never run the world. She managed to complicate the art of a jumping jack and turn it into a 2 minute video. This video should have been 4 seconds long

  14. Multifandom K-Pop Stan Post author

    yeah so like i cracked my back and my ankles when i did an uncoordinated jumping jack since it’s been like 4 years since ACTUALLY trying 💀😭

  15. Laverne Guerra Post author

    This vertical jump program "Jumοnοz Azb" (G0OGLE it) is fantastic! I can do a 19 inches-high standing vertical but now on my second day with the method, I was able to accomplish 23 inches! Hamstrings are sore but its my rest day and then I am back on the grind tomorrow getting started on the shock phase! .


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