How to Do a Dumbbell Kick | Arm Workout

How to Do a Dumbbell Kick | Arm Workout

Today we’re going to go over a dumbbell kick,
otherwise known as a dumbbell kickback. It’s for your triceps. It’s a very basic exercise for your triceps,
a well-known exercise that you can do completely right or completely wrong. There are many different things that go into
such a simple exercise. First, you can do these standing, or you can
do these kneeling. The most popular way to do them is on a bench. I still prefer that way, too. You want your knee well-supported, and you
want your body well-supported. This arm is for your upper-body support. The back leg is firmly on the ground. You want good balance. You’re going to choose a weight that you can
control through the motion without cheating. I like to stay light with these. You’re not really going to go heavy; it’s
a concentrated exercise. With this starting position, you never want
to lock out. You’re going to keep a slight bend in your
elbow. Now, your elbow is going to start here. You want to keep your upper arm at 90 degrees
to the floor, parallel to the floor, the whole time. As you do this exercise, you simply extend
the elbow out and bring it back. It’s a very controlled exercise. To get the most out of it, you’re going to
come up and pause. That really works the muscle, right there. That pause is what you’re going to feel the
most. Now release back down. It’s not a swing thing. That’s totally wrong; it’s cheating, and you’re
not doing a thing for your muscle. It’s all controlled. Squeeze that muscle and return. Squeeze that muscle, and return. Really pump a lot of blood into that. This isn’t a heavy exercise. It’s something you want to keep light. You can really fill that muscle up with blood
and get the nutrients that you need. Again, you see a lot of guys have bad form
with this, where they torque their bodies to cheat the exercise and basically make it
an ego exercise. This is not an ego exercise at all. The better control you have doing it, the
better results you’re going to get. You’re square with the ground, you’re firm
with your feet, your hands, and support. Elbows are parallel to the floor. Come up, squeeze that muscle. Make it burn, and return. Come up, squeeze that muscle. Make it burn, and return. And that’s your tricep kickback.

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    nice bret azar but i need to work on lats can u show some for home workout and for abs also see u soon

  4. Jose Luis Degollado Post author

    I am 68 years old and i'm getting decent results . I am working out Monday thru Friday ,walking two miles Monday thru Saturday.

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    Great space saver!>>> Depending on the exercise you are doing, they may be a little bulky, but I love just having one set to go to.


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