30 comments on “How to Do a Hamstring Exercise | Gym Workout

  1. Jordan Spencer Post author

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  2. natural woman Post author

    oh yeah , thank you! this is definitly for me, i want to get rid of the small small " distractions" i got there which makes me crazy.

  3. the joker Post author

    You are so right , Hamstrings are super important , i had 3 rupture cruciate , and my doctors said that the problem was , my quads were so much stronger than my hamstrings and this unbalance caused me injuries , (football player)

  4. gmaneis Post author

    Seems like the second exercise could be risky for someone like me who's really out of shape. Seems like you could pull something? The first exercise might get you ready to try the second one, but only after a few months of doing only the first one. Howcast, is this a good assumption?

  5. Ben Harrison Post author

    This is a great video. I now know the importance of working hams this way, and not a leg curl machine. Google it if you don't know

  6. blh3863 Post author

    I was isolating my hamstrings with leg curl machines, and my hams were always tight. Now, I do these, which hit the glutes as well. No more tight hamstrings. Great video

  7. ashley cuellar Post author

    Great product!>>>ur2.pl/1190 Perfect for people who are working with smaller areas to work out. Very durable and does the work. I was skeptical at first but now I’m glad I made the purchase.

  8. 9870657887 Post author

    I'm not a therapist of any kind, and I absolutely couldn't stop watching this very informative video. Thank you! I'm often looking to learn more about my own body. I had a 5 year old hip flexor strain that I finally got relief from through my own clumsy massaging ( 7wow.cc/rfky ). I thought I'd better find out more about how this muscle group works, and I just learned a ton! I think I'll recruit the spouse for the next time I need it released


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